Plasma Cool Portable Air Conditioner Review

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Now there is a portable air conditioner that generates 40% to 60% more cooling power than conventional portables. Its the Plasma Cool portable air conditioner. I uses less money than the coffee maker and plugs in to any outlet. This as seen on tv air conditioner is the most powerful portable air conditioner that you can plug in to a 110 volt circuit. Even with central air every home or apartment has hot-spots based on vent placement and heat-gain areas. Now you can enjoy extra cooling where-ever you need it with Plasma Cool as seen on tv conditioner.


Plasma Cool Portable Air Conditioner
The built in canisters make it easy to transport the Plasma Cool from room to room or anywhere you need it the most. Features sleek design and is less than 20 inches in width – a real space saver. Conventional portable air conditioners require dumping water often and shut-off automatically when full. Plasma Cool’s self Evaporative Booster Technology results in very little water to remove no matter how hot and humid the weather is.

The 3-Tier adjustable grill directs the air-flow where you want it. The 3M filter removes unhealthy particles and easily rinses clean for ease and convenience. Comes with a handy remote control – turn on/off, adjust temperature settings, 24 hour timer too.

5 year compressor and 1 year unconditional warranty.

Plasma Cool PC-14E Features

  • 14000 BTUs cools up to 500-600 sq-feet
  • New! patented AutoDrain NanoMist technology vaporizes excess water, so there is very little water to drain
  • RC with LCD Display
  • Modern looks and portable
  • 24 hr timer and 3 speed fan (2 speeds plus 1 turbo)
  • 3M Filters remove unhealthy particles from air.
  • Free Shipping
  • Try it risk free for one month

Plasma Cool FAQs

What are the contact details for questions about the unit?
If you have an inquiry, contact us at 1-877-613-1800.

What should I do if my unit doesn’t work?
Ensure that your outlet is functioning and you have proper power supply. Check if the Green Light is on (AFCI plug). Restart the button if it’s not.

Why does the LCD light flash?
The internal water tank is full. You need to drain the unit.

Why does my unit trip or shut off even after hitting the reset button?
A special plug called AFCI (arc-fault circuit interruption) trips in case of danger of arcing thereby preventing heat build up and eventually a fire. Sensitive to arcing, the plugs sometimes trip even when there’s no hazard or due to circuit/wiring issues and excess in power use.

What is Arc-Fault Circuit Interruption? Why is it important?
AFCI is a device that provides protection against dangerous arcing faults by recognizing normal transients in an electrical system and the electrical characteristics that have a risk of dangerous arcing conditions. It de-energizes the affected circuit that can cause overheated wiring and thereby lead to fires. Worn/damaged electrical wire insulation, wrongly-applied appliances/cords, or loose electrical connections cause arc-faults in commercial, residential, aircraft applications. AFCI determines hazardous arcing conditions and prevents electrical fires.

Why doesn’t my unit work properly?
Close any open doors/windows. Clean/replace the dirty filters. Check for any blockage the air inlet or outlet. Set the temperature lower than the room temperature. Check if the overheat protection is activated. Turn the unit on again after waiting for 3 minutes for the temperature to decrease.

Why is the unit noisy?
It may be placed on uneven surface. Place it on even surface.

Why does the remote control not work?
Aim the remote control at the unit. The distance between the unit and remote control should not be too much. Replace any dead batteries.

Must one vent the unit?
Yes, you need to vent the air conditioner properly for the machine to function well.

How frequently should I drain the air conditioner?
Do not drain unless it shuts off by itself and the lights blink. The water needs to circulate constantly for the unit to run efficiently. Drain the unit before moving or storing away.

Can I connect another exhaust hose?
Do not extend the exhaust hose more than 5-feet. Doing so will make the unit function less efficiently.



What do I get?

  • Option 1 – One payment of $599.00. Free Shipping
  • Option 2 – 3 payments of $199.67 (A one-time $29.95 administration fee applies.)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee Allow 5-10 business days for delivery.

Please visit The Official Website



Plasma Cool Portable Air Conditioner Video


18 thoughts on “Plasma Cool Portable Air Conditioner Review

  1. Hi I have a question I bought a plasma cool about a few years ago and for some reason it is leaking a lot of water and leaving my carpet soaked .. anyone knows what could be wrong with it thank you

  2. My plasma cool is not working and for the warranty I need to ship it to Winnipeg at my cost. I cant afford the warranty. Good way to never having to live up to a warranty.



  4. I purchased this machine from Canadian Tire in 2010.

    After two months of use (it is in my bedroom), it started making a horrible grinding noise when the a/c was on but didn’t make a sound when the fan was on. I was furious because we paid about $700 for it. We contacted the company via email and after a couple of weeks we received a response stating there was a known issue with the compressor. 8 months later we had a replacement unit for free and our old unit was sent back (no charge to us).

    The replacement unit worked well except the fan sounds like it’s grinding away. Eventually that stopped and the unit makes a very loud “thunk” when the compressor turns off or on.

    The issue this summer is that it is leaking water onto my carpet and the air coming out of it smells like rotting meat.

    I will never buy this unit (or one like it) again and would not recommend it to anyone. It is a waste of money.

  5. I could not tell you about there other portable air conditioners,But ask me about “Plasma cool 14000E. My answer is! Walmart sells a window unit Prices $50 to $60 and the unit when set on fan only is cooler than 14000E will ever get at there lowest setting! 64F and turbo fan! Wise men say “A fool with his money will surely part ways. You can call me Mr.Fool, at the tune of $700. People remember, If it Looks like, Taste like, Smells like! (SHIT) It is! and that goes for the 14000E. I would say more, But I get so mad thinking about them and there products. Its best not!

  6. I bought a Plasma Cool from it uses too much power and keeps blowing fuzes. I called customer service and was given the run around and eventually hung up on. THERE IS ONLY A 30 DAY WARRANTY! I ADVISE NO ONE TO BUY THESE UNITS ITS A SCAM! THEY ARE RUDE AND DO NOT HONOR THEIR WARRANTY! PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

    • I agree with you. I purchased one in May 2012 for over$600 and it lasted 10 days before it quit. They warranty sucks and the people are extremely rude and unprofessional.

      People if you are smart stay away from this air conditioner it is a piece of garbage!

  7. We purchased this Plasma Cool over a very hot summer to cool a laundry area located in the garage. It didn’t really cool very much at all. A window unit was much more effective.

    It’s impossible to reach anyone at this company. There was absolutely no paperwork at all in the box. No warranty information and the company kept saying they would have to get back to me, and then it would only be a fax machine for the next ten days. It took 3 months to reach a human.

    About 3 weeks after receiving the unit, we received another one. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being charged for the second unit and tried to make arrangements to have it picked up. That took 6 months. I was charged approximately $50 more than quoted in the special financing quote.

    The entire thing is a scam. Don’t buy it. For $600 you can get somethng from a dealer with accountability.

      • This is why I only buy things like this using American Express.
        If the vendor wants ONLY Visa / MasterCard, etc., pre-paid cash, check, money card, etc. then I walk away.

        I have only used this feature a few times, but it worked. BTW, free shipping can be very expensive.

    • Yes and it is a piece of garbage. I paid over $600.00 and it quit working after 2 weeks. No warranty after 30 days and it costs over $150.00 to return so they can repair it.

      Buyers beware don’t buy you will be sorry!

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