Stickup Bulb Review

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Is your closet, attic or basement storage dimly lit or has no light at all because of the excessive and costly wiring that is required? And these are places that might not be really used frequently. But when you need to pick something up from the closet you realize you do need some light there. In such situations, a flash light serves the purpose but cannot be really match the light of a bulb. What if there could be a light bulb that could be placed wherever you needed it without any worries or wiring? Well there is one and it is called Stickup Bulb.


Stickup Bulb
Stickup Bulb is a new age revolutionary light bulb that is battery operated and does not need electrical wiring and circuits to switch on. It comes in two parts, one is the base and another is the bulb itself. The bulb is designed in a way to easily slide in and out of the base. The base has hard binding glue which is to be peeled and then stuck on the surface. Its adhesive property can stick to a wide variety of surfaces like plaster, wood, brick, etc. The next step is to slide in the bulb and fix it to have light in the desired area.

The bulb switch is simply controlled using a cord which can be pulled to switch it on and pulled again to switch it off. Stickup Bulb’s durable material makes it shatter proof and does not break even if it falls from a great height. Also the material makes the bulb cool to touch unlike the tungsten bulbs that heat up and can burn fingers if handled carelessly. No need of wiring means it does not result in short circuit or pass current through wet walls. These features make Stickup Bulb a safer bulb and can be even used by kids.

Stickup can be used to replace hot clip on lights used to fix cars. In case of a power outage, it can still work and provide light in the shed, garage and around the house since the bulb can be removed out of the base and moved around as a lantern. They can even help light party patios and on RV’s to provide brilliant light. Stickup Bulb is a great buy to provide light on the go.



What do I get?
You get 4 Stickup Bulbs for just $10.99 + $13.98 s/h. Official website



Stickup Bulb Video


4 thoughts on “Stickup Bulb Review

  1. So far, no good!

    I ordered these online because of the “free” shipping. NO SUCH THING, don’t waste your time calling the 800 number. You will wait about a 1/2 hour to get some guy named “Jack”, who will tell you that you must order the “deluxe” bulbs. Guess what? The deluxe bulb package, you still only get 4 bulbs and it is MORE EXPENSIVE.


  2. Don’t purchase off of the website. Deceptive ads. It is not $10.99 for for bulbs, but almost $80.00. They don’t give you an option to verify your order, but automatically place it. I used to work for the BBB and this will not fly.

  3. Review Stickup Bulb

    Is Stickup Bulb really handy to move around and easy to install?

    Is Stickup Bulb really shatter-proof?

    Can Stickup Bulb really be taken out and moved around the house?

    Is Stickup Bulb really cool to touch?

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