Scuff Saver Review

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The interiors of your house define who you are. While you take a lot of thought and effort in getting every detail of your house right in terms of design, similar effort and thought are required in maintaining a place as well. Now, flooring is one of the most important elements of an interior and the attention we give to it is normally a lot lesser than the walls or the furniture. Also, the impact of there being any damage on the flooring is much more and hard to cover. Keeping the aesthetics and importance of flooring in mind there is the fabulous Scuff Saver that gets the basic right so that you are not worried about any scratches, dents or dings on your hardwood floors.


Scuff Saver

Moving any furniture, be it your sofa set, tables, kitchen chairs stools etc. Can cause scuffs on any hardwood floors or tiles as the chances of you dragging the furniture even for the smallest distances is high as it is way too heavy to pick up. The time, effort and money you have put up in your interior is a lot and on rearrangement of any furniture be it the smallest of things, it is important that you do it right and with the Scuff Saver you do not have to worry about the furniture marks anymore. Simply place Scuff Saver on the bottom of any kitchen chair, stool or coffee table, and move it freely around without worry.

Scruff Saver is the perfect solution for any home with hardwood floors. It protects your floor allowing you to move your furniture with ease. It is not only easy to use but the translucent silicon sleeves of the scruff saver stay invisible to the eye keeping the aesthetics of your interior intact. The Scuff Saver is great for kitchen chairs, stool, tables and more. One pack of the Scuff Saver includes 8 pieces and is available large and small sizes for your furniture. Prevention is better than cure and this simple and smart tool is the perfect answer to keep your flooring smooth and scuff free.


What do I get?

  • 16 Scruff Savers – Large and Small sizes for Any Furniture Piece

All this for $9.99 + $13.98 P&H. Official website



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