Shake Stop Review

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The whole earth shakes like an earthquake but it’s not the end of days – It’s you washer. It wobbles, pulsates and vibrates. Just when you think you can’t take it any more your washer is walking across the floor, leaving a mess behind.


Shake Stop
Introducing Shake Stop – the all new way to stop Washer wobble. The Telebrands Shake Stop helps eliminate noise and vibration. No more banging, shaking or thumping. Overtime vibrations from the earthquakes can destroy your washing machine and repairs are expensive. Shake Stop helps reduce wear and tear on your washer.

Simply place the Shake Stop under your washer. The high-tech polymers are engineered to absorb vibration, reduce noise and improve balance. The Shake Stop is like a shock-absorber for your washer. The Shake Stop is so well made that it can even absorb the brute force of a jack hammer.

10 pairs of wet jeans would make any washer shake, but not with the heavy duty Shake Stop. Just slide it under your washer and no more shaking and thumping. It fits all most every brand washers old or new. Now you can put an end to all those Armageddon noise coming from the laundry room.



What do I get?

  • 8 Shake Stops
  • 2 Dryer Balls

Price – $14.99 + $13.98 shipping and handling. Official website



Shake Stop Video
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3 thoughts on “Shake Stop Review

  1. Ok people, if your washer is shaking as much as it shows on tv then you NEED service or a new washer. It means it’s not working properly and has to have realignment, duh. It shouldn’t shake at all and trying to fix it with rubber circles isn’t going to solve the real problem and just end up ruining the drum and washer.

  2. Just saw the Shake Stop infomercial for first time and I’m looking for reviews, does this Shake Stop really work?, the infomercial is exaggerating, so I’d like to meet those who have used it and tell me their experience.

    Thank you

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