Rug Lock Review

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What is Rug Lock

As per the infomercial it is a non-slip rug grip backing available in form of a spray. It keeps the rug from slipping from the floor by without ruining the floor or leaving sticky residue.

Secure rugs in place

Rug Lock maintains to be a groundbreaking spray that creates a non-slip coating on rugs to keep them in their place. Such claims by Rug Lock are yet to be verified by user reviews. Rug Lock states that most rugs slip from their place, which can cause tripping and accidents. Rug Lock claims to resolve this problem simply by creating a permanent backing, a claim yet to be validated; more will be revealed once users review it. Rug Lock promises to be a unique rug backing that delivers without any disadvantages. Such tall claims do make Rug Lock an interesting solution; user reviews will expose the truth soon.

Aerosol rug backing

Rug Lock asserts to be unique because of its format and ease of application. Such aerosol format does make Rug Lock unique but is it really effective? Send us your Rug Lock reviews. Rug Lock declares that it is a permanent spray-on non-slip rug backing to keep it from slipping. The rugs can be lifted to release and placed at other places easily since Rug Lock can be reused. At this point of time there are no Rug Lock reviews available that will attest to its claims. Rug Lock promises that it is better over tapes and mats placed under rugs that do not really work. Plus Rug Lock assures that it works well on any type surface including hardwood, hard tiles, vinyl flooring and carpet. Such farfetched claims by Rug Lock will be substantiated once it is reviewed.

Numerous advantages

Rug Lock guarantees to have several advantages. To begin with it claims to be completely waterproof and machine washable. That can definitely be a highly positive feature but it will be further proved by user reviews. Rug Lock proclaims to be easy to apply too since one has to simply spray it on the back side of the rug. This claim will be verified once users send us their reviews. The biggest advantage that Rug Lock convinces to have is that it does not leave any sticky residue behind or damage the surface when moved from one place to another. This feature is extremely important when it comes to rug backings; more shall be revealed with user reviews. Cost wise too Rug Lock asserts to be better over non-slip rug pads that need not just more money but also lot of cutting to fit the rug. Is Rug Lock really good? User reviews will reveal the facts soon.

What do I get?

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