Slim Brites

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What is Slim Brites:

It is super bright and flexible LED Lighting system that claims to offer you light wherever you need it.
Slim Brites has the potential of being the source of light you need in dark spots and dimly lit areas around the house. You know these dark zones can be tricky to get around and you find yourself constantly fumbling, looking for things. There are times when you could hurt or injure yourself in the dark. That’s why you can make the most out of Slim Brites, according to its claims.

Slim Brites is easy to install and quite flexible to use

Slim Brites claim to offer you brighter white light than regular light bulb. But that’s not all; you get complete convenience right from the word go. You can have these lights installed in a matter of minutes and without any special tools. To get started, you can press Slim Brites firmly in the desired area and the adhesive tape makes sure it is held firmly in place. You can also hold this light by the hook if you need it in a place temporarily. The light can then be activated with the button or remote; it’s all that simple.


Slim Brites has many applications for you

Think of all the dark spots and dimly lit areas in and around the house, and you will remember the ways you can use Slim Brites. For starters, you can have them installed under the sink or in your bedroom as your reading light. You can have these lights on stairways, which can be a problem in the dark and an injury risk. Slim Brites can also be used in cabinets, tool boxes, jewellery boxes, countertops, shelving, closets and a lot more.


Slim Brites can be used outdoors too

Slim Brites are waterproof, thinner than a penny and quite flexible. That’s why they are easily portable and you can take them out when you go camping. The LED lights last for over 100,000 hours and remain cool to touch, which makes sense if you want to use them outdoors.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two Slim Brites with remote for just $12.99 plus $15 P&H.
  • Official website:
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