Roach Doctor As Seen On TV Roach Bait Gel REVIEWED!!

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Roach Doctor REVIEW

Michele Wright claims in her Roach Doctor review- “Roaches actively avoid the bait gel and it has no effect at all. I set up the entire pack in my kitchen for 2 weeks (after having placed all of my food in the refrigerator, scrubbed the floors, and taken out the garbage every day), and the roach population actually seemed to grow. These things are useless”.

Thelma Swanson says in her review of Roach Doctor that it did not stop the roach problem but it did slow them down tremendously.

Another user Linda Bates who tried Roach Doctor mentions in her Roach Doctor review- “Smells like rancid garbage. I’ve had a set of these out for two weeks, no takers. Even cut the Combat bait traps open for easier access. The roaches preferred the Raid dual bait and asked for doggie bags”.

In her review of Roach Doctor Daisy Wong says- Roach Doctor did not work and is just fake advertising and a waste of money. The roaches now use it as their rest area. I placed it everywhere in my kitchen hoping for a little help but nothing happened. Now I need to find something else that can put an end to the roaches”.

Jo Hall writes in her review of Roach Doctor- “I expected it to be for ordinary in-house large roaches, not for the giant kind. I was really looking for German roach baits, which are for the black roaches”.

Roberta Stokes says in her Roach Doctor review that they are of no use at all! She bought these and used it for a month but, nothing was touched. They are still running around and even more, she says.

Cassandra Maldonado claims in her review of Roach Doctor- “This didn’t seem to do anything after sitting around for a month. The roaches simply ignored them opting instead to dine on whatever was in the sink. I had two on the counter for a month! They just ignored them and ate everything else they could find. I watched them ignore it, that’s how bad it was”.
Edith George tried Roach Doctor and writes in her review that it was a great idea for a purchase but didn’t work that well for her. She ended up using sugar mixed with borax on tin foil and that is what worked.

Bridget Bowen says in her review of Roach Doctor- “Maybe I just have relentless super roaches, but this didn’t seem to do much to them. I live in an apartment building and have slightly slovenly roommates, and found myself waking up at 1am to a sink with dishes and roaches. Unfortunately, the best solution still seems to be washing the dishes at 1am”.

Roach Doctor Questions and Answers

Q. Is Roach Doctor food-safe for infestation in pantry/cutlery cupboards?
A. I have put the gel bait in my pantry that has canned foods or foods that are sealed. So like my sugar, flour, meal etc. I have put them all in a Ziploc bag and placed the gel in hinges of the cabinet doors. The gel should not be near open food or surfaces where food is prepared. Roach Doctor goes nowhere near knives, forks, spoons, and such. I’m a bit paranoid, but I don’t want these boogers eating the bait, and then running across my spoons or something in my cutlery draw. You can place the gel in cracks and crevices along the wall or cabinet, crawl spaces, or cracks in the floor. This is directly from the packaging, “Do not apply ROACH DOCTOR gel bait to areas where food/feed, food utensils or food processing surfaces may come into contact and become contaminated.

Q. Should I clean the kitchen first?
A. Yes, this will make the Roach Doctor product the only food source for the scavenging roaches making it more effective.

Q. Does Roach Doctor expire?
A. I do not see an expiration date but I am sure it would not last to long after opened.

Q. Does Roach Doctor kill centipedes as well?
A. No better to use a good insecticide on the exterior and then try to reduce the leaf litter and organic matter that may be too close to the structure.

Q. I applied Roach Doctor in my kitchen and bathroom but it turned brown and hard overnight. Do the roaches still eat this stuff when it gets hard?
A. Yes. They will eat it. Make sure you only put a drop down about the half size of dime.

Q. Why isn’t Roach Doctor working?
A. Where exactly in the kitchen/bathroom are you putting it and also did you thoroughly clean those areas first? Also make sure you put them in places where the roaches are hiding or run along and not in the middle of nowhere. Another thing is that it takes a little time to work as it’s more of a semi-slow release bait. It does not cause instant death nor would you want that because you want the roaches to take it back and spread it to the colony.

Q. Can Roach Doctor be used to kill bed bugs?
A. I don’t think so. You need a sprayer of some type for that.

Q. Can I apply Roach Doctor on top of post it notes instead of directly to surfaces, wood, etc.?
A. Yes you can, just apply the gel after you wet the note in the desired area you want it placed. I would use a little bit more gel because the gel would dry to the bottom of the paper where you applied it. Another customer placed his gel in bottle caps which was a good suggestion.

Q. How many grams does each tube have?
A. Approximately 30g

Q. I have cats. I’m worried if I use Roach Doctor they will be harmed?
A. I just put mine in places the cat cannot get into.

Q. The lure is not effective as before?
A. You probably just need to place Roach Doctor where there is more roach activity.

Q. Does Roach Doctor kill the eggs?
A. Nope, only adult roaches.

Q. Will Roach Doctor work outside?
A. Yes, you are only supposed to put it in cracks outside of your house. It will not get disturbed from debris or rain. I did not try Roach Doctor outdoors, but as with any other such product I would expect weather to erode the effectiveness.

Q. Is Roach Doctor safe to use if you have dogs and cats?
A. You can put it into cracks and crevices that dogs and cats can’t get to. My dogs showed no interest in it at all.

Q. Is it safe to put small dabs in drawers where the cutlery is or in cabinets where dishes are?
A. Well, on the outside of the drawers corners it mostly will work great ! And on the inside of cabinet’s corners a small amount does it!

Q. How long does it take for them to die?
A. I saw a few dead cockroaches the next day, and a few more each day for about a week. It’s been nearly 2 weeks, and we are almost cockroaches free.

Q. What are the ingredients of Roach Doctor?
A. The official website does not list the ingredients.

Our Verdict on Roach Doctor

Is Roach Doctor GOOD? – Roach Doctor is not an unique product and the only Roach Bait available in the market, there are several tried and tested Roach baits out there.

Price – Roach Doctor Gel is not worth the price of $30, also Roach Doctor is available only on the manufacturer’s website

Roach Doctor Alternatives – Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait is a tried and tested Roach bait available at, it has over 12000 reviews and has 4.5 star ratings. Advion is priced at $25 and you get 4 tubes. We recommend Advion over Roach Doctor. A simple search for “roach bait gel” will list a dozen of alternatives to Roach Doctor.

Does Roach Doctor work? – Roach Doctor does work if used correctly, so do many other Roach Bait Gels out there.

Should I buy Roach Doctor? – We do not recommend Roach Doctor as there are many affordable alternatives available out there.

What is Roach Doctor?

It is a powerful gel bait to eliminate b cockroaches effectively and very safely.

Bid goodbye to the nasty cockroaches – Roach Doctor claims that it is the best solution to eliminate cockroaches surely and that it goes beyond anything seen so far. The Roach Doctor gel, devised as a great alternative to professional exterminators (and other ‘solutions’ that can actually harm humans), is squeezed through an applicator into cracks, gaps and nooks in which cockroaches are holed up.


Roach Doctor Claims

Kills them all – Being a scientifically developed formula that contains CARBO bait gel, Roach Doctor tricks the cockroaches with its smell and taste, which, when taken in by them, spreads automatically when they go in their colony by infecting and killing others. Roach Doctor, it is claimed, can kill virtually every species of roaches as its effect spreads fast. Also, Roach Doctor generates no noxious fumes or gross traps but helps you get rid of cockroaches quickly and for sure.

What do I get?
2 Tubes of Roach Doctor for $30 | Official website:


Compare Roach Doctor with Advion, Maxforce and Combat.

9 thoughts on “Roach Doctor As Seen On TV Roach Bait Gel REVIEWED!!

  1. I order that roach doctor off the TV 10-6-2018 and I still have got it they took 32 dollar out of my account and the phone number I call at the time order was 502 853 2168 my address is 5307 Rangeland Rd # 2 Louisville Ky 40219

  2. Hi here is the real number to the Roach Dr.855-668-1655 they will give you the address if need just note that they sale more then one product so as for “Roach Dr”

  3. I used roach doctor and it worked pretty good and my house was full of these unwanted problem there are just a few left but I keep putting it out every night and it kills them I’m really starting to see less and less so thanks roach doctor for giving my home back

  4. I ordered this product last year and used it l haven’t had roaches in over 6 months l love this product wish I could get more please tell me how l can get more of it. Thank you

  5. You know I wish that I had a contact address for this particular company so I could sue the hell out of them because My boyfriend placed an order for roach doctor products and there is no way that can have our money refunded back to us. When I find out how to get a hold of this fraud seller then I have all the rights to sues your asses

  6. I order this and ain got nothing from them they took my money and got nothing people need to watch order from this company

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