Touch Of Eco MINIFLASH Crank

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What is Touch Of Eco MINIFLASH Crank?

It is a solar powered crank flashlight that gives light by either deriving power from the sun or using kinetic energy. It is charged by placing it under the sun or under any artificial light.

Savior in the dark

Touch Of Eco MINIFLASH Crank seems the perfect alternative to ordinary flashlights that only run on batteries with limited power. The MINIFLASH Crank is a new solar powered crank flashlight which unlike its counterparts, won’t conk off at crucial times. It promises to fill up your home with bright lights any moment. It comes to your aid whenever you are in immediate need of light without having to depend upon batteries or alternative sources.


Self-collection and storage naturally

Touch Of Eco MINIFLASH Crank states that it charges itself by collecting power from the sun or any artificial light. All you have to do is leave it under the sun or the light from where it gathers its power to store hours of energy. It can also use kinetic energy to work on effortlessly. It claims that it does away completely with the dependence upon batteries by empowering you with energy obtained naturally even in absence of electric power. When you find yourself in need of energy and there’s nothing to help you out, you can simply turn the crank and illuminate your spaces.

Ultra bright LEDs without cranking every time

The MINIFLASH Crank comes with three ultra bright LED lights that together give 7.5 lumens of light. It also provides light with out having to crank even in the dark as it uses stored energy in that case. The only time you need to crank it is when it is drained of all the solar power. Its promoters state that it provides over seven minutes of light with one minute of cranking.

Convenient to handle and store

Touch Of Eco MINIFLASH Crank is provided with a handy harness strap which facilitates hanging it from any backpack, hook or spot easily and safely. It is also compact enough to be carried in your purse or pocket easily when needed.

What do I get?

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