Sharp Fit Furniture Cover by Thane REVIEWED

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About Sharp Fit

Sharp Fit proclaims to be the ultimate sofa cover that can help transform the look of old furniture. These covers are available for armchair, loveseat, and couches. There are two designs – classic and modern with left and right extensions to fit every style. Sharp Fit assures that its amazing beige and grey designer patterns can add a dash of style to any décor.


How does Sharp Fit work?

Sharp Fit assures that it provides a perfect fit every time to armchair, loveseat, couch, and even sectionals. Sharp Fit guarantees that it takes about less than 2 minutes to put it over the furniture similar to a sofa cover. There is no need to have specialized skill set or tools required for slipping it on.

Transform your furniture – Sharp Fit declares to be a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution to change the look of the interiors. It states to be made with quality cutting edge design in Italy to ensure a custom fit look every time. Sharp Fit states to be stretchable with the ability to go up to two times its size to fit standard size furniture. Such farfetched claims made by it will be only verified once we get to analyze user reviews.

Exceptional features – Sharp Fit promises to have a super soft and durable fabric that provides comfort even during several hours of use. It asserts to have 50% cotton fabric in it that is breathable and durable. At this point of time, there are no Sharp Fit reviews available that will attest to its claims. Sharp Fit maintains to be machine washable that means spills and stains cannot ruin the furniture anymore. Sharp Fit further asserts that its easy cleaning property makes it pet and kid resistant. Does Sharp Fit really help transform the look of your interiors? Send us your reviews.

Sharp Fit Questions and Answers

Q. Does Sharp Fit come with an opening to accommodate a recliner lever?
A. No, it only covers standard couch, loveseat, and armchairs.

Q. Can Sharp Fit be used to protect the couch outside from rain and snow?
A. No, it is simply a soft cover that is designed for indoor purposes only. It does not have any waterproof or
weatherproof properties to protect it outside.

Q. Can Sharp Fit cover a recliner without the need to adjust constantly?
A. There is no way to clearly say it without practically applying it. Sharp Fit can be sometimes bit big for standard side chairs too and requires constant adjustment.

Sharp Fit REVIEW

Dwight Gonzales, a Sharp Fit reviewer, reveals that he loved the color and the feel of the fabric. His only complaint highlighted in the Sharp Fit review is not getting a snug fit as the arm covers always keeps slipping.
Another Sharp Fit user, Claire Hanson, says in her review that it is cheaply built and the fabric is a bit rough to the skin. She further states in her Sharp Fit review that it can snag easily and fits loosely on the loveseat.

One Sharp Fit review by Rose Soto states that it tore the moment she started using it. She noted that the side stitching came off. She writes in her review that Sharp Fit started to tear in multiple seams later. The fabric too isn’t great and has a rough feel to it.

Mandy Phelps asserts in her Sharp Fit review that it is not as good a fit as it claims in the infomercial.
A similar issue is written in the Sharp Fit review by Caleb Woods, who says that it falls short of covering his standard size sofa as it claims to.

A reviewer, Gilbert Carter, claims that Sharp Fit is very rough and attracts lint, pet hair, and other debris. This makes cleaning it a bit more difficult than promised. He highlights in his Sharp Fit review that the stitching seems to be cheap and it tears from the seams. The material is too thin and requires constant tucking and readjustment.

Colors Available – Grey and Beige

Sizes Available – Armchair, Loveseat, Couch, ClassicSectional, ModernSectional

What do I get? – Sharp Fit costs $49.90 + $9.95 S&H and is available only at the official website:

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