Pocket Lantern

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There are times when you need a sensible solution that will help you out in times of power outages; you just don’t want to be struggling in the dark after all. You also need a good source of light when you are in the parking lot or out camping for example. But what if you were told that your needs for a lantern and a flashlight were fulfilled with one Pocket Lantern? Yes, that’s what the claims are and the accordion design of the Pocket Lantern means it can easily go from the lantern to a powerful flashlight.

How does Pocket Lantern Work

Pocket Lantern is a portable LED lantern and flashlight rolled into one and promises to have many applications for you on a daily basis. It can be used as a lantern to give light all around the room by simply pulling it open. You can also push it back to ensure that you have a flashlight when you are out and about in the dark. Pocket Lantern claims to have many advantages over those regular, awkward sized and bulky lanterns and flashlights that simply don’t cut it. That’s because Pocket Lantern has super powerful LED lights that are very bright.

Pocket Lantern is also supposed to be your ideal companion in the dark for a long time because the LED bulbs used in it can last for around 100,000 hours. There won’t be any annoying replacements for you to deal with on a regular basis. Pocket Lantern can collapse to a very small size; in fact it can easily fit into your pocket. Thus can be taken with you outdoors or used as a lantern in the kids’ room. Pocket Lantern is also battery operated and hence you don’t have to worry about messy wires running around the house.




What do I get?

    You get

  • 2 Pocket Lantern

Price $10.00 plus $13.99 shipping and handling. All this for $23.98. Official web site buypocketlantern.com



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