Poo Pourri Review

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There are simple things in relationships that make it work and they simply can’t be overlooked. And if you have been with your partner for some time now, then it’s easy to take some things for granted; however small gestures can make all the difference. There are some who say that the secret behind healthy relationships is having a separate bathroom for each of you. But it doesn’t have to come to that, especially when you have Poo Pourri, a smart and easy way to spritz your bathroom and leave it smelling fresh and clean like you’d want to.

How does Poo Pourri Work

Yes, now you have an effective way of ensuring that the bowl and thereby the whole bathroom smells a lot better than how you found it in the first place. It’s a classy, sassy and effective aromatherapy solution that has already won awards for its brilliance. The fact is it’s not just another chemical cover up that can be messy and doesn’t always bear results like you want. It is based on principles of aromatherapy, which as we know can work wonders for your surroundings. In fact it’s these new age principles and techniques that are making all the difference in people’s homes today.

And that works for Poo Pourri as well because a simple squirt or two can create a protective layer of essential oils on the bowl. And that’s the reason the nasty smells will be prevented; it will stop the problem from occurring in the first place with a simple and elegant solution. Now you can go about your business and leave the bowl smelling like rose, jasmine or lemon grass; the choice is yours and it’s a pretty wide one given that there are around 20 options to choose from.

This smart solution is not only effective in your homes when it’s just the two of your or kids but when you have guests as well because you want to make an impeccable impression after all. And you can also take it to work and ensure that there’s no smelly business there either.



What do I get?

  • Original (2 oz) $9.99
  • Original (4 oz) $14.99
  • Trap-a-Crap (2.75 oz) $10.99
  • Trap-a-Crap (4 oz)$14.99

At Vat19.com Official websites. PooPourri.com | PooPourri.ca



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