Solar Bling Review

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Lights play a very important role in our lives for utility purposes and for entertainment purposes, lights that shimmer and shine give happiness. They also add a dash of attraction when it comes to decorating the house for events and parties. And this is the key role of Solar Bling, an advanced concept collects and saves solar energy and converts it into beautiful string lights at night.

How does Solar Bling Work

Lighting up is a huge task and finding the right kind of bulbs and light strings is not just difficult but also a little heavy on the pocket too due to the amount of power they utilize. But still the idea of using decorative lights for the lawn will never wear off and this is why Solar Bling is so useful with its new age cost saving technology.

Sun is a constant free resource of energy that is in abundant and Solar Bling utilizes this very source via its advanced solar panel during the day to save and collect the energy that is required to drive the LEDs. Later when the night sets in, the LEDs starts glowing themselves making Solar Bling a very handy string of lights that can reach even places where there is no electricity available making it the most flexible set of lights available.

Solar Bling is a string light set that consists of 50 high power LEDs that glow and shine throughout the night no matter what the area that needs to be lit up. The LEDs attached in Solar Bling are of premium quality and they last a lifetime without any chance of burning out. Another fancy feature of Solar Bling is that it stretches for a total of 25 feet giving it more flexibility to reach longer distances for decorating any place.

Also the LEDs can be changed to multiple on and off patterns with flash and blink characteristics. With all the amazing features, Solar Bling can be readily used anywhere be it the patio, boats, RV’s, a party occasion and can even to power up the beach umbrella for spending an evening on the sand.




What do I get?

  • 2 Solar Bling SOLAR LED Lights

All this for $12.99 plus $13.98 shipping and handling. Official website



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