PureSoft Infrared Heater and Air Purifier

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What is PureSoft? – the first portable infrared heater and air purifier that works on Wi-Fi.

The smartest way to stay warm and comfy!

PureSoft guarantees to transform the way you keep yourself warm in chilly days and enjoy fresh air at home easily, conveniently and surely. PureSoft is a Wi-Fi enabled portable infrared heater and air purifier that’s a great alternative to expensive modes like central heating devices. It supposedly ensures that your room is evenly heated from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, which isn’t possible with other heaters. It is even silent and generates hardly any noise.

Intelligent and sophisticated

The makers of PureSoft assure you that you can now actually make use of Wi-Fi technology to stay warm and cozy PureSoft is designed to be operated on it. PureSoft is one of the only portable infrared heaters that can be controlled online by computer or Smartphone from a remote location so that you can turn it on before getting home to feel warm and cozy.

Keeps you warm and your surroundings healthy

The engineers of PureSoft claim that it doubles up as a purifier while providing perfect heating. When the air purification mode is activated, the UV light and TiO2 filter project microscopic ions throughout the area. Its purifier creates reactive electrons that combine with bacteria and indoor pollution in the air. These electrons break down the pollutants in your room into harmless state like carbon dioxide or water molecule, which ensures the air you breathe is healthy and pollutant- free. It also offers an anti-microbial filter that purifies the air that circulates in your home.

Quick and efficient

According to the makers of PureSoft, it warms rooms much faster than ordinary heaters and does not reduce humidity too, unlike other heaters.

Generates only soft heat. Safe to use

PureSoft claims that it sends no hot and hard heat but only soft heat, which is essential to be warm and cozy. Soft heat doesn’t cause damage or dryness to skin nor does it pose risks of burns to pets around or furniture that comes in contact with it.

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