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About Sensor Brite

The automatic Sensor Brite claims to be perfect for providing lights automatically by detecting motion and darkness. It maintains to have a light detecting mechanism that keeps it switched off if there is brightness around it.


Sensor Brite CLAIMS

The innovative design of Sensor Brite declares to have a motion sensor that detects motion up to 10 feet and automatically turns on/off when someone passes by. This way no one has to look for a light in the dark. Sensor Brite also asserts to have a battery-operated mechanism that makes it flexible to use absolutely anywhere.
Convenient Lighting – The compact size and shape of Sensor Brite guarantee to fit anywhere including stairs, bathrooms, hallways, children’s room, kitchen cabinets, under the sink, inside the cupboard, on the door for accessing keyholes, etc. More shall be revealed once Sensor Brite is reviewed.

Flexible lighting option – This light doesn’t need complex mounting and just sticks anywhere thanks to a peel and stick technology on its back. There are no reviews available yet to prove its claim. It also comes with a bright light that stays cool to touch and stays shining for up to 50,000 hours. How well does Sensor Brite work will be only known once we get to analyze user reviews.

Sensor Brite Review

A review of Sensor Brite by Dale Hawkins reveals that the light works decently but can take up a lot of battery power to function well. According to this review, the unit requires 4 AA batteries and need replacement sooner than expected, that increases the cost of using Sensor Brite. He also suggests users keep a screwdriver handy since it requires opening up in the back to access the battery compartment.

Wendell Butler, a reviewer states that Sensor Brite is pretty sensitive to movement but isn’t sensitive to ambient light and stays switched off only when the area around it is brightly lit. He also mentions that the actual light source in the unit is pretty small while its entire face is a reflective surface that disburses the light.

One other Sensor Brite review by Patti Flores discloses that the unit is good for lighting up the dark areas automatically but fails to stay in place. The double-sided adhesive on its back doesn’t work well and can fall with slightest of wind if placed in the exterior.

Another Sensor Brite review by Violet Allison exposes that the light sensor is highly powerful to ensure that it doesn’t switch on when it’s in bright light conditions. The problem she mentions in her review is the fact that Sensor Brite fails to detect any ambient light and switches on unnecessarily even when not required. Also, it takes a lot of light to activate the power saving function that ends up eating a lot of battery.

Jack Lane’s review of Sensor Brite claims that it is too bright and not as subdued or mellow as shown in the packaging picture. It also requires a lot of direct light to ensure that it doesn’t switch on unwantedly. Another issue that he mentions in his Sensor Brite review is that the battery cover is very difficult to remove.

As per Jacob Huff’s review of Sensor Brite, the unit consumes a lot of battery and trips on even when cats and dogs roam around it. He also found the adhesive to be cheaply made and couldn’t affix it to any surface for a long time.

According to Victor Lowe, a Sensor Brite reviewer asserts that the quality of the unit is questionable since its boy is cheaply made. The plastic ring pops out too easily and can be impossible to put it back to keep the batteries in place.

Sensor Brite Questions and Answers

Q. Does it require pulling the entire unit off of the tape holding it to the wall or is there a simpler way to replace the batteries in Sensor Brite?
A. The tape basically adheres to the pegs that firmly fit into the back of the light unit that simply is slid down inside it and locked. It can be removed with ease without taking out the main base to replace the batteries behind it.

Q. Does Sensor Brite have light sensors to detect daytime or ample light conditions?
A. Yes, it senses light conditions along with motion and will not switch on in case there is ample of light around.

Q. Will Sensor Brite switch on upon detecting motion of pets as well?
A. It can detect any type of motion and will activate instantly. But it shuts down after a few seconds automatically.

Q. Is there a battery check feature to figure out how much the alkaline AA batteries will be able to last?
A. No such feature is available in it.

Q. What adhesive does Sensor Brite use?
A. It is affixed to a wall using a double-sided tape that is pretty sticky and stays locked onto any surface.

Q. Is Sensor Brite very sensitive to place it close to the bed?
A. Yes, chances are it will switch on with the smallest of movement such as turning over during sleep.

Q. Can Sensor Brite work as an under cabinet light?
A. It might if the tape sticks well to the surface.


What do I get?
2 Sensor Brites for $12.99 + S/h at the Official Website

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