Socket Shelf Review

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What is Socket Shelf

It is a handy shelf that can be fitted right on top of any outlet at home. This makes keeping things that are often connected to the outlet easier and also helps organize items in every room.


How does Socket Shelf work?

Convert an outlet into a shelf

Socket Shelf claims to be the most unique and innovative invention that will change the way outlets are used. The most common issue in the house you would face is to have a place where things can be put without getting in the way or ending up hurting someone. Appliances that are connected to an outlet for functioning or charging are generally left like strays under it and might get damaged due to lack of a proper place. Keeping this particular problem in mind it is asserted that Socket Shelf was invented. The core idea behind its functioning was to convert an outlet into a shelf so that anything that is connected to the outlet can be securely placed upon it.


Socket Shelf is easy to install

Socket Shelf guarantees that its benefits are unlimited and it is very easy to install too. Its design is created in such a way that it shall fit all standard outlets and GFCI outlets which are mostly used in every home. Socket Shelf is allegedly an outlet cover with a shelf like design on top which is why to install it one needs to first remove the existing outlet cover. Lastly Socket Shelf is to be fitted in position and screwed to start using it. This means to install this amazing shelf all it needs is a single screw which is why there is no professional cost involved in installing it.

Endless uses

Socket Shelf promises to be of use in all the rooms in the house and also very handy in the garage too. Most cell-phones and smart devices connected to an outlet for charging are left hanging around. This increases the risk of accidentally dropping and breaking them. This is why the cords can be properly organized and the device can be placed on Socket Shelf securely. The sturdy build of Socket Shelf is declared to be of high durability and can take a lot of weight too. This way it can be used for holding toothbrushes, razors, combs, hair styling appliances, etc. and at the same time used in the garage to hold power tools and chargers. And the usability of Socket Shelf allegedly does not end here and can be further used it for holding non-outlet using items like keys for accessibility, aromatic candle for an exotic experience in the room or coffee grounds close to coffee maker.

What do I get?

4 outlet covers – (2 for standard outlets, 2 for GFCI) and 2 shelves in your choice of color. All this for just $10.00 plus $12.9 S/h. Official website:

2 thoughts on “Socket Shelf Review

  1. Rip off! Ordered 2 sets for total of $45.80 and never got product. Called the 855-704-5413 and got a snotty lady named Joann and she said she had no record of socket shelf product and ended the call by hanging up on me. I have the receipt and everything. Looked on line and no website any more. Not sure what I can do at this point except warn everyone. I’m out $45.80.

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