Seasonaire Heater & Air Purification System Review

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Keeping your homes warm and adequately heated in those bitter cold winter months can end up burning a hole in your pocket. But it’s something you cannot compromise upon because it’s important for the comfort of your loved ones. What if you were told that you didn’t have to spend a fortune on electricity bills while you kept your surroundings sufficiently warm too? Yes, now you can do that with the revolutionary Seasonaire, which will be a handsome addition to your homes. Keep your thermostats low and ensure that your house is heated without spending huge amounts on electricity bills.


Seasonaire Heater & Air Purification System
To use this product you can start with lowering the thermostat and rolling it into the room that you want to be heated. The Infrazone heating, which is at the heart of the product, will ensure that your surroundings stay warm just the way they should be. In fact this product can help you heat up to 1000 square feet of your area and it will cost you pennies to run for a few hours. The secret of this revolutionary heating system lies in the fact that it draws in air and creates a bone soothing infrared heat, which gets evenly distributed all over the room.

One of the advantages of using this product is that it’s more than a heater; it’s a 6 in one system that also delivers moist and pure air throughout the year. The HEPA air filter in the product means 99.97% allergens, pollen, dust, which is bigger than 0.3 micron in size will be removed as air passes through it. The UV air purification on the other hand kills 98% bacteria, which goes through the patent pending chamber. The humidifier adds moisture in your surrounding air for your comfort and the Ionic Air Freshener creates scented air around you. Moreover there’s also the Dual Speed Fan, which will circulate this air evenly all around the house for your comfort.

InfraZone Heating

Using coiler heaters may give you the warm comfort but they have shortcomings like overheating, drying the skin and high electricity bills that will have you break a sweat. Besides, these coil heaters only warm the close surrounding areas and not the entire room and you do also not really breathe pure air emitted by them. But if you get the Seasonaire heating system, you can get rid of all these problems with its unique InfraZone Heating, which uses a ceramic heating technology that emits infrared heat. Seasonaire has a dual action fan system that draws in air and transforms it into radiating heat instantaneously and efficiently distributing it evenly and swiftly throughout the room. Thus, Seasonaire gives warmth that soothes your body right to the bones without drying the skin. The ceramic heating technology doesn’t allow the heating element to reach the point of combustible temperature thereby preventing overheating.

Seasonaire FAQ

Dedscribe InfraZone Heating
Seasonaire is a heating system more efficient than regular coil heaters. It uses ceramic heating technology that releases infrared heat, which naturally radiates in the entire room rapidly and evenly using the dual action fan. Unlike electric coil heaters, Seasonaire doesn’t heat just the immediate surrounding area and creates bone-soothing heat without drying the air or your skin.

How does Seasonaire help in slashing heating bills?
You pay for a lot of wasted heat that escapes through ducts and bad insulation. Seasonaire eliminates the problem, utilizes less energy and you can further save energy by setting the timer 5 minutes before you enter home or to set off in the middle of the night.

How is the heating of Seasonaire compared to regular coil heaters?
It combines the infrared heat technology and dual speed fan system to evenly distribute heat in every corner and from the floor to the ceiling. Traditional heaters waste energy by only heating in front and let little heat reach the ceiling.

How does Seasonaire remain cool to the touch?
It uses a ceramic heating technology that doesn’t let the heat reach combustible temperature.

How does its Triple Air Purification function?
The air passes through the HEPA Filter removing 99.97% of dust, mold, spores, pollen, allergens, pet dander, etc that are greater than 0.3 microns (though it does not prevent illnesses or reduce allergic reactions). Its UV function eliminates 98% bacteria passing through the chamber to get additional purification. Furthermore, you can inhale fragrant air with the Ionizer.

Does one need to replace the HEPA filter?
The filters used in Seasonaire are washable and can be washed once a month without having to buy extra filters.

How does its Humidifier function?
You just need to fill the reservoir when you need extra moisture in your room.

Can I use just the air purification system and not the heater?
Seasonaire is an all-year-round product that uses air purification and humidifier without the heater function.

What’s the ideal position for Seasonaire in a big room?
You can place Seasonaire in any corner in the room with it facing the centre and it will evenly give bone-soothing heat in the entire room.

Does Seasonaire require any installation?
There is no installation or assembly required for Seasonaire. Just plug it in to use.

What is the Seasonaire heater system guarantee?
There is a 30-day total satisfaction guarantee whereby you can return the unit and get a full refund (including the trial fee) if you’re dissatisfied within the period. Get your Return Authorization number by simply calling customer service at (800) 354-1073.

What are the shipping charges?
Seasonaire will be shipped for FREE with no processing, handling or other charges.

Can it heat several rooms together?
The heater heats up to 1,000 square feet.

What are its dimensions and weight?
Seasonaire is 16.75” height x 13” width x 15.5” depth. Weighing less than 25 lbs you can lift it easily and move it to any room with its easy-roll wheels.

How much energy does Seasonaire consume and what’re its electrical specifications?
Its voltage is 120V – 60Hz, consumes up to 1500 watts of power and its Heat Output is 5600 BTU.

Is there a safety testing certification?
Seasonaire is listed on ETL in the United States and Canada.



What do I get?
You can get the Seasonaire Heater And Air Purification System on a 30 day trial offer for $39.95 at


Seasonaire Heater & Air Purification System Video
No video yet


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30 thoughts on “Seasonaire Heater & Air Purification System Review

  1. I’m trying to buy a hip assailed or and cannot find a phone number to call the 1 803 541073 does not work could you please send me a correct phone number so I can order this filter

  2. Dame, all I want is a replacement heap some of the comments that I’ve read the customer service is non-exsistant. I’ve had this unit for more than a year and it has not saved money on my electricity consumpcion, go figure!

  3. Like the product.
    Customer service seems to be nonexistent. All I want is to get some replacement filters.

  4. I like it. it is only for my living room area that is above a crawlspace and farthest from my furnace. it makes noise but all of the heaters I have tried do.

  5. If you use the heater, it will double your light bill, and it’s very noisy!!! Considering legal advice about false advertisement.

  6. Don’t waste your money on this piece of junk. I purchased 12/21/2012 used it 2 months. The next season I plugged it in and it didn’t work. I called then found out you need to send it back at your own expense plus give them money to send it back after repairs.

  7. Seasonaire Heater Review.

    I watched the infomercial with Montel Williams expounding upon the alleged benefits of the Seasonaire Heater. I was sold lock, stock, and barrel. The kicker was the so-called, “Iron-clad money-back guarantee.” They offered a 60-day trial for $39.95. I paid that and the extended warranty, as well as expedited shipping. Otherwise, it would take up to 7 weeks to ship! My total was around 100 dollars. The total cost of the unit was 500 dollars. They claim that it can heat an area of 1000 square feet at pennies per day. I received the unit and it definitely threw off heat 2 feet or closer. However, even with the unit on for 3-4 hours it simply would not warm an area abut 650 square feet! Windows and blinds and vents were all closed. When I received my electric bill, it had more than doubled!! I decided to return it, and had to pay 55-dollars to ship it back! Then, they charged my credit card 90-dollars for no reason and DID NOT credit me!! I had to file a dispute with Citibank to have the situation rectified. Buyer BEWARE! This is a total scam sold with deceptive advertising!!

  8. don’t buy it – gas down slightly but electric jumped 130%. ran constantly because it only has one speed on fan (at least the one I got) and it doesn’t heat the 1000 sq ft they advertise, maybe cubic feet (10x10x10 room).

    If you have to return it like I did within the 60 days, don’t expect a refund for many weeks (haven’t seen mine yet). That gives them the opportunity to charge you the additional month ($90). That is what triggered my fraud alert to my bank and a claim with BBB.

    DON’T BUY IT – get the cheap space heater

  9. I bought my Seasonaire arrived in seven days ran for a month fan motor stopped. Paid $52 dollars to ship and return it. It took thirty 30 days to get a refurbished Seasonaire heater back. We were told a new one will be sent but on the box it said refurbished. We also had old one it tracked it set for seven days had to call said they expedite and four day later it was shipped.

      • My wife called called Seasonaire back to complain about being sent a refurbished Seasonaire rather than a new one. They said they were sorry and taken last payment off $89.95. That’s one I will have to watch carefully. Refurbished heater are going for little over $200 I am getting one $310 not counting $52 for fixing new one.

        • I forgot to mention and very important you must have ceiling fans blowing air down for circulation. Otherwise heat blowed out just hangs. I have ceiling fans in living and bedrooms if I turn off while heating I can fill the difference turns cold.

  10. We received the Seasonaire and once plugged in, it keeps shutting off. Returning it and will probably have to pay for the return shipping as we see from above complaints. Do we really want to call the customer service if they are not helpful?

  11. I am trying to send this heater back. I love the heater itself but it keeps shutting itself off. When it is running it is good soothing heat. I want to exchange the trial one I have for a new one and will purchase if it works next time. Customer Service does NOT answer there phone. I have no way of getting an RGA to return it so I can get a new one. Any advise before I contact my attorney?

  12. Barely took the chill out of my 400+ sq ft living room. Ran constantly and a bit noisy. I am in the process of shipping it back….no recommendation here.

  13. If you don’t like Seasonaire and return it, you have to pay the return shipping which cost me $21.87. The customer service people are rude and not very helpful. When I 1st got my unit I didn’t even get a remote control with it and had to wait 3 weeks for it and when I finally got it the unit was very noisy and didn’t heat well like advertised. DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT. Don’t listen to what Montel Williams saying he is giving misleading information, it is not risk free and you really don’t get back every penny if you don’t like it. Not worth $400.00

  14. The ad says no risk like Montel Williams says, he said you will get back every penny you send no risk. Well that is false, if you don’t like Seasonaire and return it, you have to pay the return shipping which cost me $21.87. The customer service people are rude and not very helpful. When I 1st got my unit I didn’t even get a remote control with it and had to wait 3 weeks for it and when I finally got it the unit was very noisy and didn’t heat well like advertised. DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT. Don’t listen to what Montel Williams saying he is giving misleading information, it is not risk free and you really don’t get back every penny if you don’t like it.

  15. Purchased Seasonaire Heater & Air Purification unit, does heat well. Not sure about the accuracy of the thermostat at this point. Room overheats quite a bit over the set point.

    Bottle for humidifier is very small. You will refill several times daily in a dry environment.

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