Rug Brake

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What is Rug Brake:

These are rug pad corners that hold rugs in place so that you won’t trip on the corners. They are easily washable and the adhesive doesn’t leave marks behind


Rug pad corners to prevent rugs from bunching, shifting and slipping

Rug Brake promises to eliminate problems like tripping on the corners of rugs, carpets or mats by holding the rug firmly in place so that they won’t curl in corners. Rugs and carpets can enhance the décor of your home and you must have even spent hundreds of dollars on getting the most exquisite pieces. But these things of beauty often become inconvenience because they keep curling in corners and bunching making them look unsightly after a point. Then you also have the risk of tripping on them because they often just slip from below your feet because of slippery surface. Because of this shifting, it is nearly impossible to vacuum the carpets and rugs with ease. But Rug Brake, the rug gripper, is said to get rid of these problems.

Ideal for any size carpet and any surface

There are other rug pads available in the market. But they are usually the size of the rugs and bulky so it means moving two carpets when you need to for any reason. But Rug Brake is supposedly very small in size, tacks that fit the corners so you do not have to lift the carpet or rug to install the pads. Also, Rug Brake can fit any rug or carpet because it just needs to be fixed in the corners. No matter what the surface of your flooring you have, Rug Brake is meant to be ideal for it because it grips on to everything including hard wood flooring or even marble flooring`.


Doesn’t leave marks behind and easy to wash

Rug Brake is meant to give really firm grip to the carpet with 100% thermoplastic rubber material and adhesive corners to make the carpet stick. At the same time, the adhesive of Rug Brake supposedly does not leave any marks or glue on the surface of the cleaning so you do not have to worry about your wooden flooring spoiling or the hassle of scrubbing the adhesive off. Rug Brake is said to be easily washable – you apparently just need to wash it by hand with water and soap.


    What do I get ?

  • You get Rug Brake for £14.99
  • Material: 100% TPR
  • Measurements: 10.5 cm x 10.5 cm
  • Official Website :

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