Solar Top Light Review

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Do you often come back home from work when it’s dark and have to stumble through the front door because of lack of visibility? Do you experience power cuts from time to time and they make matters worse for you when you have elders or kids at home? In that case you need Solar Top Light, a brilliant LED light that will turn itself on, when it gets dark. Yes; that’s what this smart light does for you so that you will not have to fumble in the dark or face trouble with visibility problems in and around the house.


Solar Top Light
One of the highlights of this product is that it is solar powered, which not only makes it eco friendly but also convenient for your use. You won’t have to worry about batteries or recharging it because the light will do the job itself during the day. And when it gets dark, the light will be ready to illuminate things for you This wireless light can be used anywhere in the house, from dark pathways to staircases and it can be used in your gardens, driveways and garages too. There are many uses for this light in your house.

Revolutionary solar power silicon cell technology is at the heart of this product and the reason why this light can store solar energy and use it when needed. You can have the light shining along your fence when you are away on a trip and ensure that the light will always be on, assuring you of safety to some extent. The unique bracket that you find in this product makes it easy to install practically anywhere and there are no cumbersome wires involved either. Hence installation is a breeze and you don’t need any extra tools for the job.

The super light LED bulbs used in this product mean they last you for a lifetime and you will be saving costs on your energy bills as well.



What do I get?
You can buy Solar Top Light for $14.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $7.99 at You can also get another Solar Top Light by paying additional shipping and handling charge of $9.99.



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6 thoughts on “Solar Top Light Review

  1. I ordered the Solar Top Lights on 12/12/2012. Checked my status and it was to be shipped in two weeks as of 2/20/13 due to backorders. Today is 3/20/13 and still have not received. My order number is 101973206. I would appreciate a status report.

  2. I ordered the Solar Top Light , order #101952575, on 11/28/2012, I am yet to receive the merchandise nor can I contact the seller. I even tried to get tracking information through the site without any success. Is the SOLAR Top Light organization a sham, and just took my money?

  3. I ordered this Solar Top Light in Dec. & still have not received my lite. Please respond to me & let me know when you are shipping it.

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