Sleep Smoothly

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What is Sleep Smoothly?

It is a mattress mender that makes your bed even and smooth instantly when slipped under the spot where it is sagging.


Perk up your drooping mattress

Sleep Smoothly promises to indulge you with a great night’s sleep if you’ve been losing out on rest because your mattress has been sagging. It’s a smart way to make the most of your mattress even if it has turned limp with prolonged use. Sleep Smoothly guarantees peaceful and comfortable sleep so that you can wake up feeling fresh every morning. With this innovative solution, you can look forward to enjoying uninterrupted sleep and freedom from discomfort that uneven surface of the mattress inflicts. The point is, we are inclined to sleep in the same position every night. That means certain parts of the body such as the back, buttocks and thighs form depressions on the areas where they rest. Sleep Smoothly addresses these areas precisely by aligning the entire surface of the mattress at uniform level when slipped below the mattress. It effectively fills up the gap that your regular sleep pattern creates so you feel the difference instantly.


Quick, effective and reliable

The designers of Sleep Smoothly assure you that it’s the perfectly smart and practical solution to loose, uncomfortable mattresses. Instead of conditioning yourself to sleeping with discomfort that uneven mattress imposes, you can opt for this revolutionary mattress mender that eases inconvenience. All you have to do is simply slide it under the exact place where it’s drooping to fill up the gap and watch the effects. It’s that simple, quick and easy to overcome all the problems you or anyone faces while sleeping.


The ultimate in comfort

Sleep Smoothly claims that it prevents uncomfortable eventualities like mattress flipping or rotating that occur due to uneven surface. Besides, it is also flexible enough to adjust as per the shape of the sag so that the surface remains plain. In addition to that, the mattress mender is also firm enough to provide the requisite support to your body so that you don’t experience any pain or uneasiness after you wake up. It can also be used for any bed and mattress as it’s designed to accommodate all sizes.


New mattress? No need!

Sleep Smoothly promises to make your mattress feel brand new irrespective of how old it may be as it fills all the dents that cause discomfort to your body. The sag-free mattress solution is aimed at seamless filling of the gap so there’s no room for discomfort again. The makers of this mattress mender emphasize that now you don’t have to spend a bomb to buy a new mattress as it makes your current mattress feel like new.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Two Sleep Smoothly Mattress Mender for $19.95 plus $7.95 P&H
  • You also get Smoothly Bedside Light
  • Official website:
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