Ruggies Rug Grippers Review

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Rugs and carpets make your home look more beautiful, warm and inviting. But even those gorgeous decor accessories can be a cause of concern for you when they curl up in the corners not only making the rug look unsightly and sloppy but also making you trip and slip when you step on the corners. Your kids, elderly family members and pets are especially at a greater risk of tripping. But now you can get yourself Ruggies – the rug grippers – and prevent all such accidents and make your rugs look neat and tidy too.


Ruggies Rug Grippers
The rug grippers are very easy to use. All you need to do is place a piece of Ruggies in the corner or edge under your carpet and stick the other side on to the floor. The tacky polymer technology of the gripper and the hundreds of suction pockets grip the floor well holding the carpet, rug or mat firmly in one place and keeping you out of harm’s way by preventing tripping on them. Ruggies have no adhesive so they grip without any glue leaving absolutely no residue and thus causing damage to the floor. Ruggies are as easy to remove as they are to stick. That’s not all – they are washable and reusable. So when you find the Ruggies are losing the grip, you can wash them with soap and water and they will be as good as new to use. In spite of being adhesive free they have such great grip that they can hold on firmly even when you vacuum clean the carpet or keep a heavy centre table on it.

You can use Ruggies on any shape and size of rugs and it works on tiled, wooden or linoleum flooring. Order a set of eight amazing Ruggies at a very reasonable price and if you order right now you will get another set of eight for free. That is 16 Ruggies in all, which is enough for four carpets or rugs so you can use them in different rooms and make your house safer.



What do I get?
Get 16 Ruggies Rug Grippers for just $10.00 + $15.90 s/h. Official website


Ruggies Rug Grippers Video


156 thoughts on “Ruggies Rug Grippers Review

  1. Any chance I can get a refund????? Just like so many other that have commented…..they stick very well to the floor, but not at all to the rug! Big disappointment!!! I asked when I purchased them if the store had had any complaints, but was told they they had not. They will now!!!!!

  2. Ruggies don’t work. They stick to the floor but not to the rug. They should be taken off the market.

  3. If you’re hoping the Ruggies are a solution for securing a rug on top of carpeting, forget it. THEY DO NOT WORK ON CARPETING.

  4. All of my rugs needed the removable tape applied to them before attaching Ruggies. However, they are not easily removed without ruining the rubber on the back of the rugs. But, the tape does help to hold the rug down.

  5. I totally agree, the Reggie’s are crap, they stick to the floor but will not stick to the carpet, I am very sorry I bought them, great idea, but horrible product, would love to return them, help

  6. Ruggies are completely worthless. I used them for throw rugs on carpet – and as long as you don’t walk on the throw rugs, yea maybe they work. But, as soon as you step foot on any throw rug, they shift position. 3 or 4 times on the rugs, and the pieces are no longer attached to the corners. They didn’t hold runners, or small throw rugs.
    Refuse to ship them back as they cost more to ship than to get.

  7. This Ruggies is COMPLETE CRAP!!! I wish I had read these reviews BEFORE spending $35. I really needed this product to WORK! my house has wood floors and I rescue dogs so it’s necessary to have lots of area/throw rugs and the dogs are always slipping on them, I hate it. But what I hate more is spending my hard earned money for CRAP that doesn’t work. I hope this company goes out of business. I’m putting all of my ruggies in a box and sending them BACK, I HATE THEM, I HATE THIS COMPANY!!!

    • go to Amazon and look for similar product. 5 or 6 years ago I went thru hell and finally found a pad that worked on thy area rug that is placed on carpet. A little expensive but it worked!!! I do not remember what the name was but hopefully they still have it. I recommended it to Amazon and they used to show my comment. Give it a try.

  8. I, too, am more than disappointed in the Ruggies. They don’t work! Cannot find a customer service number to call the company to complain. A real rip off.

  9. These are ridiculous! THEY DON’T WORK; not even for five minutes. They make you pay for shipping to return the stupid things AND the original shipping and handling charges are more than twice as much as the order. TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!

  10. This needs ‘zero’ stars if it were possible. Be very careful with this if you order from their website. The offer is 8 for $10 + P&H. In addition they are offering 8 more FREE, + P&H. At the point when you place an order, you have no idea what the processing and handling charges are. It asks you if you want several other offers during the checkout process and how many of the ‘extra’ Ruggies you want (supposedly “free” for the P&H). I added two, thinking I was just paying for the extra P+H. NOT SO! I click to continue the order to see the results and that’s when you see the incorrect charges ($20 instead of $10 for the pads) AND the outrageous $15.90 P&H charges. Each! This is where you would normally proceed or cancel, but NO, once you land on that page the order has already been processed giving you no chance to review, change quantities or cancel. My thought was $10 for 8, plus a free 8 for what I figured would be 10ish dollars also, plus the additional free ones offered for P+H.

    My CC invoice was for $107!!! I’m getting sticky pads for $107?! What a misleading rip-off website that is obviously design to trick you into purchasing their products without review.

    I found a cancellation link, but it didn’t work, and a popup finally said to check back at a later date. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!

  11. Found Ruggies at WallyWorld for 10 bucks (and unfortunately bought them). My wife vacuumed and cleaned the floors, stuck the Ruggies down per the instructions, and placed the rug on top (as worthless as tits on a boar). Ruggies sticks to the hardwood floor really well, but the rug slides around just like it did before. Do Not Buy Ruggies (it is a scam and a waste of your money). I feel like an idiot for buying them.

  12. Ruggies are pathetic joke. Was so excited when I saw them in BBB couldn’t wait to try them. Placed them according to directions and as soon as my golden retriever walked across the area rug there it goes sliding across the hall. Thank goodness they were only $10.00 and I used a BBB $5.00 coupon.

    Please do not waste even the $5.00 on this product.

  13. These RUGGIES simply do NOT Work. Period. No Value! Total rip off. Buyer beware! I bought 4 sets at over $50 and they stick to everything, EXCEPT carpets. Tried every way, washed them, rotated them, but nothing. No value at all !!!

  14. Scam! I bought Ruggies for woven carpets we bought to put on hardwood floors. They do not work. The P&H is over double the item’s cost. When you try to return them, the refund is MINUS P&H. So basically you spend more to get them then the item costs. It sounds like the P&H pays for the item. They did give me a $30 refund not to return them which I took, feeling it was my best option because I would have only received $40 of the $100 plus I spent to get them. I will sell them at the next neighborhood yard sale. SCAM!!!

  15. I have tried Ruggies on every rug I own and haven’t found one that they work on. I’ve even tried 8 ruggies, instead of 4. I’ve tried them upside down and backwards. Not a single rug will stay in place for me. They do not work at all as far as I can see.

  16. Don’t even think about doing business with these scammers. $71 for some rubber triangles that don’t work as advertised. BBB go look at these parasites!

    • The latest iteration of Ruggies work great. In addition to the the original 16 “Ruggies”, we received 16 sticky back triangles the adhere well to the rug. The side opposite the sticky side is a black smooth plastic surface to which the smooth Ruggies side sticks great. The “suction cup” side of the Ruggies sticks to the floor nicely. $10.00 for 16 Ruggies and 16 intermediate pieces that go between the bottom of the carpet and the smooth Ruggies side. $17.50 shipping and handling for a total of $27.50. Well worth the price!!

  17. SCAM!!! Same thing as everyone has already said. Directions aren’t clear. I thought I should enter Quantity “2” if I wanted the extra “free” set. I knew I would pay two “S & H” charges. But anyway, long story short, like everyone else has said….you don’t get to confirm your order before it’s already placed, all the rest of the menus are just trying to get you to add to your order. I quickly realized it was never going to let you “confirm” what you were ordering until you had clicked all the way through, and somehow I had gotten up to an estimated order amount of $84!!! I googled and found this complaint board and someone had posted a customer service phone number where you actually talk to a person. (866-587-0984). My order wasn’t in their system yet, so he couldn’t do anything. I called my credit card company and they said there was no charge authorization request yet, so I just cancelled my card. SO much less hassle to wait for a replacement credit card than to fight with over a cancellation. I am usually so good about googling things – don’t know why I didn’t do that first this time. From now on, ALWAYS google!!

    • Thank you for posting a customer service phone number….it was impossible to find one on the website. I hate this stupid product. My house is now covered with sticky triangles that I keep stepping on. I wish I could walk right up to the front door of this company and throw it in their face!

  18. is not the office website. It’s a knock off. The official website is I’ve ordered from the correct site multiple times with no problems.

  19. This Ruggies was a complete rip off do not buy.You don’t even know how much your items are going to cost until you push the button..they simply sell you a bunch of crap that you don’t want and it ends up costing you $50. BEWARE

  20. THIS Ruggies Rug Grippers IS A SCAM, they charged me 70$ just for shipping and you don’t know it until after the purchase, my order ended up being 150$, you can’t get hold of customer service!! BUYER BEWARE, I am going to report them to the BBB!!

    • Thank you to this site for being here! Thanks to all of you who have taken the time out of your lives to alert the rest of us! I have just gone through hell with online company! NEVER ORDER FROM THEM EITHER! I order online all the time. Have always been able to resolve any issue. Not true with HerRoom! I have never been so furious. So, I just saw Ruggies ad on TV. Went right to google and low, there are 3-4 sites for complaints on ruggies right below actual site for ordering! I have never paid attention to reviews before. After my horror with I immediately noticed the complaint sites and from now on I will always check before ordering online. Again thank you all so much!

  21. They may work or they may not, I haven’t tried them yet. BUT, if you order them, don’t do so on their website. It’s a complete scam. I ordered a quantity of ONE (yes, I am positive about this), proceeded through all the upsells, confirmed the order and voila! was charged for TWO at a whopping price of over $50. Can’t cancel the order now – have to “wait 24 hours.” I will call again tomorrow, but I am p’d off. Total scam IMO.

    • Had same problem. Website is purposely set up for mistakes to occur. I wanted 8 in total for two small rugs, expected to pay $14.95 and $15.90 Shipping and Handling but instead the total order was $107.92. Every time I called their 1-866-586-0984 after waiting for 10 minutes, the line would drop. Finally got hold of them June 04, 2013 and the person said they had a fire alarm that’s why the line dropped. Maybe they had a fire alarm for three days in a row, you think?

      Their sit says the order is not shipped, I asked to cancel, they said to late to cancel as it has been shipped! I should wait for delivery and refuse delivery. I called Scotia Bank VISA and they told me to call them as soon as the $107.92 shows up on my VISA account and they will stop payment. In Canada you have
      several days to cancel an order legally. Am going to cancel.

  22. Ordered on a Sunday. Never received an order number or email after completing my order with all credit card information. Of course, I could not talk to a real person about it even though I called their customer support number because it was a Sunday. Phone machine advised me to go to After trying 6+ ways to search for an order number there, I came up with nothing. All I know is that my credit card information is floating out in cyberspace somewhere. Whether or not I will ever see my order of Ruggies is anyone’s guess. Learned a lesson…never order on a Sunday or never order from this website.

    • The EXACT same thing happened to me yesterday, the 1 st of April!. I have no idea what the total amount is going to be or if I will get any Ruggies. Really don’t want them now, after the company’s stunt! Couldn’t get in touch with a human being. Recording said —high call volume and they would call me back. This is AFTER I gave them all my pertinent personal info. This is the second day and still no call. My credit card # is also floating in cyber space. I will NEVER fall for any sales crap on line again!! I had a feeling I should not listen to my husband when he asked me to call and order these. Should have listened to myself!

  23. Ruggies stick (maybe too well) to hardwood floor but only stick to carpet for one to three days after which you can wash the Ruggies and they will stick again. It is less trouble to keep moving the rugs back into place than it is to keep washing the Ruggies. Don’t waste your money.

  24. I had been given a cellphone car dash pad as a freebie somewhere along my travels. It is used to hold your cell phone from sliding across your dashboard. I know this is the same material as these ruggies, so I cut it into triangles and slipped them under the corners of my rug, and viola. Rug stays in place for free, no shipping and handling, no up selling form anyone. It does the same thing for free.

  25. We received a gift of Ruggies and I assume a “free” gift. The “free gift” are two, pink plastic pieces about 4″ long and 1/4″ wide that snap together and there are, also,”buttons” in the package. What are they and what do you do with them????

    Thank you.

  26. Wow… So glad I read these reviews before I spent my hard earned money on this crap. Thank you everyone for your reviews. I’m sorry for your troubles with this terrible product.

  27. Pure garbage. It doesn’t stick to floor at all. Doesn’t have any suction cups. It’s smooth and shiny on one side and sticky on other. Cheap piece of plastic made in China. Total scam.

  28. If you read my post from last month….all I did was go to the $.99 store….purchased some $.99 crazy glue and $.99 rubber “trivots” and attached to the back of my kitchen runner and VOILA $2.00 wisely spent!!!! BLOOP BLOOP

    • All these reviews were very informative and eye-opening; but thanks for your GREAT suggestion. Dollar store. . . .here I come.

  29. Thanks for the reviews I absolutely refuse to place orders on websites that do not allow you to cancel on each screen during the process there should be laws preventing scamming that way.

    I order the door screen and upgraded and before I knew it the price was higher than a wooden door.

    I shy away from AS SEEN ON TV now. Find their business practices shady.

    Thanks again for the review, my eyes are open now. IGNORE AS SEEN ON TV buy it in a store if you must so you can return it and avoid inflated s&H

    • Wish I would’ve read these reviews as well, I have a very large amount of these worthless things, one thing, they do pick up the fur off the floor and that’s about it, can’t find the address to return them either, don’t even want my money back.

  30. I am so sorry I did not see these posts before ordering online Sunday 4/7/13. The site can be confusing as it takes you through several steps and possible upgrades before your order is finalized. I ordered 1 set, upgraded to a larger size, an additional $5.00, although the bill showed two sets with a total over $70.00. The site does not provide the opportunity to cancel or correct and provides a customer service no. To call which is only available M-F.

    Within 15 minutes of my online order, I received a call from a call center representing Ruggies. They could not correct the billing error but the employee encouraged me to place a new order and cancel the original online order through the customer service number on monday.

    • In following up, I refused to place another order, and told the employee I believed I was being scammed. Either her or her supervisor told me my online order would not be processed until after 24 hours. I could reorder and cancel my online order on Monday.

      Thank goodness I did not reorder. I called customer service first thing Monday morning and allegedly my order had already been shipped (in less than 24 hours –customer service was not familiar the 24 this policy as stated by the Ruggies representative who called asking to process a new order gaurateeing my online order could be cancelled)

      Bottom line — I have no idea as to whether this product lives up to the advertisement. Given the issues in ordering and previous posts, I believe I have been scammed and lessoned learned.

  31. I’m not overly impressed. They sort of grip, but dealing with the company that sells them is not a good experience. First of all there is no way to contact them easily. My order was duplicated and they said just refuse delivery. HOWEVER, they do not send them “return postage guaranteed” so it would have cost me almost $6.00 to return the duplicate order. They did credit me an amount in the meantime so it works out its easier to keep the ones I don’t want rather than send them back. Now what do I do with all these Ruggies I don’t need. Looks like stocking stuffers is the way to go.

  32. 4/6/2013

    Thanks for the info. I ordered on Thursday 4/4/2013. I cancel my order today. It would no let me print the cancel confirmation. A $5.00 charge for cancelling. This is a rip off and BUYER BEWARE. To cancel go to Telephone# 1-866-587-0984 My charges were $51. 00 for two sets. Shipping costs were more that the grippers. Always check review before buying from TV ads.


  33. This Ruggies is by far the WORST company I have ever done business with. Its unfortunate they put such a bad taste in your mouth to ever do any more online ordering. There are good companies that provide great service online…Ruggies is NOT one of them. Not only not one…they are at the bottom of the barrel for companies with integrity!

  34. I ordered these, because I have several area rugs on my hardwood floors that keep shifting. Ruggies unfortunately didn’t work for any of the rugs, not even the smaller ones. They stick to floor great, but they are not strong enough to stick to the back of even the smaller, lighter weight rugs. I considered returning them for my money back but I’ve read elsewhere that some people are having problems with the company refunding their money, so I am just going to chuck the idea and take the loss. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. The concept is great, but they needed to test the product beforehand and they need to make them have a stronger grip on the backs of rugs. Very disappointed.

  35. Horrible, horrible!! Wanted these things because my grandson was tripping on the curled corners of my area rugs and these “Ruggies” made it a whole lot worse! Greed, greed is all it is because they charge an awful lot for “processing and shipping” for a very little box of item!!

  36. Just wanted to say a great thank you for the honest reviews of the Ruggies Rug Grippers, and their company practices. I had filled out the order form except for the CC info, and was a second away from finishing the info and clicking the order button when I got a spine tingling sensation up my neck. That usually means something isn’t right so I decided to do a reviews search, and low, and behold I found the feedback forum with all of the negative reviews. You all saved me what appears to be a great deal of suffering, and headache. So I just wanted to say thank you to all who took the time to write what their experiences were with this product, and company.

    Thank You.

  37. I hate that I got scammed into buying these Ruggies and what makes it worse is that the ordering system on the website sucked me into spending $72.00 before I realized what I had done. The Ruggies don’t work and I’m right now going to try to return them. That will be interesting!

  38. I’m sure glad a read all these reviews before going online to order. I felt something was fishy when you had to give them your credit card info before seeing any kind of subtotal with add’l charges. I think everyone needs to remember that all these “as seen on TV” products can eventually be purchased at Walmart, Walgreens, BB&B, and no telling how many other local stores. Most of them have an “as seen on TV” aisle in the store. I’ve purchased several items this way, and they are easy to return if you don’t like…which is frequently the case. Bottom line: physically see and touch the item before purchasing. Most “as seen on TV” products don’t live up to the hype anyway.

  39. I wouldn’t recommend these. Several of the Ruggies didn’t peel off cleanly, and just holding the corners down, which didn’t work sufficiently anyway, did not prevent the rug from slipping.

  40. I am furious I can’t cancel my order, it is really horrible charged over a hundred for a 10 dollar item. They say they are closed for the holiday.

  41. Why are people allowed to rip us off like the RUGGIES did, the only way I got them to work was to glue them to the back of the corners of the rugs, they stuck to the floor and after they were glued to the rugs they worked very well but that is not what it said, think they should be turned into the consumer affairs.

  42. Ruggies are a total scam. Ordered the 3 sets for $25 with free shipping on the internet site. Never got a response of confirmation. Weeks later a charge for over $70 appeared on my credit card. The shipping was more than the merchandise. I have sent them back without opening them ( more expense) and will file a dispute with my credit card company.

  43. These Rug grippers do not work at all! How do I get a refund from you, or do I have to contact Iowa’s Attorney General?

  44. Oh, how I wish I had seen these Ruggies reviews yesterday. I ordered one set of Ruggies Rug Grippers and when they sent me the email it had 8 sets and was over $100, half of which is shipping. What a scam!@! Don’t do it. Don’t order.

    • I was about to place a Ruggies Rug Grippers order then I decided to read reviews. Thanks God I did!!! Thanks everyone for sharing your horrible experiences with this company. You saved people like myself from being scammed!!!

      • Yes thank you everyone for the honest review. I almost bought them also and decided to read the reviews. Wow! Sorry to all of you having such a hard time with this company,

  45. This is the worst company I have ever been involved with. I can’t talk to anyone–very vague on numbers for customer service. I ordered Ruggies you sent me 4 egg slicers for $168.00 with no way to return. You are a rip off. I am informing American express not to pay you until I get some answers from you.

  46. Do NOT buy Ruggies. They do not work. Waste of money. Total scam. I’ll be sure to tell everyone how useless they are. Besides, the shipping cost is way out of line.

  47. OMG, I fell for this with the buy 1 get 2 etc. No way to see the total price like all the other complaints. So it didn’t work and I sent it back (cost me another $5.15 via us mail). I also disputed the charge on my credit card. The total cost of the item was $27.95 which $15.00 of shipping, such a scam.

    It was received back to Ruggies about 2-3 weeks ago. Then yesterday I received something else from Ruggies. I DID NOT open it. I am assuming the creeps sent me 1 set of these things again. Why, who knows, but they didn’t charge my credit card-yet anyway.

    So far the whole thing has cost me only the bad experience and the $5.15 I used to sent the darn things back. I gave the package from yesterday back to my postman and wrote on it “Refused, return to sender ITEM NOT ORDERED.

    I so hope this TV ad gets shut down and a class action suit is filed because if the item worked it would be okay, but it’s pure garbage.

    IF you paid by credit card, please dispute it with your card and send them back. So far, I have gotten a full refund by going through my credit card.

  48. Don’t order from these crooks. They place the order without showing you the final total. We ordered one set and decided to pay the extra shipping for another set. When we chose view cart, the Oder was placed and was over $100!!!! My husband called to cancel the order but it shipped 2 days later!!! So do we ship them back and they still keep our $100 or just keep the pieces of plastic that cost us $100???? What scam artists. Don’t order from them!

  49. I too bought Ruggies before seeing any of the reviews. I should have known better! Last year I ordered the Olde Brooklyn Lantern and had the same rip-off experience! Forced to buy more than one . Well, luckily I was able to cancel that order. And thanks to one of the reviews here I was told how to cancel Ruggies. As stated I went to customer service and on the left of the page ( very dimly shown, I might add!) is a place to cancel. Which I have and I am supposed to receive a confirmation of cancellation within 24-48 hours. I checked my status and it says “cancelled” so I am hoping that this is over with! So buyers beware! So far I have had bad experiences with these “as shown on tv” products. You can usually find the same products on eBay for much less. I have learned my lesson!

  50. Don’t waste your money, in fact don’t waste your time even if they were free. They do not stick to any of my three different type rugs. But they sure as hell stick to the hardwood floors. You have to almost scrape them off the floor and carefully peel them off floor or they will tear (really flimsy) when you try to peel them off floor. They are now in the garbage as well…

    • I agree that they stick…to my clothes, my kitchen table…in fact they stuck to everything EXCEPT my rug.

  51. I nearly bought these. Thanks heaven I decided to read the reviews first. How do companies stay in business when they use these deceptive practices?.

  52. The makers of Ruggies should try out there product before they sell them to people. There accident prone which leads to harmful mishaps. My parents got this Ruggies B.S and it’s now in the garbage.

  53. The makers of Ruggies should test out their product , before they get people to buy them. Their harmful, accident prone. My parents have this Ruggie B.S and its going in the garbage.

  54. I too was caught when I placed an order for Ruggies. But I was able to use the telephone number and contact customer service who told me I would be able to cancel my order by checking the status . It took a few hours for order to show up but but my order appeared and on the right hand side of the page was a list of choices one of which was to cancel the order. I cancelled and I hope that will be the end of the order. I thought others might like to know it is possible to cancel.

  55. Hi,

    I bought these Ruggies grippers and they are waste of money. In the ad, they said it would work great on a carpet. But that is not the case. It doe not even stick to it.


  56. I’m very cautious and don’t normally get ripped off. This company “” is a total scam. You do not get to see your order amount until the order is placed and, like so many reports above, your order quantity is changed from 1 to 2 and the total bill is $50+. There is no way to contact the company to correct the quantity ordered or to cancel the order. My solution was to cancel my credit card and have a new card issued – that’s pretty drastic!! I was that angry.

  57. THANKS ALL….I WAS READY TO ORDER…BUT ME THINKS I’LL KEEP MY $.99 shelving liner and avoid this aggravation! !

  58. Do not buy Ruggies, they do not work……….They will not stick to a normal small rug, and keep falling off.

  59. I need to know if you have contacted the Discover card company and corrected the amount of $103.69, as I sent all but one package back to you. So please let me know if you have made this transaction. I am sort of pleased with the way the Ruggies work. Please send an email to let me know what you have done.


    • I’m just a customer (but not of this product), but I wanted to let you know that you have sent this email to the wrong place… this is just a review site; they have nothing to do w/actual merchandise and/or problems w/an order. you have to contact k?

  60. What a hell of a scam!!! My father who is a Vietnam Combat Veteran Had recently purchased this garbage. I had told him its to good to be true dad, and i was right. My father is 72 years of age and a man that has shown nothing but love for his country. its a shame how stuff like this happens here in America. Thanks RUGGIES

  61. Had same problem many of you had. Tried to order one but was charged fot two ($51.80). No way to contact Ruggies. Just got off the phone with my credit card company. If the charge has not been posted they will block it. If it has been posted they will refund your money. All you will have to do is mail it back.

    • Exactly what I did, sent them back immediately and so far the disputed card charge has been my best defense. However they sent me something else yesterday and I refused it. This scam has cost me the $5.15 it cost by mail to send the first delivery back and I refused this last pkg and they haven’t billed me for it.
      God knows why they sent me something else after I sent back the original order and got it credited off my Credit Card.

  62. Please do not fall for this scam. Shipping was 1 1/2 times the cost of the item and they do not stick to any type rugs. Total crap and this company should be reported!

  63. I just ordered the Ruggies–buy 8 get 8 free. Sounded like a good deal until I saw the outlandish P&H. Ridiculous!! I got caught up in your scam, but never again!! If what the customers above say, you should be reported to the Better Business Bureau in hopes that no one else will fall for this ridiculous scam. More than likely you’ll see my order sent right back. I realize now that you just want people to join your club, but no thanks!!!

    • Yep you are totally right JANICE A.- make sure you do file a claim with the BBB. I just did today. I also had just ordered 2 sets(one was suppose to be free) and it said you just have to pay an additional P&H charge. then they kept trying to sucker me into buying all this other extra stuff but I kept pushing the “no thanks continue to checkout” and when it finally sent me to the final charges page it had 4 sets and another extra item that I never clicked on or said I wanted. the final total was outrageous! a big whopping $74.70. What scam artists they are!!! I’ve never been screwed so bad in my life before!! Everyone you guys should cancel your credit card or stop the charges from going through that’s what I’m going to do. Good luck all. 🙂

  64. So a way to get a live person: I was frustrated with website (only wanted one set, wanted to see total charges before clicking submit) so I called the provided number. But found that was equally sketchy- just a recording saying “I’ll go ahead and put you down for one order” so I hung up. Within 5 minutes they called ME back asking if they could help me place an order. The rep.confirmed you cannot order just one set. So you are obligated to receive the second “free” set which actually means they collect shipping twice. I told her I thought it was a scam and to not call me back. They haven’t 🙂

  65. This is unreal. I ordered 1 package and at the final screen showing me what I ordered it showed 4 packages. Yet I had no way of canceling or updating the quantity. so I immediately called but no way to get a real human on the phone. None what so ever. Before ordering these things see if you can get a live person. now I have to go through the trouble of calling my credit card to get the charges take off. These people are scam artists.

  66. Good news! I was able to obtain the customer service number off the 877 order phone number. After 24hrs when the orders are posted they can change the order for you. I will call tomorrow to get the xtra ruggies deleted from order. The phone number is: 1-866-533-2101. If they don’t stick I will call to get a return label. Good luck everyone!

  67. These Ruggies are a joke! They do not stick to any rugs that have a netted backing or porous backing. I have tried 16 of them and not one works. Its a scam!

  68. Wow!! I posted my comment based just on the ridiculous shipping and handling charge. I hadn’t read the COMPLAINTS that had been posted about the fact that the things don’t even work or that there’s no guarantee. Don’t count on the Attorney General doing anything to assist you. His department’s too busy running drugs and guns and stone walling Congressional investigations.

  69. $10.00 plus $15.90 “shipping and handling” for 16 thin sticky/grippers?!! The real rip off is that shipping and handling scam. That’s at least five times the cost of shipping because they’re already packaged to ship so all they have to do is address them and have them picked up. Handling?? The only thing they handle is too much of your money.

  70. I received 4 packages of RUGGIES today and I thought I only ordered 1 package, however, I may have thought there were fewer in each package than there is. Anyway, I will e sending the 3 packages I do not need to you on Monday. I will be including a letter as well asking that you remove the correct amount from the credit card that I used, as I only want to pay for ONE package.

    • Just a concerned consumer here; I wanted to point out to you that you sent this email to the wrong site! This is a site just for reviews. It is not affiliated with the Ruggies company itself. It doesn’t handle complaints or returns, other than offer you a place to vent your frustrations. You need to reach Ruggies company itself!

  71. Thank you for writing reviews. I had filled out the form but had not hit submit. I had that feeling “When something just doesn’t feel right”. I opened another tab and googled Ruggies reviews. I will pass on this information to everyone I know. Good luck to you all getting your money back.

  72. Ruggies won’t stay on carpet. Immediately they come off of carpet. They stuck to my clothes, the floor, the table, you name it, but I only put them on the 2 corners of my carpet and they would not stay on. I didn’t even try the other 2 corners. Had I tried to vacuum the carpet, it would’ve been a mess since they wouldn’t stick to the carpet.

    P.S. I tried both sides of the Ruggies, thinking I had affixed them incorrectly….nothing. No money back guarantee without having to pay MORE postage/shipping.
    DON’t buy.

    • P.S. I filed a complaint with a consumer ripoff site, sent them back AND disputed the charges on my credit card. It looks like there may be a class-action suit so if you can, dispute the CC charges and file a formal complaint with BBB or another agency.

      The shipping charges are illegal and the way we were all made to order inadvertently before we saw the final charges.

      This is why we should NEVER buy things like this with a check……A credit card or even a PalPal account can give you a way to dispute a bad item.

  73. I ordered a set of two they cost me $27.00 but they do not stick, what a waste of money, I will try and get my money back but I’m sure it will be a waste of time, so save your money and don’t order them.

  74. Tried to stick these to my carpet, they do not stick what a waste of money, I ordered a set of two they only cost 27.00 for the 2 but it was a waste of money, I will try to get my money back but I’m sure it will be a waste of time. so don’t waste your money or your money. don’t buy them

  75. Should have read this first. Ended up being charged Grand Total: $51.80. Says $10 plus shipping and handling. What a rip off.

  76. Wow! Thank you guys so much for the reviews! Sure saved me a bunch of stress and anger. More people should research I guess, before they buy…I almost didn’t too. What jerks these Ruggies people are. Hope they get shut down, greedy creeps.

    Thanks again

  77. I am so grateful to all of you who took time to warn the rest of us. The Ruggies looked like a great product to solve a common problem…seems like the only problem it is solving is how the websites owners are going to pay there bills. I will not be buying any Reggie’s. Thank you.

  78. Was going to order these as I have a couple of rugs that are constantly slipping, but after reading these reviews, there is no way I would order from this company.

  79. I just order 1 set of Ruggies for $17.95, but, the bill came to;

    Product Name Unit Price Unit P&H Quantity Total Price
    Ruggies (Buy 8, Get 8 FREE!) $10.00 $15.90 1 $25.90
    30% Off Ruggies (Buy 8, Get 8 FREE!) $7.00 $15.90 1 $22.90

    Subtotal: $48.80
    Estimated Grand Total: $48.80 —— How do I cancel this order, —— so far can not find a phone number!! — HELP!

    • Same thing has just happened to me and no way to call or cancel. It is sending me double the order of buy 8 get 8 free and you have to pay shipping costing $15.90 each total is $51.80 for me. OMG I hope they send a return label for the extra sets I didn’t want. Please does anyone have a phone number to call them…

    • Gary,

      I ordered my ‘Ruggies’ on 12/5/12 & just got them this past weekend 03/02/13. Got my bank statement & found a charge for $101.70 There was no statement of charges in with order. Got on ‘google’ & started re-searching for c.s. #.

      This is the phone # for c.s.: 1/866-533-2101.
      You will be on hold for awhile. Good Luck. Credit Card should be refunded ASOP when warehouse restocks your order. That’s what I was told.

      Go to Walmart, it’s a lot cheaper (they have rug grippers) and if they don’t work, you’ll be refunded immediately.

      This has taught me ‘If sounds too good to be true, it is.’ These are fly by night companies so I’ve learned my lesson.

      Katie B

  80. Wish I had read this page before I placed my order.

    After I ordered on their website, they gave me an “Estimated Grand Total” a lot higher than what I ordered. I specifically said that I don’t want a second set. They still charged me for shipping and handling on the 2nd set.

    Calling their 877 number is useless. It’s a machine keeps on talking and you can never talk to a customer service in this company.

    I can’t think of an on-line shopping experience worst than this.

  81. I agree with everyone here! What a scam!

    The Ruggies order process was a nightmare and when I got them the will not stick and hold to weaved rugs, the weave being too porous to let them stick.I have tried several rugs and so far not one will work or hold. I guess the would have to be rubber backing. I also would have never ordered them.

  82. I ordered Ruggies and suddenly my order was over $100 and there was no chance to check the order. It was sent through. No person at the 877 number. The customer service website has no record of the order. Will be calling credit card company and putting a stop payment on the order. Don’t do it.

  83. TOTAL SCAM!! I would have liked to try this product, but the purchase process was terrible. These things were supposed to be $10 and when they placed my order (without allowing me to review it and confirm) the “estimated total” was $71.80. When you check out they offer you the chance to “upgrade” your purchase and they offer you the chance to buy additional sets for 30% discount, but it’s not clear when you click “yes” or “no” whether it actually registers until you get to the end. Very, very misleading. I will be cancelling this as soon as I can and filing a complaint with American Express to let the credit card company know this merchant is misleading. VERY, VERY ANGRY.

  84. I had same problem; confusing & MISLEADING advertising with no order review. Thought I was spending less than $20, but ended up with a bill for $160 +. Found I could cancel my order by doing the following: went to Ruggies, put in info to see the status of my order. To the left is a list of possibilities including cancel order which I promptly did.

    I have never had an issue ordering on-line before, but I will be very wary before I do it again.

  85. Terrible rip off. Ruggies Rug Gripper cost is way more than advertised and unknown to you until AFTER you order item. I have never ordered on line & had this happen. They ALWAYS give you total cost before order is submitted. AND I can’t find any way to cancel this order. I will report this and keep working at it until I figure out how to cancel. I will not accept delivery either.

  86. This Ruggies Rug Gripper is a terrible rip off. Wish I had read this before ordering as I thought I was spending much less $ as they didn’t show you cost before placing order which any other online company I’ve used does. I can’t see how to cancel order either. I followed Joyce’s suggestion for canceling, but couldn’t access anything with cancel order on it. Anyone have other ideas? or phone number? Furious. Will be reporting as well

  87. What a piece of crap!!! Don’t waste your money, was going to send back got a 5 dollar refund, figured it would cost me at least $6 to send back. Ruggies stick great to floor but not carpet. They need to be sued!!


    Sloppy very sloppy and non professional website. Total amount billed shown ONLY AFTER order is complete…

    2 set of Ruggies for over $100.00 …. FALSE advertising, TV ad says $10.00 per set plus ship. I know postage has gone up but $80.00 should have been delivered instantly.

    Order # ASRUG 2001525 NEEDS CANCELLED…

    Ordered Ruggies on 12/9. I am reporting not only to Better Business Bureau but consumer reports.

  89. Ruggies what a rip off….Can’t cancel order. All phone numbers are CONSTANTLY busy or Do not have anything to do with Ruggies.

    I thought I was buying a $10.00 item X 2 plus shipping…My bill (shown ONLY after purchase) is $100.50… I am still trying to cancel this order. HELP anyone!!

    • Go to Ruggies order Search for your order. On the left is a list of things you can do, including, thankfully, cancel order.

  90. A warning to purchasers of Ruggies! I don’t know if this is a scam or just a sloppy web site. I thought I was buying a $10 item, but purchasing instructions are so obscure, I was billed $171.50. Be aware of what you’re doing. I had to pay $31 to stop payment on my check.

    • To all who are scammed by Ruggies…..HOW To CANCEL ORDER. Do status of order at Ruggies

      Read site carefully (your confirmation) on the left should be a “cancel order” link. Click on the link

      Then wait awhile and go back to site to do another order status. You should get order status with $0.00 balance and states “this order has been cancelled.

      Of course I wrote reviews, listed on consumer reports etc… but a $20.00 plus shipping should NEVER turn into over
      $100.00…. and then you don’t know total until order is complete….


  91. They do not show you how much you are paying unil the very end….and it says under the total…estimated…so I still do not know what they are going to charge me. I really needed those ruggies but I know now I will never buy through these infomercial any more….

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