Screentastic Magnetic Screen – Air in Bugs Out

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Everyone loves a little air coming inside the house but not bugs that follow along. But it goes without saying that there has been no solution to such a problem unless the actual doors are blocked shut which results in lack of fresh air. Breathing fresh air is said to be better for health and for the functioning of the lungs. Bringing the two ideas of letting air in the house and keeping the bugs away has resulted in development of anti-bug repellents, sprays and creams but nothing really works well. Screentastic Hands-free Door Screen claims to be a far better option for providing solution for the same.


Features 18 Magnets
Screentastic as the name suggests promises to deliver a bug free room without the need of closing the door shut with its innovative technology. In a way it can be said that Screentastic is a simple curtain that has netted design that has enough space to let air inside and block bugs, flies, mosquitoes, etc outside. But unlike simple curtains Screentastic comes with 18 magnets that connect it from the center and the edges to seal the entire place automatically. The best part of Screentastic featured is that it does not need any professional help in installation and can be done within no time. And it is said to be environmentally friendly and safe to use for domestic purposes.


Screentastic claims to lock itself after anyone entering and leaving through it without the need of using hands due to strategically placed magnets and is easier for pets also to pass through without any hassle. Screentastic adapts to any doorway frame and fits almost everywhere making it an excellent travel companion especially to exotic countries. Screentastic is said to help prevent infestations without the need of using any type of chemical products or insecticides.

Screentastic Features

  • Strategically placed 18 magnets allow easy entry and exit.
  • No need to use your hands
  • Also use it as a mosquito net
  • Prevent infestations at home
  • Eliminate the use of harmful chemicals
  • Pets won’t be left out


Where to buy
Buy Screentastic Magnetic Screen Door at Price: £19.95

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