Riddex Quad Review

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At times, we tend to underestimate the dangers that the seemingly innocuous and tiny pests like cockroaches, rats or mice at home pose, but the fact is that the harm and infection they can cause can be really severe, and sometimes even fatal. Shield your home and family from them in the best possible way and keep the diseases and trouble caused by them away. Switch over to Riddex Quad, the all-new powerful plug-in device, which is the smarter version of the already in use Riddex Pulse.


Riddex Quad
The new and improved Riddex Quad successfully banishes and drives away the nasty cockroaches, rats or mice from your house for good. It’s basically a plug-in device with an added side plug that you just need to plug into the socket. Riddex Quad sports great features like the patented digital pulse technology and the built-in nightlight and LED indicator on it, which make it very convenient and versatile. It doesn’t require any refills and nothing about it has to be replaced, so you save lots of money too unlike its alternatives. It also eliminates the visits of strangers to your home for pest control that in itself could be risky as well as expensive.

Riddex Quad is completely free of chemicals which pose great harm even when used accidently. It doesn’t emit toxic fumes and contains no harmful chemical sprays, so it’s wholly safe for use even with children, electronic items, food and most pets around. It targets only pests at home while working behind walls, under floors and above ceilings, effectively covering the entire house. It just creates a hostile environment for pests due to which they end up running out of home, so there are no dead bugs left behind for you to clean up. What’s more, it also prevents other pests from entering your house and offers incredibly fail-safe protection to every corner.

Riddex Quad has won the trust and satisfaction of over a million users, and you can be one of them too. Buy one for your home by paying just $29.95 plus $8.95 shipping and handling. As part of the special TV offer, you also avail of a second bonus Riddex Quad for free on payment of just $8.95 as shipping and handling. It comes with our 30-day unconditional money back guarantee along with a 90-day manufacturer’s limited warranty too!



What do I get?
2 Riddex® Quads for just $29.95 + $17.90 s/h. Official website www.RiddexQuad.com.

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-283-3042
Email: riddex@webcsr.info



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