RemarkABulb Review

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About RemarkABulb

Do you have to struggle in the dark when the power goes off? As many of us have realized black outs are not as uncommon as we might think and they can be quite a nuisance. It’s particularly true if you want to get some things done around the house and when you have kids or elders at home, because it’s about their comfort after all. That’s why you need RemarkABulb handy at home. This amazing light goes on even when you have a black out or the power is off. Thus you can get on with your activities without any hassle.




RemarkABulb CLAIMS

Next time you have a power cut at home there’s no reason to fret because all you need to do is flick the light switch on and this brilliant bulb will come on. One of the major highlights of this product is that it’s extremely versatile and can be used in regular lamps, pendants, recessed lighting and ceiling lights too. What’s more, the bulb comes with a universal remote, which means you can turn it on and off easily from wherever you are. If you have lights that are difficult to get to then this bulb will be the perfect solution for it thanks to this remote.

And if you are looking for a flashlight you don’t have to go far either because the slide out handle in this bulb will turn it into one. Now you have the light you need on the go in this smartly created bulb. It is packed with 50 LEDs that are super bright and they won’t even burn out after using them forever. Thus you have a long lasting solution for black outs and power outages. The bulb will work brilliantly for a 400 square feet room and you have the option of using it outdoors as well.

Another reason this bulb is a hit is because it doesn’t require any power cord and it’s extremely easy to install. Now you can have uninterrupted light even during black outs thanks to this bulb, which will work well in every light fixture.


What do I get?
Get 2 Remark A Bulbs for just $12.99 + $16.98 s/h. Official website


RemarkABulb Review

It sounds too good to be true and it turns out that these bulbs do not work as advertised. As it was found out that the bulb did not turned on when the power failed. One of the customer who purchased RemarkABulb said – “ Cannot get the bulb to come on during a power failure. Looks like I just spent 20 bucks for a bulb.The battery never seems to kick in.” Also, RemarkABulb will only work in lights with a single bulb. If your lamp or bath room lighting has more than 1 light bulb, they never flip over to battery power.

Other than that the RemarkABulb bulbs are too bright for keeping on in a bedroom. They are definitely 40W or brighter equivalent, and make it harder for the kids to get to sleep said the customer in the review. In addition, the RemarkABulb bulbs are too tall for most lamps and many fixtures. The top of the bulb pokes up above most lamp shades, so you’re looking at bare lit bulb a lot. The RemarkABulb bulbs also don’t cast light evenly, the light doesn’t shine downwards at all if the bulb is in a lamp. Some fixtures won’t work with this bulb and won’t fit in slim sockets rather the RemarkABulb are also too big to fit in normal globe fixtures.


RemarkABulb PROS and CONS

If light is on and power fails, light of RemarkABulb stays on.
It works as a standard light bulb.
When power goes out, RemarkABulb lasts for about 3 hrs.
Battery is replaceable.

It does not save much of the electricity.
If light is off and power fails light stays off.
It does not work in lights with dimmer switches
RemarkABulb don’t works in situations where there are multiple lights on one switch.
The bulbs are also too big to fit in normal globe fixtures.
The bulbs are too long to fit into the shade of the lamp.


RemarkABulb Questions and Answers

Q: Does RemarkABulb work with a dimmer?
A: Do Not Use With Dimmers.

Q: Are these meant to save electricity?
A: RemarkABulb does not much to save electricity.

Q: If the bulb is screw into a table lamp and the switch is off and if power goes off, will it come on?
A: No, If the lamp has its own switch. If light is on and power fails light stays on. If light is off and power fails light stays off.

Q: What is the color of the RemarkABulb, cool white or warm white?
A: It is a cool white color.

Q: Does RemarkABulb function as a standard light bulb when there is no power outage? Or is it always in a dark/off state when power is on?
A: It works as a standard light bulb. When power goes out, it lasts for about 3 hrs.

Q: How many bulbs come in a pack?
A: One per pack

Q: Can I get replacement batteries for these?
A: The batteries are actually replaceable.

6 thoughts on “RemarkABulb Review

  1. The Remarkabulb is an amazing product!!! I have 4!! The power source is any light socket that A regular bulb screws into! And is backed up to a lithium battery! Then when the lights go out You simply flip a switch on the Remarkabulb itself and You have light!!!! A fully charged bulb will last for 4 to 7 hours!!!! And yes people are buying them!!! I have told all my family and friends and they love it as well!!!!

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