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What is ReadyBox:

It is an emergency kit of bare essentials you might need in case of natural or manmade disasters.
ReadyBox claims to offer respite to those who are looking to protect themselves and their loved ones in case of emergencies. No matter where you are, there is a possibility of disasters that you just can’t overlook. It could be earthquakes, flooding, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards or landslides for that matter. Terrorist attacks and other manmade disasters can’t be discounted as well. ReadyBox promises to offer you and your loved ones relief at times like these.

ReadyBox and what it has in store for you

ReadyBox quite simply has all the professional grade essentials that you might need in case of emergencies. For example, there are hospital grade medical supplies that can treat severe wounds while protective body wraps with advanced fibre that enables you to retain 90% of your body heat, according to its claims. ReadyBox also contains 3 litres of water and 12 food bars that have five year shelf life. It also emphasizes on the fact that it has two antiviral masks to protect from smoke and airborne diseases.


ReadyBox has been smartly put together

ReadyBox asserts that it was created to give regular Americans survival tools that are used by professionals to get over disasters. The world has become a dangerous place to live in today and it’s important to understand that in case of disasters, emergency services like police, paramedics and firefighters will be helping several people. ReadyBox asserts that it can help you look after yourself at times like these till you get help. The problem with canned food is that they are laced with sodium, which makes you thirsty when water is already low.
The essentials in ReadyBox have been designed to perform in these tricky conditions, according to its claims. The food rations in this kit are US Coast Guard certified, which should put your mind at rest. The regular plastic water bottles can get easily crushed in case of disasters but that’s not the case with the fresh water you get in the box. ReadyBox case glows because it uses the same technology used by firefighters and US military in the field. Thus it emphasizes you will have a source of light right next to you and your supplies when you need it the most.

ReadyBox and its several benefits

Natural disasters, biological disasters, the list of emergency situations you could be faced with are endless. Your regular safety kits just won’t cut it at times like these. ReadyBox on the other hand claims to contain expert approved products. Everything in this essential kit has been designed after speaking to firemen, EMTs and taking into account homeland security recommendations. That’s the reason ReadyBox asserts that it is fully equipped to offer you much needed respite in case of emergencies. The Strontium Aluminate Photoluminescent Technology offers high end, safety grade glow, which is handy in tricky situations.
ReadyBox claims that it is made from high density polyethylene, which makes it lightweight to carry but strong enough to avoid any water damage. It also guarantees to float in case of floods or broken water pipes, thus keeping your supplies safe. Unlike canned goods, the food and water in ReadyBox promises to last for long as it has a 5 year shelf life. It also maintains that since it’s not bigger than a laptop case and has a handle, it’s easily portable. You can take it with you wherever you need to go and be rest assured that you have supplies you really need.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive ReadyBox for $129.99+$9.99 S&H.
  • Each ReadyBox is designed for 2 people and includes:
  • 5-year shelf life food and water
  • Antiviral hazard masks
  • Hospital-grade first aid supplies
  • Protective thermal body wraps
  • And more…
  • Official website:
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