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Official website: TacLightElite.ca

About Tac Light Elite

It claims to be a military tough, two-in one flashlight and lantern designed for the harshest conditions! It maintains that when you need a flashlight you have the brightest and toughest flashlight you will ever need. Simply slide it open to reveal a cob LED Lantern that is super bright and can fill an entire room with light. Does Tac Light Elite really work as promised? We will have to wait for Tac Light Elite reviews to find out.


Tac Light Elite CLAIMS

Designed with a magnetic base, the Tac Light Elite alleges it can be used as a flashlight or a lantern for hands free jobs! Though at this very point there are no reviews that can verify with Tac Light Elite claims.

Tac Light Elite states that it includes a 200x zoom lens and is 22X brighter than regular flashlights. It further emphasizes that it features 6 preset light modes and can be seen 2 nautical miles away. This claim can be validated once Tac Light Elite reviews come out.

It alleges to be a built strong to withstand the elements! Is it really that strong and tough? We will have to wait for Tac Light Elite reviews to find out.

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