SlanTable Work Desk | Claims to Improve Posture

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You want to encourage your kids to read, write and get all the educational benefits at home. But they often complain of eye fatigue, pains that could be related to bad posture etc. These problems should not be overlooked for the comfort of your little ones. And that’s what Slan Table aims to do according to its claims. Slan Table work desk is meant to improve the reading and posture for your kids so that they will be encouraged to spend more time studying. What’s more, it’s said to help improve their handwriting and can work for seniors as well.

Science behind SlanTable Work Desk

Slan Table is a work station at an angle of 22 degrees. This number is derived from science and allows it to hold a book of practically any size. You might have noticed that architects and calligraphers tend to work on slanted surfaces to be more efficient at their jobs. Slan Table takes this principle further and not only helps your kids improve their hand writing but their reading habits as well. SlanTable promises to offer relief from eye fatigue, cramps in wrists and it can improve the posture of your little ones too.

Interesting features for convenience

SlanTable is said to help with better comprehension and makes for enhanced tracking. Moreover it is packed with features that make it convenient for use by children. Slan Table has a paperclip that can hold all papers securely while the removable Velcro book catch can be stored at the top of the board to let you have an obstruction free writing surface. Slan Table also has a dry erase surface that kids can use to make notes while doing their maths and it helps save paper too. The magnetic surface on the other hand lets them use magnets for learning.

What does the Slan Table Kit Include

You get 2 SlanTable Work Desks for just $19.95 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website

SlanTable Video

2 thoughts on “SlanTable Work Desk | Claims to Improve Posture

    • What is SlanTable: It is the study table for your kids and it claims to improve their reading and

      SlanTable makes sense for parents who want to give their kids all the right comfort, especially when they are studying. You want the best for your children; no two ways about it. That’s how you realize that they are not always in a comfortable sitting position while they are reading or doing their homework. Bad posture can not only be a cause of pain but lead to issues in the future too. But SlanTable promises to help your kids when they read by improving their posture.

      SlanTable is a versatile work station that uses 22 degree angle theory
      There is science behind 22 degree angle theory; it makes it easier to hold practically any size book. Architects and calligraphers have been using slanted tables for a long time to get their jobs done. SlanTable makes the most out of the same technique to offer your students a convenient and versatile work station for their needs. SlanTable works on their advantage and gives their studies a boost. It’s said to not only improve their writing but reading too.

      SlanTable has several benefits for your kids
      One of the biggest advantages of SlanTable is the fact that it can improve posture. It also promotes better tracking and enhances comprehension, which will make a huge difference to your kids’ studies. SlanTable because of the angle is said to reduce eye fatigue and overall improve their pensmanship. Kids who have been complaining about wrist pain will also find much needed relief once they start using the table, according to its claims.

      SlanTable has helpful features for convenience
      SlanTable comes with a paper clip folder, which can be used to hold documents. Hence it seems like the right choice for grownups as well. There’s a removable Velcro Book Catch that can be stored at the top of the board and you get a writing surface without any obstructions. SlanTable also has a dry erase surface, which can be used to make notes, do maths problems and save paper in the process. The magnetic surface used here also means you can use magnets for learning, puzzles and a lot more.

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