Pest Reject PRO REVIEW

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What is Pest Reject PRO?

An electronic device that uses digital electromagnetic pulses and ultrasound technology to get rid of pests – bugs, cockroaches, mice, mosquitoes and flies, too, in your house. It is a much safer, easier and cheaper way to chase the pests away. Pest Reject PRO is an electronic device that uses digital electromagnetic pulses and guarantees to get rid of the pest problem in your house in a safe and sure way.

Pest Reject PRO REVIEW

Has very few links – Gary who bought Pest Reject PRO complained in his review that he ordered it because voltage overload in the “original” melted. When he opened the package he realized that there were only a few links to turn on the lights unlike the original, which had a lot of links. He now thinks it was a complete waste of his time.

It arrived broken – Robbie who used Pest Reject PRO exposed in his review that when his parcel arrived it was all broken from the inside. Overall it is just a light and four threads per ignited them but there is nothing electronic and it’s a huge disappointment.

Doesn’t live up to claims – Karen who bought Pest Reject PRO exposed in her reviews that the infomercials claim that it can be effective against all types of animals. However though she had some success with mice, it didn’t seem to get rid of mosquitoes at all. That’s why she does not recommend buying it.

Good concept, badly executed – Jenny who reviewed Pest Reject PRO revealed in her review that she bought it because it was advertised as being safe even when you have small babies at home. She is not sure about the truth behind it but according to her it’s completely useless against mosquitoes. She sleeps with the gadget next to her but it doesn’t work. It makes her wonder if it is faulty because if it is not plugged in vertically it emanates an annoying drone. She says it’s a cheap product compared to other similar ones.

Pest Reject PRO CLAIMS

A safe and cheap way to shoo pests away

It is quite common to have one’s house infested with bugs and cockroaches or even mice, and not only does it make for a ghastly sight but is hazardous to health. There are traditional ways to get rid of pests but they can pose problems of their own. Pesticides release chemical fumes and can be toxic so they are unsafe to use around children and pets. Professional pest control and fuming agents cost a lot of money and are a time-consuming hassle too. But Pest Reject PRO promises that shooing the pests away has never been so convenient and safe before with this device that you just need to plug into an electrical socket and let it get to work.

Reaches every nook and cranny

One of the biggest problems about getting rid of pests is that they hide in corners and unreachable places like under the sink and other corners or behind cupboards. But Pest Reject PRO proclaims that it can bring out pests hiding in the most difficult to reach corners, too. This is possible because of the digital electromagnetic pulses that are transmitted through the electrical wiring of the walls of your house so they can reach the living and breeding ground of the pests to repel them. This also saves you from sweeping the dead pests out after a pesticide job. Pest Reject PRO can be used 24X7 even when you are out of home to protect your house from the pests.

Claims to get rid of flies and mosquitoes too

Unlike regular pest sprays that target mice, spiders, beetles and cockroaches but need separate methods for mosquitoes and flies, Pest Reject PRO states that it can be used to drive flies and mosquitoes away too with its special ultrasound technology. Pest Reject PRO also claims to have a practical night lamp and states that it runs on electricity so that you do not end up spending money on batteries like you would in a regular pest control device. Its central system also alleges to be made from high-tech technology found in computers. Pest Reject PRO claims to be environment-friendly because it prevents the use of chemicals and also to last a lifetime.

Pest Reject PRO Questions and Answers

Q: Is this device battery operated?
A: No. It plugs into the electrical outlet on the wall.

Q: Does this work to keep birds from landing on your deck/patio?
A: This question was answered by a customer using this device which stated that she have one in her carport and there are birds nesting in there. So the answer is no. However, the one in her shed seems to be cutting down on the wasps.

Q: Can this repellent be used out on a porch?
A: It’s a pity that this product is designed to be used indoors. The outdoor effect including using on a porch may not be so good.

Q: Says have 120 cm from floor. Does that mean socket has to be that high off floor?
A: It is suggested to keep the height as 80~120cm from the ground. As the effect will be best. Of course, other height could also be all right. But it is better to have some distance from ground, in case the ultrasound is absorbed by something like carpet.

Pest Reject Pro Verdict

Pest Reject Pro uses the electromagnetic pulse and ultrasonic technology through the house wires to get rid of small rodents and insects such as rats, mice, roaches, fleas, mosquitoes and spiders to name a few. Though the doubt arise that Pest Reject Pro may work on flying insects as in few reviews about the Pest Reject Pro it was mentioned that the device worked well for mice and spiders but did not have much effect on mosquitoes and ants.

If you want to keep away mice, spider and wall / floor rodents and want to save time from spraying the liquid rodent repellent sprays or strategically placing a cage to catch the rodent than Pest Project Pro might definitely work for you. They do work in reducing the insects but not completely eliminating them.

The Pest Reject Pro is said to cover 300 sq. meter that makes your household a force field that repels house pests efficiently. But does it mean our furry friends would also run away from the house. As per the claims the Pest Reject Pro is pet friendly and have no effect on cats or dogs or fish and same has been reviewed by most of the users. But there was also a Pest Reject Pro review stating that the user’s pet would not enter the room where the device was plugged in.

Have a pet but still want to buy a rodent repellent device? Since Pest Reject Pro have a vague feedback of its usage and effectiveness the alternative products on similar line giving better results can be opt for say ultrasonic pest repellent professional or Onson ultrasonic pest repellent. If Pest Reject Pro device is not working for you in keeping away the pest you can surely go back to traditional method of catching the rodents or else experiment with essential oil repellents or liquid repellent.

What do I get?
Please see official website

74 thoughts on “Pest Reject PRO REVIEW

  1. Stay clear of Pest Reject.

    This is a product they claim will remove mice from your home. We bought 3 units totaling $107.45. We saw no improvement concerning mice activity. They seemed to be completely unaware. It did not work.

    We returned the product with original packaging as they demand. It was returned 10/29/2019 and the company does not dispute that they received the product back.

    Here’s the maddening part. They send emails assuring you that the refund is ”being processed” but you never actually get the refund. I have a dozen emails saying exactly that. My guess is most people give up (yes I realize it’s ‘only’ $100 and that’s what they depend on).

    It’s a scam.

    PS I came across this a few months after I’d gotten scammed:

    In summary, ultrasonic pest repellers emit high-frequency sounds that manufacturers claim reduce household pest infestation, but laboratory tests have shown that the majority of such devices do not work as advertised, in violation of FTC guidelines.

    I concur.

  2. I brought 4, they sent me the wrong plug in points for our country I’ve sent email after email with photos and a video of what they sent and still NO ANSWER, I’m totally distressed but more pissed off, give me your address so I can Post them back to you, I WANT A TOTAL REFUND!!!!’

  3. Brought a couple of these only to find they don’t work after a month, was it because I switched to another plug point? I don’t know, wasted money, would spend more money returning I bet

  4. I bought the Pest Reject and for a hot minute I thought they were working until I saw mice running around my apartment again and I bought three and now only 2 lights up.

  5. I bought this device under the impresión that it did work and I’ll be honest I got rob. I spend $139.00 dollars on 8 devices and is been a few weeks now and I don’t see any results. To me is fake and shame on them for taking advantage of people with stuff like this.

  6. just found out. there are free apps to convert your cell phone into a device to repel of pests of your choice. install, run, and observe. also, positioning of the device is critical, as dense materials will block the sound waves.

  7. It’s been 3 weeks already that I use the PRP. I observe that it really works on mice and cockroaches but not in mosquitoes.

  8. After a month of observation, it doesn’t work on mosquitoes, flies, lizards and ants. It is effective only on bees. We don’t have much rats so I can’t make a good observation about rats.

  9. Effective po sa house namin one week na sya gamit.mga daga mosquitoes and cockroach nataboy province un location namin un mosquitoes sobra malalaki nawala lahat kasama mga insekto na umiikot lagi sa light bulb.un daga nawala na din nataboy na papuntang neighbor hahaha

  10. I have a aversion to spiders. PEST REJECT shows an animated large black spider on the left side of my emails when I open up my Yahoo email account. I have tried every way to have Yahoo remove this ad as it is causing distress and have received no response. I feel this animated spider is an intrusion to my well-being and I want the ad removed immediately.

  11. Kung may fake news, may fake advertisement din…be careful, sayang ang pera nyo. Hindi po effective ang pest reject pro. Hindi rin totoo yong “if not satisfied, money back”

    • मशीन को वापस करना है इससे कोई फर्क नही पड़ता कृप्या मेरे पैसे वापस दे U

  12. I’ve wanted to buy for a try to this item but saan ba talagang website? Is it or is it….

    I’ve even now have a suspicion about this product kung effective nga ba or is just a toy.

    Anyone can call me personally to this mobile number 09102619421 or e- mail me at for a real talk. I hate thinking that is just a scam… and only making promises to the consumers.

  13. Di effective, dali pa nasira. Kung lamok prob nyo, bili na.lang kau sa ACE ng Akari. Maski ung maliit lang effective, madali maattract lamok then mapatay. Mas ok kesa sa daimaru.

  14. great it works really i try HUBBA-PEST-REJECT and i get results in only a week….. i still can’t believe but it works…

  15. I bought pest reject pro. For almost three months it looks like it was working, all three indicator lights are working too. After 3 months both red and orange lights started blinking continuously and it scared my wife…so had to remove it from the outlet. We are no longer using it. For P3,000 we used it for 3 months!!

  16. Thank you, everyone, for your reviews. This saves me my money. Honest reviews like yours are the only means to identify scammers.

  17. I was also convinced with the ad on tv shopping and I was about to call but then it looked too good to be true so I decided to checked the reviews . I’m thankful for the reviews . Aside from saving me the expense of buying a scam product I really had a good laugh reading the reviews . I guess it’s better to buy the cat with MBA degree and just passed the bar exam . Hahaha

  18. Meron kami nito sa bahay. Okay naman. Dati napapansin namin gumagala gala un mga bubwit tsaka ipis sa bahay pero ngayon, wala kami makita or nagtatago lang hahaha! Seriously, wala talaga. Binasa namin un manual ang sabi dun need walang walls na nakaharang or kahit ano furniture para yung waves na pinoproduce nya, direkta dun sa open space. Kaya ang ginagawa ko, nililipat ko sya sa most needed area. As of now, ok naman. Naniwala lang din ako sa review ng co-worker ko kc sya una gumamit. Nag B1T1 nun worth 3k so nakihati lang ako sa gusto bumili para matest. So far, ok naman.

  19. Hi guys! Thank you so much for your info about this product. I was planning to buy one because of what i saw in the tv advertisement. Hindi pala totoo yung sa advertisement. They are just fooling us. How can they do such thing. They should be apprehended.

  20. i ordered 3 of the pieces of junk none of them keep any insects away i wonder how much companies pay people to lie about their products on the inter net

    • I’m returning mine as well.. but not so lucky in getting a quick response from the “customer care”. So much hassle… So hard to trust Ebusiness. Someone should do something about this.

  21. Buti na lang nagbasa muna ako ng mga comments, naka-online chat ako ngayon sa CS ng Tvshop for pest reject pro order sana.. haay sinungaling ung CS effective dw eh dami comment puro nega.. masabihan nga yung CS hehe.. thanks guys!!!!

  22. Just bought a pair of Pest Reject Pro and installed both today – 2017 Independence Day. I’ll wait for a week if it works. Otherwise, I’ll run after them for a full refund as advertised. Also observed that they don’t issue any O.R. for my COD payment.

    It’s true, if all these reviews are true and correct, then DTI should help intervene so similar scam wont thrive any further. Really don’t know who regulates TV Ads such as this. It’s about time putting an end on similar “Highway Rubbery” scheming…

  23. Napaka importante talaga ng reviews.your anger,frustrations and curses hve made good effects.(as not always the case maybe)dapat basahin muna ang reviews bago bibili online.this is the second time shop tv almost got me but heck i went to gawk its reviews..boom

  24. Meron din kami nito sa bahay, bago lang. Sino pa bang gumagamit nito? wala paring epekto hanggang ngayon? sayang talaga pag ganun 🙁

  25. Wtf! I just bought this yesterday without a second thought. Didn’t know this thing doesn’t what a waste of money.

  26. Pusa for sale!

    Physically fit.
    Laging gutom. Daga ang favorite kainin.
    May masteral. Kakapasa lang ng Bar Exam.

    PM me for more details.

  27. Bibili din sana kami ni nito. Buti nalang mouse trap ang binili ko. Huwala!! 2 hours palang sya sa kwarto may nahuli na agad. After an hour, meron ulit biktima.

    230php lang sa handyman

  28. Alive and kicking pa rin mga mice, pati lamok mas lumiksi sa ngayon parang vitamins sa kanila ang pest reject pro, talagang reject na reject ang product

  29. Just called kanina sa shoptv na yan kasi nga galing nung advertisement nila about pest reject pro. Nagorder na nga ako for COD tomorrow. Text ko na sana ung address and details ko then something came up para di muna ako makabili. Panay text nung nakausap ko sa phone earlier haha. Ang kulit. Thought of checking reviews. And voila! Sayang lang pala ang pera as per comments and experiences ng mga nakapagpurchased na. Good thing naisipan ko muna magsearch. Saved me from wasting money.

  30. Never buy this product. The claims are not true. Ingat po kayo sa ganitong modus. Wala pong magagawa ang DTI dito kasi walang batas na sumasakop sa ganitong produkto. Adboard please try to do something there is no truth in the advertising claim. The TV station airing this must be sanctioned.

  31. Manloloko kayo PEST REJECT mga hayup kayo.walang nawala sa mga peste sa bahay.mamatay na sana kayong mga manloloko


  33. Ay grabe makadeceive ang TV shopping. Madadala ka talaga. Di ka na uulit talagang bumili sa kahit anong produkto nila. TESTED ang pest reject pro na HINDI effective. In fact, dumami pa lalo ang mga langaw at lamok sa amin. Isang malaking KALOKOHAN ang TV shopping. At, kung makapresyo SOBRANG mahal sa walang kwentang mga produkto. Nung tumwag ako sa customer service nila, sobrang inconsistent mga sagot. Una sabi nabubulabog mga insects kaya lumalabas then sabi dapat enclosed ang bahay nun sinabi ko enclosed naman sabi na naman dapat open para makalabas. Instead na magalit, natawa na lang ako sa mga sinasabi nila. At take note, dapat nakaCONDO ka daw para maging effective ang product na ito. Ano daw???? Ang mali ko, di ako nagbabasa ng reviews before bumili. Sa sobrang atat ko mawala mga insects sa amin kasi may mga babies ako, eto ang napala ko. Hahay!!! Please do not patronize TV Shopping Products!!!!

    • Omg kaka cancelled ko lang ng order!!!!!!! Buti nalan nagbasa ako ng reviews ngayun omg!!!!!! Never na tlaga ako manonood sa shop tv!!!!!!!!!!

  34. HAHAHA! Basahin nyo eto… Dahil sa Reviews nyo sa BAD Product na yan, I have just cancelled my ORDER !!!!

    The Guy travelled from Binangonan, Rizal to Montalban, Rizal. Then 10 minutes before the guy arrives at our place, I saw your reviews……… THANKS to ALL!!!! I CAncelled my ORDER!

  35. ngayung nalaman ko ang mga komentaryo sa mga bumili nitong produkto, atras nalang ako, masayang lang ang pera. tnx guys

  36. I bought pest reject pro 6 months ago because I was very impressed with their infomercial regarding the product. Upon arrival, I immediately plugged them, one in our room and the other in our kitchen hoping for the best. Alas and Alack, after 3 weeks, as they claim, thepests, rats, mosquitoes and roaches were still with us. One of the units even conked out and stopped working while the pests even got stronger. I could not then return the units because it was stated in their enclosed flyer that return would only be entertained after a week. So what can we do? We just resorted again to the use of insecticides and poisonous chemicals which are far more effective. Never mind the danger because if you take the necessary precaution your family and pets would still be safe. Don’t bet your money in this useless contraption or you would only encounter headaches for the loss of your money and the pests getting stronger.

  37. *Please let us know dun po sa mga gumamitng pest reject pro if effective sa mga daga. I’ve noticed sa mga comments is panay mosquito, nag iisa lang nagsabi d effective sa daga. Meron pa po ba dito makakapagsabi na d effective sa daga? Kase yun lang po main concern ko mapaalis po ang daga.

    • Effective po sa house namin one week na sya gamit.mga daga mosquitoes and cockroach nataboy province un location namin un mosquitoes sobra malalaki nawala lahat kasama mga insekto na umiikot lagi sa light bulb.un daga nawala na din nataboy na papuntang neighbor hahaha

  38. Please let us know dun po sa mga gumamitng pest reject pro if effective sa mga daga. I’ve noticed sa mga comments is panay mosquito, nag iisa lang nagsabi d effective sa daga. Meron pa po ba dito makakapagsabi na d effective sa daga? Kase yun lang po main concern ko mapaalis po ang daga.

    • Napabili ako nito dahil sabi ng father ko ok daw, non first month na bwisit din sya dahil wala daw silbi, pero dahil nabili na nya, iniwan nalang nya nakasaksak, after 2months daw nya napansin na yon mga daga at ipis eh nawala, kaya natuwa sya. Ayon bumili din ako kasi dami ipis dito sa tapat ng bahay na may butas ng kanal. Antayin ko nalang epekto nito.

  39. Kainis, bumili ako nito ngayong month of February 2017, after 1 week ang dami pa rin ng ipis sa bahay. Sinunod ko naman yung instructions pero wala pa ring matino na resulta. Wag kayong bumili.

  40. I bought the pest reject pro last January 5, 2017. After a week, I wanted to return the units because I noticed that it is not effective at all due to some observations. They have the 30 day guarantee money back and full refund on their advertisement pero once i called the customer service, i have to wait 1-2 wks to get my money back, and take note, not cash but check. One more thing, hindi full refund because they have deducted P300 from my P3000. Very deceiving ang Ad. Such a disappointment. Dapat sa ganito, may sanction from DTI.

  41. I’m not satisfied with the product and customer service.
    I bought Pest Reject Pro direct from TV Shop Phils, Vision TV Phils Inc. on Jan 08, 2017. Buy 1 take 1 for P2995.
    My comment :
    1. Pest Reject Pro is Not effective – still ang dami pa din mosquitoes. Using electric fan to drive away mosquito is more effective.
    2. The delivery reciept says ” This delivery receipt does not serve as official document for payment. But the delivery man did not issue official receipt for my cash payment.
    3. The customer service of Vision TV is not efficient. When I requested for official receipt, the staff certain “Nine” told me that she will email me the official receipt. But still no email until date.
    It’s not worth spending, sayang ang pera.

  42. They have very good advertising in Facebook that makes me wanted to buy , so I do a little more research about it, tv shopping they are selling it for 4,000 pesos when I inquire for the price, but I found out in they are selling it for 250 pesos, it was 500 pesos but they are 50%, and in amazon they are 700 pesos only. Wow tv shopping are way to overpriced!

  43. Parang hold up ito, dapat ipakulong ang mga nag binta nito. Pwede ba yun, mag sinungaling ka para lang mabinta ang paninda mo???

  44. Maganda ang advertising ng pest reject pro kaya ako bumili. Ang problema hindi naman umaalis ang lamok at ibang insekto. Pati daga ay hindi rin umaalis.

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