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Home owners are particular about not only keeping their interiors clean but exteriors too. It gives you a genuine pride of ownership and you also understand that it adds to the aesthetics of your surroundings. However clean your windows might be, if your screens are dirty, they take away from the overall look of your home exteriors. That’s what Screen Magic claims to help you with so that you can maintain the look of your exteriors. Screen Magic promises to clean your screens easily and without a lot of effort so that you get results you want.

Respite from traditional and tedious cleaning means
If you had to clean your screens before, you had to work with a bucket and brush and it can become the bane of your existence. You need to keep scrubbing for a long time to get the job done. However Screen Magic claims to offer you respite from all that and takes care of the job effectively. You simply spray it on and it will ensure that the job is done to your liking according to claims.

Unique blend of emulsions does the trick
The secret of Screen Magic is a unique blend of emulsions that clean the screens with precision. Once you have sprayed it on the screen it will be cleaned without any scrubbing required. The frames will be cleaned too and you won’t have to go through any hassle, according to claims. Screen Magic also contains UV inhibitors, glassing agents and dust repellents that work in tandem to leave you with cleaned screens and shining frames.

The formula is a result of years of development
The formula that is used in Screen Magic has been arrived at after 10 years of research and development. It has been created so that not only is it effective when it comes to cleaning screens, it is said to be eco friendly too. That’s what many of us look for today because we want to do our bit for the planet and Screen Magic claims to aid you in that goal. It doesn’t contain ozone depleting ingredients like solvents, phosphorus and petroleum distillates.

Completely safe
Screen Magic claims to be safe enough to be used with your bare hands. It’s completely non-toxic and considered to be 100% safe for plants and grass too. So much so that it’s said to work for professional window cleaners too.

What do I get?

  • 1 Screen Magic

All this for just $ 19.95 Official website

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