One Step Mud Mat Review

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Don’t you just hate it when your pet and children track in dirt and mud from outside and mess up the whole floor? Cleaning the caked up mud can be such a pain! But not now, for you have the amazing One Step Mud Mat! The innovative One Step Mud Mat traps dirt, mud, sand and snow from outside to keep your floors looking clean.


How does One Step Mud Mat work?
It will trap 95 per cent of the dirt, mud, sand, snow and water that gets tracked through your house on your pet’s and your feet. The One Step Mud Mat is more effective than ordinary mats at soaking up muddy footprints that come into the house and is a must for any doorway where you or your pets regularly track in dirt.

The One Step Mud Mat is guaranteed to help keep your floors looking cleaner! Use it for your front door or back door; indoors or outdoors; the laundry, bathroom or kitchen. If you have cats and dogs, the One Step Mud Mat is a must! Take charge with the One Step Mud Mat!


What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get 2 One Step Mud Mats for just $14.99 + $10.98 s/h. Official offer.

11 thoughts on “One Step Mud Mat Review

  1. I’m happy with mine. I bought a couple at the Home Show 4 years ago … have purchased a couple more each year … replaced my kitchen throw rugs with 4 of these .. very happy with everything about them .. will be my only kitchen rugs after 40 years of replacing kitchen throw rugs. Also have replaced my rugs in front of all my doors in two houses … I recommend them. I don’t know where to get the best price … I just buy from the same funny nice guy that shows up at the home show in Pittsburgh. I really like that they lie so flat … I’m getting older … who isn’t? .. and trying to make my surroundings safe … no tripping or sliding with these rugs .. and they look nice too!

  2. I’m not happy with my purchase. It rained here and my back yard was muddy, dog still tracked everything in even after walking across mud mat.

  3. I have had two of the “One Step Mud Mat’ for three or four years and love it. It does everything it is advertised to do. Unlike most entryway mats, it completely removes mud, dirt, grime, and debris from your shoes. It is easy to maintain and washes clean in the washing machine. I will never use another entry mat again. Thank you for a great product.

  4. The “Name Brand” , ONE STEP MUD MAT, product was never sold at any stores. BJ’s, Costco, etc… all sold nock off products, and inferior copies. The “One Step Mud Mat” is made in England, not China, and does not have a rubber backing. It’s backing is made of Neoprene. It is 100% washer and LOW temp dryer safe. It is available on Amazon as a Prime product. Just take a look at the reviews. These mats really do the job. We have three dogs, and a cat. We use these mats at every doorway, under the litter box, in our vehicles, and the camper (they can be cut to fit without fraying or unravelling). I vacuum them every other day, and wash as often as I need. I guess as the old saying goes, ‘nothing beats an original’. I bought my first mat at a home show nearly 4 years ago, and its just now starting to show signs of wear. There’re not cheap, but quality sometimes costs a little more, and when you consider how well they work, and how long they last, there’re a lot less expensive to use.

    Anywho, give it a shot you wont regret it!

  5. The One-Step Mud Mat was exactly what I was looking for, to keep those pesky layers of grime, mud and dirt away. However, I was curious to know more about it before I made the purchase, so I went online and entered One-Step Mud Mat reviews as keyword. Imagine my frustration when not one single website came up with proper One-Step Mud Mat reviews, ratings or even user experiences. All these glossy websites were offering me were fake stories with faker pictures, and a blinking BUY NOW button that directly led me to the payments page. That’s it! No product description, no helpful reviews, and no user experiences – these sites took me straight to the payments page! Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I get seriously bummed when I feel conned into paying money for a product I don’t even know if I’d ever use! I figured that these manufacturer-created websites must be in on some elaborate scam, selling bogus products with unclear specifications that would make the public unable to find reviews or online ratings for them. I kept searching, though, and soon I stumbled across this website. Boy was I surprised when I saw everything about the One-Step Mud Mat, right here! No confusing links or messy, unclear fake-sounding reviews, this website is truly the real deal!

    • This is how manufacturers of these fake products try to lure the unsuspecting public into buying these. With glossy websites, deliberately unclear documentation, smartly-written web content and tightly-packed keywords, these websites fool the search engine into garnering favorable ratings and high page rankings. When the common public sees these rankings, they are misled into thinking that these must be quality websites with credible products.

  6. Purchased three rugs washed before use as instructed two rugs fell apart backs peeled and cracked lots and lots of black rubber in the washer all got washed seprately before use only one survived the process air drying but I will return all three very very disappointed.

  7. Falls apart when you do the first wash before you use it. I followed whe instructions but the rubber backing cracked and peeled before I ever got to put down will return all three two fell apart one did not fall apart.

  8. To my great surprise and relief, this thing works. Bought two at a local home show for twice what they are charging on the net after watching the pitchman. It keeps the dog’s feet from tracking in the water – that’s what we wanted. ‘Nuffi said.

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