Olde Brooklyn Lantern Review

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There’s something immensely charming about antique items that add glory to your homes. You could be living in a modern apartment but might want to add that traditional twist to your home. Now you can easily do that with Olde Brooklyn Lantern, which is a class apart. It looks exactly like the timeless classic antique lantern, which has certain nostalgia about it and gives your home that beautiful and elegant touch as well.


Olde Brooklyn Lantern
Olde Brooklyn Lantern doesn’t have any open flames, which can be quite dangerous. It’s powered by 12 ultra-bright LED lights, which makes it a safe and smart option for your homes. If you want to build an ambience in your sitting room or on the patio when you have guests over, the soft light from the Olde Brooklyn Lantern will create the perfect setting for you. And in case of power cuts, Olde Brooklyn Lantern will be your source of light without exposing you or your loved ones to the danger of open flames. In fact, Olde Brooklyn Lantern is cool to touch and also has a built in dimmer, which lets you adjust the lighting in any room in your house or outdoors.

The 12 ultra-bright LED lights last up to 100,000 hours, so you can be rest assured that Olde Brooklyn Lantern will keep filling your surroundings with light for a long time to come. Moreover Olde Brooklyn Lantern is known for its double metal construction, genuine glass dome and exquisite craftsmanship, which puts it on par with the elegantly designed antique lanterns. Give your home and outdoor spaces that ethereal touch with Olde Brooklyn Lantern without worrying about safety risks because of open flames.

Olde Brooklyn Lantern FAQs

What kind of batteries does Olde Brooklyn Lantern require?
It uses 2 “D” batteries (not included with your order).

When does The Olde Brooklyn Lantern hit the stores?
You can buy the Lantern in all major retail chains by August end.

Why does it take as long as 3-6 weeks to ship after ordering it?
Shipping doesn’t always take 3-6 weeks. This timeline is stated because the demand for the lantern is greater throughout various times of the year. Shipping is planned according to those times to avoid “back orders.”

How can one change an incorrect order?
To change an incorrect order, call the customer service on toll free number: 1-800-777-4034. The customer service will ask you for your phone number/email id if you provided that, your last name, and zip code to find your order. Your order will then be fixed. Since processing takes 24 hours, the customer service may not have your order until at least 24 hours after placing the order.

I haven’t been charged for my order of Olde Brooklyn Lantern yet. When will I be charged?
The order is processed within 24 hours but your card is charged only when the shipment reaches your address.




What do I get?
You can buy Olde Brooklyn Lantern for an amazing price of $19.95 plus shipping and handling charge of $6.99 at www.oldebrooklynlantern.com. You can also add another Olde Brooklyn Lantern to your order by paying additional shipping and handling fee of $6.99. For Customer Service Call 1-800-518-6486.


Olde Brooklyn Lantern Video


200 thoughts on “Olde Brooklyn Lantern Review

  1. It do work i got mine few years ago only use it in storms i have not changed the battery yet its work good like old laterns i think this what breay white on wwe uses when he comes out to fight

  2. DO NOT BUY!!!
    SAFETY HAZARD. went to pick it up and severely cut my fingers on the sharply exposed metal surrounding the light.

  3. This company is a complete rip off. It took me 8 days to get my order cancelled. They can not understand English and just continue to try and sell you more junk.

  4. I received 5 Olde Brooklyn Lanterns that I did not order. I cannot get in touch with the company because their phone number is a constant busy. If this shows up on my credit card, I can have it removed but I do not feel I should have to pay to send them back. Anyone having a similar problem?

  5. I checked this item on Amazon.com; over half the reviewers (70+) gave this item ONE STAR which is the lowest possible; Enough said.

  6. I ordered two lanterns and one didn’t work. They charged me $42.00. One was $12.99 plus $6.99 for shipping, the second one was suppose to cost $9.99 and there was no shipping but they charged me shipping. They sent me back $6.99, that still isn’t right yet, $12.99 plus $6.99 plus $9.99 plus the $6.99 they refunded still doesn’t come to what I was charged. Plus one didn’t work. I had ordered before and one didn’t work, so I think it is all a scam.

    I will never order from tv again, I will wait till it comes out at Walmart.

  7. I am going to contact Walgreens, tell them I’m bringing it back, call their Corp headquarters and tell them they are selling junk. I’ve built 20+ Walgreen stores, so I know the proper channels.

  8. I have asked this company REPEATEDLY to STOP EMAILING ME and they refuse to honor my many requests. Would not order from them because they do not care about doing business in a manner that is good for anyone but themselves!

  9. I bought one and they are very cheaply made. When it arrived it was broken and only a thirty day warranty.If you really want TO BUY ONE I RECOMMEND WALGREENS. THAT WAY YOU WILL NOT PAY FOR S/H.

  10. Olde Brooklyn Lantern is of very poor quality for the money spent. We have replaced ours with a light bought from Home Depot that cost around one half of what we paid for the Olde Brooklyn Lantern and has several more useful functions than the Olde Brooklyn Lantern does. Do yourself a favor and visit any local discount store and you will find something better for less.

  11. After reading all the reviews I just feel robbed. I believed that this was a good idea but they have even send me an update, and now when I go into another site, and it doesn’t even have a link, you could find any information. Well it sold my money and information. I am really up set. I might have to close down my account. I will always read the reviews before buying.

  12. These people are ripoffs, charged more than they said they would and then didn’t want to give my money back. The product itself is very cheaply made like it was made in a sweatshop in china (which it was) … Don’t buy

  13. This Olde Brooklyn Lantern is such a scam. I tried to get the buy one get one offered on TV when I ordered on line. I ended up being charged for 3 lanterns and charged for shipping. When I called to cancel everything in less than half an hour, they said they would put in a cancellation and a refund request. The product shipped two days later. Now they want to give me minimal discounts to keep it or I pay shipping back. The request for cancellation is just a request and can be denied. Seriously???? Yes, it was foolish to fall for the TV ad. Boy have I learned my lesson and want to share it with everyone I know.

  14. This is nothing more than a flashlight. Requires 2 ‘D’ batteries to run. Yes, the LED lightbulbs last longer, but its the batteries that will ‘die’. Don’t waste your money.

  15. The quality is very poor. The company promises the moon when you order but will not stand by their own words. as far as I,m concerned they are a bunch of crooks. And I told them so.

  16. Don’t bother ordering these Olde Brooklyn Lanterns. The first one I ordered didn’t work. I called and they sent out a replacement free of charge (two weeks after I called to say the first one didn’t work) and the second arrived almost a month later. It did not work either. When I called to get a refund they said the replacement had to be sent back. I said I want my money back and was not paying shipping charges when I already had once for two defective items. Maybe their quality control should see that the items actually work before shipping them. Don’t waste your money or your time doing business with these people.

  17. I have seen the Brooklyn lantern at the General Dollar store and Walgreens for $10.00 but didn’t buy it because I don’t like or trust infomercials, plus, I would never give my credit/debit card info. to any unknown site, this is asking for trouble. They could be located in the Philippines, or Peru, Mexico, or anywhere else.

  18. I am so grateful for this website and for the comments here. I just went on line to place an order for two lanterns. But the site was very ambiguous when it came to the fact that one of these lanterns was supposed to be free. Furthermore, the original television ad kept on repeating and repeating on the website. It was very annoying and, I think, it was a distraction intended to confuse me into ordering more than I wanted. I never thought about where these things were made, by whom or if any standards were followed in their manufacture. From other comments here, I see that these are questions that need to be asked. THANKS FOR THE WARNING! I am not going to order this after all. Always be careful what you order on line.

  19. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I was going to order about 10 of these for Christmas presents. your reviews kept me from making a bad decision.

  20. I did the first order, did not even know if it went, page went blank, tried a different site and ended up with 4 lanterns, I was ordering for a elderly lady I worked for. Before I put order in, I called her, she said one lantern was supposed to be free, tried to review order – could not, ended up with 2 different orders. Called them they told me to call today, called today they found the 2 order and cancelled it. Of course my elderly lady wanted NONE, because she wanted 1 free, they said to call back to make sure the 1st order gets cancelled also. I had NO problem cancelling the order they could find, man was very NICE, though hard to understand at times. I was very GRATEFUL to not be charged. I also was even going to let first order stand, so this site has been IMPROVED, so it actually was not a bad experience!!

  21. Horrible! they are so cheaply made and do not light up and entire room! I cut myself on the cheap aluminum they are made of and one completely stopped working. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  22. This is the WORST TV fraud ever, You don’t get a free lantern! You are charged for $12.99 plus $6.99 shipping plus $9.99 for the free one!! Ordered this on a Saturday night cancelled it on Monday MORNING and it was shipped out on Tuesday. Had a hard time calling to cancel this. Kept offering other things. WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS AGAIN!!! DID NOT GET IT CANCELLED. GOT $6.99 TAKEN OFF OF IT STILL PAYING $32.99 . WHAT A RIP OFF!!

  23. Please all be careful, this site is a rip-off. Do not order, I did, instead of charging me $12.99 they charged my $22.98 for each item, then the service operator, another non-English speaking one, they told me takes 48 hours to cancel, the supervisor was not much better. I just called the card company and put a hold on my account, no charges accepted for 1 month or whatever I tell them, lucky I have several cards.

  24. I am totally disgusted with this non American made Olde Booklyn Lantern product. First, I had to cut the metal where the plastic cover for the batteries goes so that it would fit properly to hold them in. Second, these workers apparently are either rushing to push these things out to the buying public or just that they haven’t been trained on the correct way to do welding for I found a piece of NON ELECTRICAL TAPE supposedly holding one of the wires onto the circuit board & I fail to follow how this poor workmanship passed any codes. Oh, I forgot, they don’t worry about any standards where these were assembled I take it.

  25. Dear Sirs

    On or about Oct 30th I ordered 2 Olde Brooklyn lanterns for the price advertized in your tv ad, when I checked my credit card I found out you had charged me $60 some dollars. I complained and you told me it would be corrected, Here it is Nov 12th I still do not have my lanterns and my credit card has not been corrected, where are my lanterns and when will my bill be corrected.

    • This is not the official Olde Brooklyn Website, you need to post this comment on the official website, their customer service # is 1-800-518-6486.

  26. I ordered 12 lanterns and received a confirmation (email) for the order and the amount to be charged to my debit card. I noticed a couple days later that the amount taken from my account was $85 more than on the written confirmation that I had received. When I attempted to contact customer service (after several attempts) they would not honor their confirmation. They would not even acknowledge I had received one. For some reason, this was all my fault. Despite the reviews about this product not being all that grand; I was willing to give it a chance until they committed fraud by taking monies out of my account without permission. They WOULD NOT stand by their own confirmation. It is still to be determined if they make the proper credit to my account.

  27. Olde Brooklyn Lantern is a piece of junk. Flashlight gives more light. I ordered the deluxe glass they sent plastic big rip off.

  28. It is a piece of junk. Do not buy, I ordered the deluxe glass and received plastic. Anyway they are junk not even worth 5.00 dollars, flashlight gives more light.

  29. When we received the Olde Brooklyn Lantern, it would not work. Their reply was to send ten more dollars and they would send another. Why should I send ten more dollars to replace something that did not work. We learned a valuable lesson about these rip off scams.

  30. Olde Brooklyn Lantern website very confusing. Ordered things I didnt want to and does not give you a chance to review your final order. Customer service questionable. Best to call credit card company to cancel. $12.99 order became $45 order without any way of cancelling…BEWARE

  31. Thanx for all the honest reviews. Almost bought them but a little voice told me to check the reviews. On SS and can’t afford a total waste of money.

  32. I bought three of these. I opened one and installed batteries worked great, until I tried to turn it on the third time. Switch just would not work anymore. Opened second box worked great for about 15 minutes then went dead. Third one will set on shelf until power outage some day and maybe it will work long enough. DO NOT BUY THIS Olde Brooklyn Lantern IT IS JUNK!!!

  33. Mary Riley wrote on October 27 that when she called the 800 number and spoke to a computer which gave her choices as to what to by, how may, etc., and the order did not come out right. She did not say so, but I believe when asked by the computer if she wanted something, she would punch in a number on the phone, or speak the number. I did that once with a product, hopefully now defunct, called “Lens Doctor,” a product which would supposedly clean and repair scratches on eye glasses. I got double billed for what I ordered, and few weeks later received the second shipment of the stuff, which I never ordered. And, to add insult to injury, the stuff did not work. I had no way to go back and prove what I ordered. I later learned there were several internet sites warning of this scam. NEVER, EVER purchase a TV add product by speaking to a computer and punching in numbers on the telephone. If you use the internet site, download and/or print out the order, now you have a receipt for your order and ability to track it.

  34. With hurricane Sandy on the way, I decided to buy an Olde Brooklyn Lantern. I saw them advertized on TV, but didn’t buy it by phone or internet. I instead bought one at a local drug store, Duane Read in NYC. They are also available at Walgreens. Look for the section in the store that says “As seen on TV”. K-mart also sells “As Seen On TV” products, but I haven’t seen the lantern there yet. So far my Olde Brooklyn Lantern is working fine. But, keep in mind that the light it sends out is a dim fluorescent type of light. It helps light up a room, but you may have to squint to read. It’s fine for a black-out or in bad weather. But, a flashlight does about the same and even a candle is brighter. By the way, if I have trouble with the lantern, I have the receipt and can simply return it to local Duane Reade store just a few blocks away. I’m considering getting a second one.

  35. To Whom It May Concern:

    I called the 800 number and ordered an Olde Brooklyn Lantern. According to the commercial I saw on the television, I could double my order and receive two lanterns for the $12.99 plus shipping of $6.99.

    When I called I spoke to a computer and received a number of choices for additional products which I did not choose to purchase. I did order a second lantern, but I was charged $12.99 for this additional lantern. What happened to the offer of doubling the order and receiving two lanterns for $12.99?

    I surely wish I had read the reviews on this product before I ordered it. The only reason that I ordered is because my husband asked me to buy it.

  36. I was charged for 4 lanterns and only received 2. This company is getting rich by ripping off customers. I am a very very unhappy customer. Customer service was of no help either.

    • Suggestion: Do not use the phone to order the Olde Brooklyn Lantern. It has been my experience that it is better to use the Internet when buying tv advertised products. You then have documented evidence as to what you ordered (how many, what the cost is of each item, what the total coast is, etc). Or, if they are in stores get them there. I ordered 6 of the lanterns via the internet. Just received them. I have only put batteries in one, it works fine. Tracking the shipment was easy and straightforward, using my phone number instead of some long order number. It was supposed to take 3 to 6 weeks, however, I received mine in 7 days. They were shipped out of Southern Ca; I live in Northern Ca. I lit the lantern and put it in a dark 20X20 room and it was sufficient to lite up the room; enough visibility to function within the room. So far so good.

  37. My husband ordered this piece of junk Lantern and it didn’t work. He called Olde Brooklyn Lantern and they sent another one and it didn’t work, so he called again and they are sending him another on. He said we wanted our money back and they insisted that he give it one more try. Don’t buy this junk!!!

  38. Purchased two of the Olde Brooklyn Lanterns. Then read some reviews and wondered if I’d wasted my money. Got them today and they are nice lanterns for the money (26.95 total is what I paid, including the shipping). They are made of metal and have glass globes. The two D size batteries should last a long time powering the LED lights. I may order a couple more. My only complaint is that it took 6 or 7 weeks to arrive, but that’s what the site told you it would be, if you didn’t pay extra for expedited S&H. Glad I didn’t listen to all the naysayers.

  39. wow..Don’t order from these people! it took five phone calls and a few hours to fix the order fiasco. I used American express,so I will get mt refund,either way. The real problem:** these lanterns are a safety hazard due to sharp metal surfaces. I canceled them as gifts to my little grandchildren after I almost cut my finger..thankfully it cut my nail instead! not a good product for this reason; and, not manufactured in the USA, I’m afraid.

    • China makes some good stuff and some “Crap”. These are CRAP. I ordered 6. 2 small and 4 large. The large ones were the same size as the small ones. got the two in about 10 weeks. (backordered). They sent the 4 to the wrong town. There add is tricky. Nothing is free. Took 8 more weeks to get the last 4. One had a broken wire. There just not worth the money and time.

  40. Glad I read the Olde Brooklyn Lantern reviews. Typical of Chinese made products. Can’t understand the operator but they understand enough to take your money. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Go to Amazon.com to buy lanterns similar to this. Amazon is a most reliable site and stands behind all sales 100%. Always

  41. I don’t normally write reviews, but I am so frustrated I just had to.

    This has been a mess from the beginning. I was in the process of ordering the Olde Brooklyn Lantern simply because it was advertised “order now and we’ll include a second lantern free”. Unfortunately, it was buy-one-get-one-for $9.99 (not free). Somehow I ended up with 3 lanterns on my order and there was no option to “remove” the extras. Out of frustration, I cancelled (or so I thought) the order.

    Shortly thereafter I received an email confirming my order. I contacted customer service department immediately and was assured that the order would be cancelled. This was AUGUST 24th.

    On OCTOBER 3rd, I received an email indicating the order had shipped and my credit card had been charged.

    I immediately contacted customer service and indicated that this order should have been cancelled in August, and of course, there was no record of it.

    The CSR indicated that I could return the lantern (which I had not received yet) for a full refund, and when I asked who would pay the shipping on the return I was advised that unless I refused the delivery, I would have to pay it. I was also advised that it would take 5-8 weeks to refund the amount that was charged to my credit card.

    This has truly soured my opinion of Olde Brooklyn Lantern for the false buy-one-get-one-free advertising and the Customer Service company, Telebrands. None of this would have happened if the tv ad had not falsely advertised the buy-one-get-one-free, or if the CSR would have processed my cancellation when I called the first time.

    Now I have to wait for a delivery that I didn’t even want and hope I am home to refuse it and then monitor my credit card for the refund, which will take 5-8 weeks.

    What a pain!

    • This is exactly what happened to me! I went half way through my order and decided it was a sh*t deal, so I canceled never even finished putting the order in …a couple weeks later, I got an email claiming they sent 2 lanterns to my address & today they charged $40 to my credit card for something I NEVER ordered!! Now I was told by CSR who could barely speak English that I must refuse the pkg, then call back to get my card refunded!! This company (Telebrands) is a fraud. My $ prob will not be refunded for who knows how long, I still have to waste more time I don’t have on the phone….all because (let me remind you) I looked into pouncing this crap product, but NEVER EVEN ORDERED!!! Please stay as FAR away from Telebrands!!!! They are FRAUDS!!! They should be banned from TV & sued!

  42. I ordered the olde Brooklyn lantern, but never received it! My next move is to contact the consumer division of the Attorney general’s office, I think something stinks here.

  43. Please stop believing you are actually getting something for free. Companies have been using this advertising ploy for years. The second item is not free. You are paying for it in the shipping charges or other charges they have added.

    My advice, wait until the item comes out at a local retail place where you can return it for a refund should it not be all that you expected it to be or if you are one of those people that must have a product the minute it hits the air waves, do yourself a favor and get one of those pre-paid debit cards. Use that debit card just for such online purchases. This way you can load it with just the amount of money you’ll need for the item and that’s it. When the company tries to come back and charge you more, the card won’t have enough funds and they’ll decline the charges.

    My personal review: This is a cheaply made plastic, small LED flashlight. Not at all worth the $30 something. Way better regular flashlights out there.

    • 1 – Products like these are made in China, which the company purchases even cheaper by quantity (which covers the cost of US govt import fees/tax).

      2- Then they charge the same price as if it was made in the US, sometimes less but make up for it by overcharging shipping/handling fees.

      3 – The company charges prices as if they have quality merchandise, but in fact they are cheaply made and no quality control occurs in Chinese factories.

      4 – In addition, as Barb stated, the too often take advantage of those who use their credit or debit card.

      As another commentator stated, I stick to shopping at Amazon … they sell products, offer alternative vendors, charge fair shipping charges, and rate dependability of those alternate vendors shipping direct. Some of the stuff is made in China that Amazon sells; however, I have yet to have problems with merchandise and I have been using Amazon for well over five years when they used to sell only books and DVDs.

      The best way to shop if you are unsure of the honesty of the seller: get the mailing address, write a check for the price advertised, and mail it in. It takes longer, but if the product is good it is worth the wait.

  44. I ordered an Olde Brooklyn Lantern from an email I received & ordered online, under the assumption that if I bought 1, I would get 1 free for $12.99 and pay $13.98 shipping for the 2, as per TV Commercial & the email I received.

    When I had finished my order, I was charged for 2 Lanterns @ $25.98 + shipping @ $13.98 = $39.96 instead of $26.97.

    I phoned customer service about this rip off, spoke to some Asian girl, and after a lot of confusing conversation, she offered me a $5.00 refund, which in the end I accepted. Can’ t wait to see if I get a refund.

    This appears to be some sort of scam.

    • I finally received my order for 3 deluxe models. I too had to wait a long time as the website said demand exceeded supply. I am very happy with mine. Ok so it isn’t steel that they are made from but no different than the kerosene ones I had years ago. I got 3 of the deluxe models with the 12 led lights and I must say it sure gives off a very darn good amount of bright light.So if the power goes out I am prepared and I like the style of it . I took it upstairs closed all the doors in the hallway to the rooms and lit it up wow!!!, it was bright enough to shut off my emergency light which was on when I darkened the hallway. So in the end I am quite pleased with them. It just takes a long time to get like 3 to 6 weeks I ordered in early Aug[on a sat night] and got a good size box with 3 packed very nice and professional inside. They use UPS Smart Post so you can track it through the UPS system then it gets handed over to the post office. The scheduled delivery date was 09/15/12 and poof presto they arrived today.I WILL SAY THOUGH!!, IF YOU ORDER ONLINE BE CAREFUL AS THEY WILL UP SELL YOU TO A DELUXE MODEL RIGHT QUICK. Take your time ordering carefully on line . The one they show in the commercial is a 9 led model I upgraded to a 12 lED model and ordered 3 so with shipping it was 65 bucks. I am happy though. To all who are still waiting hang in there I was almost ready to say scam but I waited a few days and to me they made good on their claim. I placed 2 D heavy duty batteries in each one and all 3 worked as I read a few comments on here that they didn’t work. All 3 of mine did. Again bottom line if you like it order it but be prepared to wait as if you ordered custom furniture.

  45. It is becoming increasingly painful to find reliable reviews about a product on the net these days. All I wanted to do was read up some reviews about Olde Brooklyn Lantern before buying it and when I entered those keywords, I got many websites with reviews. I went through them but before long I realized I was reading the same thing over and over again and those were just extremely positive reviews of the product. That just didn’t seem right to me especially because these website had buttons about “ordering” the product. When I clicked on those buttons I was taken to another website selling the products. This happened with every website but I wanted to read reviews first. Then I thought maybe these are all manufacturer promoted sites that have fake reviews. Finally I found this website and got the right review and knew whether I should buy the product or not.

    • This is not really a new malpractice, and is quite typical of what is known as SEO. It is easy to write a glaring review of a really bad product and fool people. Search engines have a lot of loopholes and they fail to differentiate between a genuine review and a fake one. There are a lot of scammers who take advantage of this fact and fool the search engines and in turn people about their products. These scammers are affiliates, like the websites you mentioned, of manufacturers of products who get big commissions from the sellers.

  46. I also ordered 4 of the lanterns, and the price was reasonable. However, I ordered in early July. Nothing yet, but my cc has not been charged. I want the lanterns as I live in a storm prone area. Tracking tells me “Due to the great response,” Well you know the rest of the story. Should be shipped in 15 business days. We shall see. I guess I’ll check the big box stores if I want them.

  47. I have already commented above however, as a suggestion, if we all go to The Federal Trade Commission, The Better Business Bureau, and similar places, maybe we can help to stop this abuse of our trust. I know it’s what I’m doing……TODAY! I hope others will follow. Good luck to you all.

  48. My suggestion is “BEWARE OF PLACES LIKE THIS”! In my attempt to purchase 5 of these lamps decided to call the 800 #……BIG MISTAKE ! As is most common in today’s sales practices, a foreign country was hired to conduct the telephone sales and of course I couldn’t understand them and vise-verse. So I hung up and preceded to place the order ONLINE ! In completing the order I was asked if I wanted to buy one more lamp at $9.99 only I was unable to click the “NO” block because because this option was made unavailable. So I tried to “arrow back” only to find in doing this the order was increased to TEN lamps and that the order was complete and confirmed ! ! ! ! When I tried to go back in and change the order it wouldn’t even load on my computer. So once again I was forced to call again, only to find there was nothing they could do for 24 hours and was advised to call back then. . . . . If you wait a few days most all these items you see on tv will be available at places such as Walmart, K Mart, or Meijer. BELIEVE ME, SAVE YOURSELF THE HUMILIATION ! DON’T ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE JERKS ! ! ! !

  49. As from your order date as all you see and get a order number. The product is backordered by 15 business days. On the phone a bunch of very rude people in their customer service that can’t speak English and you can not talk or understand them. As I only can speak English and nothing more or else.

  50. I was very unhappy with the quality of the Olde Brooklyn Lantern I ordered. Not to mention that 100% satisfaction guaranteed means nothing to this company. Will never buy from them again.

    • I also had placed one order and received 4 lanterns and my cc was charged. they will not credit my card until they receive lanterns back and will not refund the original shipping charges or pay for the return shipping.

      Does anyone know who is the CEO or President of this company? I have turned into BBB and want to write to the person in charge at this company.

      • It’s understandable that you’d want your money back if the product is unsatisfactory, but no company will do that unless you give them the actual product first. Otherwise, you would have their product and your money. If you don’t trust them (which is also understandable since you are unhappy with the product) I suggest sending back the lanterns certified mail, so that someone at the company must sign for it. Then, you have proof that they received the lantern if a refund is not forthcoming. In the unlikely event that happens, then the BBB would go to bat for you.

        • Here is the name and address of the ower of Telebrands Corp, which is the company who owns the olde brooklyn lantern company:

          A. J. Khubani
          Telebrands Corp
          One Telebrands Plaza
          Farifield NJ 07004
          Office Phone 973-244-0400
          Office Fax 973-244-0244

  51. I ordered this on a Saturday. It added more product than I ordered but there was no way to edit the order. The web site indicated that customer service was available M-F 8am-11pm est and 9am-5pm est Sat & Sun. In fact customer service is 9am-9pm M-F. I wanted to cancel my order placed on a Saturday but was told I could not cancel until after Tuesday.

    Based on this good luck if you have a problem. This is a Telebrands site. I can figure out why the customer service is so bad. It might seem easier to just accept the order than deal with the hassle and pay twice what was intended. In the future I will stay clear of any Telebrands product.

    • I ordered a set too and somehow got more than I wanted; there is no way to amend the order because there is NO human to talk to help you. I then tried to cancel the order twice but still received a package a few weeks later. I was charged $73.00 for 5 lanterns that I didn’t order. I called the number on the paper to find out why my order was not cancelled in the first place like I asked twice before but the person on the phone was from India or something and we could barely understand each other which made it difficult to find out why I was charged so much for these 5 lanterns. I only wanted the 2 not 5. Well the women keep telling me she had no order for me (my name), the account # they had for me or my charge card number. I told her there was an order because it WAS charged to my charge card without my permission, after it was cancelled the same day that I couldn’t get the order fixed. I then sent the order back as refused on the 20th of August and the tracking said it was delivered back to the company on the 23rd but I have not seen the charge reversed on my credit card. It has been a nightmare trying to get in touch with these people and it is hard to understand them from here in the US. After the lady kept telling me that I didn’t have an order and 30 mins on the phone when I told her that it is on my charge card she said “Oh yeah now I see you did order” I was kind of ticked off that this was such a rough process. It is really ridiculous to have to go through such a stressful process just to get your money back for something you cancelled the same day. I think if maybe they had a human helping with the ordering process it would be better but the more you try to figure out their automation the more products seem to be put on you order. $73.00 is a bit much for the two lanterns I wanted in the first place. Hope this helps. Blessed Be,

      K. Rane

      • I just went and bought a Coleman lantern at Walmart and it was much cheaper and less hassle and works excellently. Rane

  52. Thanks to all for the reviews about the Brooklyn Lantern. I too almost fell for the TV ads. I have heard them so many times that I began to believe what was being said. I’m so glad I read the reviews. I will stick with my local hardware store. I know this is not a political site but those ads remind me that if you hear lies often enough on TV, you begin to believe them. The Brooklyn Lantern infomercial had me convinced. I guess I need to not only check out that kind of stuff for myself, but also the political lie ads from both parties that I’m hearing on TV every day.

  53. Aug 23, 2012 I phoned 1-800-958-0103 to order the Olde Brooklyn Lantern from the infomercial I saw on TV. I had given my credit card number and ordered 1 lantern for $12.99 + $6.99 for s&h, then the automated voice said for $15 I could have another lantern. Then the recorded voice went on and on and on how it could be upgraded to another globe for so much more $$s and then I could receive a $15 voucher, etc. I do not like this type of ordering. When I order something I want to place my order and DO NOT wish to be harassed to upgrade, buy something else, etc.

    Therefore, cancel any order that you may have taken. Also, your website should have a section where you have “contact us” where one can leave a message rather than having to sift through all sorts of websites to finally find where a message can be typed. CANCEL ALL ORDERS placed by me today and destroy my credit card number.

  54. I should have known better. But I liked LED technology and decided to try the 2 for 1 offer. Even if it broke really quick it was OK to try it out I guess. I only received one lantern, and when I call customer service (in India by the way), the guy was completely not helpful, kept saving I only ordered one, and kept asking me to order another one. So now I got one cheesy lantern instead of two. Don’t be like me. Just go to a real outdoors or camping store and get a better quality LED lantern.

  55. I just watched the commercial for the old Brooklyn lanterns again, but I had just finished reading all the reviews because I had thought of ordering them. I paid closer attention this time and noticed at the end where the woman is taking the package from the delivery person, the package looks like it contains a small book, not a nice sized lantern and certainly not two!! Just saying………Anyway I have learned anytime I feel the urge to order off tv, to read the reviews and that controls the urge very well! If anyone finds a really true tv deal with good phone representation on anything from an infomercial please comment! Now that would be news!!!

    • Hey Deb, That is exactly what caught my eye !! I even backed it up and then paused it on that same exact spot. Said the very same thing to myself…..they would have to be mighty small if there is 2 in that box !! Ditched the urge to buy them !!!!! Will go to Walmart or Home Depot !!

  56. What technology did they use to determine the bulbs would last 100,000 hours? That’s a tad over 20 years. Did they test it that long? As always with the TV prompted items, if they are so good why aren’t they being marketed in retail outlets?

  57. Thank You for this review website. I also thought they looked great. So being curious I went on their website and hit order to see what the fee was for the second one. The first one being $12.99 — the SECOND ONE WAS $9.99 and you get free shipping on the second and pay $6.99. They are coming in the same box so the $6.99 covers both. BOY… if feels like a scam, looks like a scam….. Just be STRAIGHT FORWARD with your advertising. People are NOT STUPID!

  58. There are better options, the 3 light led touch lights available in most stores can be placed around your home or mounted. I mounted mine with the removable 3m stuff. I have them in every room on the walls. In large rooms more than one. They give lots of light and you can get usually 3 for 7$ or even cheaper on eBay. I also have an emergency 2 light spotlight that lasts 72hrs if on full time but can be turned on and off, may be mounted or portable, that stays plugged in to charge and comes on automatically in a power outage. I bought online. Cost $39. Shop around folks.

    Wa state

    • My husband asked me to Order a couple of these Lanterns so I checked
      into this website. I am so glad I checked into this website before I placed a order, I am so tired of China made crap, and even worse sold by the scam artists of India… No thanks I will look for the Made in the USA Label.

  59. Thanks for the help and reviews. They sounded great but most of the stuff is junk. The idea of pulling a few in from the yard is great, that is what should be on TV…Thanks all, great info!!

  60. I almost bought these Brooklyn lanterns until I read these reviews. I thought metal and led for $12.99?? There had to be a catch. I paid a few dollars more and bought this led lantern instead.


    Thanks for saving me some money!!

  61. I’d like to know where are they made? If it’s China forget it.

    I want products to be made here in America, and if they’re a little more expensive–so be it. It would be worth it to insure America is running at full speed again. I’m on a fixed income, but I’m thinking about the future.

  62. No political, religious comments from me. Thanks for the very good info and advice. I have saved my money.

  63. I got roped in to this product! False advertising and a ‘scam’! I called customer service number 1-800-777-4034 and actually got a human being instead of the ‘automated run around you get when you call the 1-800-542-1659 number on the web site.

    The person you get, will take down your info. that he asks you, then tells you need to call back in 24, up to 72 hours [call every day up to 3 days] and then ‘you can ‘Cancel’ your order and call your credit card company to do the same [reverse the charge] after you receive a ‘confirmation’ order number from the Old Brooklyn Lantern Company! Hope I could help someone!!

    Joe R.

    • Wow, I bet it is coming from CHINA, I requested a product for my hair fallage, and it took over a month and everytime I called them the same thing happened, no one to answer , unable to speak to anyone, until finally I did, I should have cancelled the order. thanks, I will not order these lamps, it seems most of the stuff on TV sucks, I got the GREEN frying pans, and things stick to it, I like my Teflon much better to clean, the green you need to use soap and water, what the hell. NO NO NO like Amy Winehouse used to sing. I say no,no,no. LOL

  64. I suggest everyone just buy some solar yard lights for emergency lighting. These can be purchased for $2.50 at Walmart.

    If you have a power outage at night, just go pluck them out of the ground and bring them inside. The better ones have a switch, so you can turn off the ones not needed at the moment and save the batteries till later (if left on, they may not last the whole night).

    Then, the next morning, plant them back outside in the sun in case you have more powerless nights.

  65. Started to order 2 Olde Brooklyn Lanterns from tv ads but after reading reviews I decided not to do so. Thanks to all who wrote in the reviews.

  66. I am writing to tell you both of these #s are not for this lantern. They are for a gun company. This is a scam of some sort. would not recommend calling or purchasing.. I for one done have time for this kind of lies.

  67. After reading all these reviews about these so called magic Brooklyn lanterns I strongly believe that’s about time to file class A action suit against the TV channels and the company itself for fraud ads. What do you think, guys? I think it’s a win win situation.

      • YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Legal proceedings should be sought after against these scammers!!! The only thing is with all his unearned fortune, he is more than likely well protected by some high priced attorneys that are probably as crooked as he is. If any one has some ideas, I would love to hear them. I am certainly going to research the hell out of this. Lets see if we can prevent others from getting screwed by this creep!!

  68. While many ‘as seen on TV’ offerings turn out to be trickily marketed dime store junk with overpriced S&H — and this dis-infomercial seems even more hucksterish than most! — I’d hate for all these justifiably negative reviews to discourage people from picking up a couple of solidly made and reasonably priced LED lamps/lanterns from a more reputable source, as I did at my local hardware store a while back, since they’ve helped me and my family get through many a power outage, some of which lasted for days. They not only illuminate (if not very brightly) an entire room, but the batteries last between 5 and 10 times longer …. depending on the number and size of the lamp’s LEDs…. than they would in a regular flashlight.

    But my thanks to all (well…. most!) for your helpful input. I’m just glad that I wasn’t too ‘feeble minded’ to do a little research before buying these on a whim for some friends!

    And, if you’ll forgive the brief aside, thanks also to Marian and Sammie for trying to keep this review thread on topic, since neither politics nor religion belong here. All they do is push us further apart at a time when we all desperately need to be working together to repair our poor fractured country.

    • To Martin, Toni and all you other wise shoppers! Thank You! Yesterday I saw the commercial but was busy and didn’t get the phone or name. Today I looked on As Seen on TV – they are sold out. So, I searched the name Olde Brooklyn Lantern, as I thought I would order (with one free, for my daughter). Well, I sure do thank all of you people for setting me straight. I am going to Amazon and see what they have and also the site Toni mentioned for solar-light.

      Great work, and thank you for not getting carried away with the weirdo comments on those other subjects.

      • Thanks Sylvee. Maybe check out Coleman’s excellent line of lanterns too, as recommended by George C. Benson, Jr (July 2, 2012 at 3:02 pm).

        As for the occasional ‘weirdo comments’, I’m actually hugely reassured that the majority of people that took the trouble to come here did so to warn others about this possible scam rather than to proselytize or put down those that happen to think differently from them; the irony of course being that it was precisely that kind of ‘my way or the highway’ attitude that drove many of our forbearers to come here in the first place! But here I am on my own soap box wasting people’s time (blush)……

  69. I (feel) I just roped myself into $49.95 worth of plastic Chinese junk–also fooled by the sudden purchase. Sorry I hadn’t read these comments.

    I’m going to “refuse” delivery. I thought I had paid for express delivery however, maybe (3 to 5 days). My order says allow for 3-6 weeks delivery. I was charged $9.99 for “Expedited Handling”–what that means, I have no idea?

    • I feel your pain. I was tired and watching TV at 3 in the morning after a hard day at work so I fell for the sales pitch. It was around the first of June and I still haven’t received my lanterns. With all the bad reviews, I am hoping they are upgrading the product before I recieve mine but I doubt it. I also fell for the free cruise sales pitch also. The Ft Lauderdale reviews for the hotel are 2/3 bad. At least I upgraded for a 3 day stay in the Bahamas at a 4 star hotel. That at least had good reviews and I am sure I will enjoy the cruise also.

      • I ordered something for my Hair fallage, and it took 1 month and a week or more, If I had known it was coming from China, and that there was no one to contact, nobody to answer the phone and that will disconnect you every time, I WOULD HAVE CANCELLED AND REFUSED THE DELIVERY, BY THE WAY MY HAIR HAS NOT GROWN AN INCH. CHINESE CRAP.

    • Thank you so much for the link. Was just about to order, after checking reviews, and now I’m really glad! I have a prime account with Amazon so this is really helpful. Thanks again!!!

  70. Almost jumped at the bit after seeing the commercial…something told me to check out reviews before placing order and I’m glad I did..thank you all for sharing your unpleasant experience with this product. You have saved myself and many others some hard earned money!

  71. I watched the video of the Olde Brooklyn Lantern on their website several times. The one “free” lantern has a very light phrase that appears very quickly over it that says “just pay fee”. The free shipping also has ** by it. If you wait and pause the video it gives you an extra website to go to “offerdetails.com/oldebrooklynlantern/”. When you go to this website it explains that there is a deluxe version that has better LEDs in it and is extra bright. This is the one that gets free shipping and cost $9.99 above the $12.99 asking price, has a three year warranty and is sturdier then the one advertised. If you want the free lantern pay the extra $6.99 “fee” and the shipping cost for the free one of $6.99 and the total cost is $26.97. Watch their commercial and it looks like a total of $12.99! This is ROBBERY! The one they show is 12 ULTRA BRIGHT LEDS, but there’s a better lantern that is deluxe? Which one is shown in their video? And it’s not free if you have to pay a $6.99 Fee is it? SCAM! It gets better, there is a small cross by the total. This is what the cross reads at the bottom of their website “† “Order Total” prices may not reflect your final order total. Offers shown here are displayed according to the most common order configurations. Alternate order configurations are possible based on consumer selections on an individual basis. Offers may change without notice. Other charges, rates, and conditions may apply.” So if you order the deluxe version do you still pay the extra $6.99 fee and an extra $9.99 for a free deluxe lantern? What a load of junk. I’m sure these will be in The Dollar Store in a few months.

  72. After a 21 minute incredibly annoying and tricky automated phone ordering process of Olde Brooklyn Lantern. I have ordered 2 lanterns. They offered the second lantern with free shipping and handling, then as soon as they had my credit card, qualified the free shipping and handling by ordering additional products. I came here to try and cancel my whole order and after reading the comments I wish I had looked here before picking up my phone. I won’t make the same mistake again!

    • If you were given no opportunity to cancel your order, If you bought with a credit card, you can refuse the delivery when it arrives and contact your credit card provider within 60 days to have the charges reversed. They would reverse the charge initially and put it in dispute while they investigate and later let you know that it was permanently reversed. The unscrupulous companies don’t want to tangle with the credit card companies because it would put their merchant accounts with them in jeopardy. Good luck to you.

  73. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS Olde Brooklyn Lantern SCAM!

    The Ad is for two lanterns at the price of one at $12.99, plus $6.99 S & H for each. That comes to a total of $26.99.

    After entering your personal and payment info, you’re taken to another page to add an extra standard lantern, which suggests you have to add the second ‘free’ one, but it actually adds a third lantern for $22.98, plus S& H, but these prices are never displayed until completion of order.

    Next, an ad to give you free shipping if you ‘UPGRADE’ your lanterns to save $6.99 each for $9.99 is a difference of $3.00 each, but they actually add another deluxe lantern at price of $16.98.

    There is no page to review order total before placing order.

    I was surprised to see:charges for two standard lanterns charged instead of one.

    Additional lantern for $22.98-never displayed. Separate deluxe upgrade lantern at $16.98. Plus $13.98 for S&H when it was suppose to be free with upgrade to deluxe lantern.

    What a rip off!

    I found a customer service number with a human at the other end (that was the only good thing in this transaction) who said she’d cancel the order and send me an email, BUT after an hour I never received an email to confirm cancellation.

    I told her she needs to report deception, and she just said ‘I’m sorry.”

    Everyone should stay away…I wish I knew where else to report this fraud.

    • wow wish I had seen this before I ordered – I tried calling to cancel my order and was on hold for almost 20 minutes….there seems to be no way to cancel and I was also misled about how many lanterns I was buying….I thought it was 2 for 12.99 then added another, total cost ended up being almost $50! I will try to call again because these guys seem like crooks the way they do business.

      My fault for not checking further, but I am one of the people on the East coast in the power outage and this looked like a really good idea! NOT! Thanks all who reviewed.

  74. NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING ADVERTISED ON TV. It’s almost always garbage, made in china crap. China is cyber hacking American businesses, Govt. agencies, University sites, trying to steal anything and everything it can to achieve its GODLESS worldwide empire. JUST SAY NO to this evil country. Every time you see a huckster TV commercial, just know that SATAN is behind it. GIGO (garbage in garbage out). It’s time to CRUSH THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT.

  75. I dialed the number to order 2 (buy one, get a 2nd one free) but the automated comment asked if I wanted to also spend the $9.99 for something unrelated. THAT’S how you get a second one “free.” Uh, no thanks. I think products like this make the seller a lot of money until they get too many complaints. Then they come up with another product and suck in other unaware shoppers.

  76. We get lots of power outages here in Florida. So a lantern that lasts 100,000 hours was very appealing. But after reading these reviews, I will stick with what I have and invest my hard earned dollars on a lantern that will last & keep a good supply of batteries on hand. Thanks for the heads up!

  77. I’ve been experimenting with emergency lighting for years and this k-light is hands down, the best solar light I’ve found yet. It’s about the size of a soda can and once charged, lasts a long time and burns bright. I’m always looking for FREE power. We use this camping, fishing and even around the house at night to conserve energy. I was researching the Brooklyn Lantern because I thought it might be solar powered, but I see that it’s not. Anyway, I’ll be buying more of these and you can also get the cell phone kit, for solar powering your cell phone. ~ Just sharing


  78. Was Just ready to sit down and order the Brooklyn Lantern but after reading these reviews, no thanks. And as far as “Doomsday” the clock is already ticking, and if Obama gets re-elected God help our Republic,”You ain’t seen nothing yet”. The light has already gone out.

    • I agree – some are easily persuaded by slick commercials and fall for the “bells and whistles” of an empty product ! Glad to see there are still people who look into the product before they vote…..I mean purchase 🙂 I wondered about the power source and thanks to these reviews I now know it uses 3 AAA batteries, which will barely power the lantern through half a night in a storm without electric. Will not order.

    • Artie,
      What the hell does politics have to do with this product. Keep your political opinion separate from product review. There is no benefit to hearing your political opinion when shopping for reviews on the Brooklyn Lantern.

      • I agree with Artie. I wish people would have checked out Obama more before voting too. How is that hope and change thing working out for you Marian?

        • Artie and Ozzy, you guys are so crude, boorish, and inapt. FYI, this is a product review of the Brooklyn Lantern, and your comments are not only inappropriate, but offensive and out-of-place. You guys need to call in to one of the many “Hate Radio Talk Shows” for an audience that may more appreciate you.

      • Because Marian, your whole life is going to change if that empty suit is re elected. Not just him, any Democrat is a severe threat to our future. I am not a Republican, but the Dims are flying this plane into the ground. I don’t know what can save us from economic ruin, but we have a chance if we all work together as Americans. Out current level of debt has virtually dictated our kids will not be able to live the same lives we have enjoyed. Spending cuts are the only answer, and if we try that get ready for civil unrest. Socialism is a bigger issue than you can ever believe. We would all like for everyone to have great comforts in life, but that isn’t going to happen when all the weight is on one small group. Have to cut the free-loaders off, no free lunch. Watch the divide and conquer strategy of Barry and the boys. You don’t need a new light to make this clear for you, use your brain.

  79. Was going to see if I could pick one up at a store (one of those as seen on T.V. stores).. I ordered something once where it was buy one get one free and that alone should be illegal since the shipping and handling was as much as the full purchase price of buying another item.. I am glad I found this site.. I will NOT be buying any since it doesn’t appear that it delivers as advertised.. cost of batteries is high and this thing looks like it would suck them up in a storm.. Thanks for all the reviews.. can’t be wasting money on JUNK..

  80. I’m unhappy with the quality of the 5mm LEDs. I have two of these lanterns, on one more then half of the LED no longer work after the first week of using on the table by the pool and some of the LEDS are already flickering on the second lantern after only a few nights of usage for about 8 hours a time.

    I highly recommend the 4 D Coleman CPX Classic 4 D LED Lantern. I have 4 of these lanterns and friend also use them. I’ve had my 4 for over two years now and they are used very often and run all night from 7:00 PM to about 6:30 AM during power outages and they have proven to be very reliable with out fail.

    I ran run-time and performance test of the 4 D Coleman CPX Classic LED Lantern

 and the lantern ran on the low setting (100 Lumens) for 128 total hours on a fresh set of 4 D Sized CVS Alkaline Batteries… and though much dimmer then before the first 25 hours… the Lantern still was lighting up the whole bedroom (16x 20) enough to see across it. And I was still able to read black text on white paper by the light as far as 14 inches… and my eyes are not the best.

    I then tested the batteries after the 128 hours of run-time with my ZTS Battery Tester and the batteries where at 10 percent capacity. Coleman claims the lantern will burn for up to 122 hours in the low setting… my test shows it a little better then the 122 hours Coleman states. My guess is, I would still given at least a few more hours from this set of batteries before the LED’s output is barely more then a soft glow.

    • How much does this Coleman LED cost and where can I buy one. Thanks for your review. It really helped a lot.

    • George we appreciate your sharing all that you have done with these lights, lanterns and batteries…Your time and effort is appreciated and I’m sure you have saved folks lots of heartaches by warning them off of this SCAM!

      Thanks and God bless….William in Louisiana PS…I will be looking at the Coleman LED Site.

    • George: 98% of the time I just buy and regret later. This time I happened on a reply from someone who said thank you to George for referral — after reading your article t I AM SO GLAD I did not fall for the Old Brooklyn Lantern and thank you thank you for putting something out there I can buy in it’s stead.

    • I went and bought one of these Colman’s at Walmart and I love it. I bought an extra rechargeable battery for extra measure too, it was more than the Colman but at least I know I have it and it will work for a long time to come. It worked lovely after that power outage here in Maryland in June.

  81. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it’s probably a duck ! This is a tiny plastic toy intended to separate you from your hard earned money. Skip it ………. it’s junk.

  82. Thanks for the reviews that had the battery information, and to C Wiliams for the security note. ankh_mm mentioned Amazon, and over there I found a 15-LED lantern which takes 2 D batteries; that seems more likely to last you through a weekend than 3 AAs. It’s $10, and even the most negative review admitted it was worth the money. At least one reviewer mentioned free shipping. (It’s eligible for Amazon Prime) At 9″ high its a bit smaller than your traditional railroad lantern.


  83. I live in NC and very prone to power outages during hurricanes or tropical storms. This would be ideal for such instances, but after reading some of the reviews, I’ll have to pass on this one.

  84. Thanks to everyone who submitted a reply. Money is tight these days. Too good to be true, in most cases, is just that! Thumbs Up!!

  85. Was going to order these from web. Immediately noticed that there was NO “S” on the HTTP address. It would seem that it is not secure for using a credit card under these circumstances. Other reviews relate issues to quality etc.

    Guess I’ll pass up on this one, mostly because of website security issues.

  86. I just ordered one Olde Brooklyn Lantern, I liked the way it looked and was not necessarily concerned about the lantern lasting 100,000 hours. By looking at the reviews I am thinking I made a monumental mistake. The phone process was beyond annoying and took 12 minutes. Since it was automated there was no way to fast forward through, I had to listen to each sales pitch twice as they ramped up the sales pitch after you decline. I better not be charged twice for my order of 1 lamp or I will be going after them for fraud.

    • I made the mistake of ordering one of these junk items as well, and after going online, found out more about it. Since I cannot contact them to cancel the order, I ended up having to cancel my credit card number before they post the transaction and have a new card issued. Better stick to lamps fueled with ultra-pure oil, folks — you would be surprised how long they last and how economical they are!

  87. Glad I read the reviews before doing some early Christmas shopping! Sounds like another “too good to be true” product. No thanks!

  88. My main concern with this product is there is no disclosure as to how the lantern is powered!

    If it requires batteries, what size, how many & how long would the batteries last?

  89. Why would anyone buy this Chinese junk? And its funny how they try to give the impression that it lasts 100,000 hours. What they mean is that the bulbs will last that long, not the batteries. Stay away!

    • not only do they fail to state how long the batteries last, there is ZERO assurance that the LEDs will last 100,000 hours. LED fixtures are mostly scams. I bought a $100 LED lamp a number of years ago, and it has 4 banks of 4 LEDs. I started using it regularly about 6 months ago and only one bank is now active, and there not seem to be ANY way that it can be serviced or repaired.

      Save your money; if you are curious and must try, buy the cheapest ones you can find, and count of a very short life cycle.
      The other scam… double the order for “just” shipping and handling.” product… $5…. S&H…. $15

  90. I am glad that I read some of these reviews before I attempted to try to order these lamps. Seems that the company is very unreliable and hard to work with…will not try.


    • It is a very difficult company to work with. I ordered something else from them and got the automated service, and I was not sure if I entered one order or two. I finally got a rep., but she could not help me as she claimed she could not access the information I needed. I then tried to order through a rep., but he was very rude and would not accept the internet offer but insisted on the phone offer. I eventually got two orders and had to send one back. Also my wife wonder how the lantern was powered, which information could not be found anywhere.

  91. Saw the Olde Brooklyn Lantern ad on TV and called the number. Only an automated response. The ad said you could get 2 lanterns for the price of one, $12.95, and there was free shipping. The offer was not on the automated phone number. Then went to the website and called their customer service number, to which the person on the other end told me that they were some other company, not the lanterns!! Glad I came on here and read some of the reviews. I’m not buying any!!!

  92. Yea the reviews are true. Everyone wrote by the salesman are accurate.

    The lantern works, it allows my cat to see across the room when all the other lights are turned out.

    The LED’s are fantastic.. they last UP TO 100,000 hours… they may only last 20 hours, and I’m not sure what to do if they last longer then 100,000 hours. Do I have to send them back? Will they charge me for lasting longer then they may?

    Ohh.. the batteries last about 5 hours… which is about 4 hours longer then the metal plating on the plastic.

    • Thank you for your deliciously sarcastic review. I live at the Jersey Shore and we get some pretty wicked storms causing power outages. I thought, This is perfect, just what we need.” Thanks for advising me otherwise.

  93. I am sure glad I took the time to check these lanterns out, won’t be buying. False representation, beware, don’t throw your money away!!

  94. I made a single order of three Olde Brooklyn Lanterns last April and have not received them yet. Not only that, my credit card billing shows i have been billed twice!

    • When the order comes, don’t open it and send it back “refused.” If they charge you and don’t refund your money, that is another issue you might work out with your card company. It might take a couple of weeks for the refund to show up.

      • Jeane, and others who have bought this lantern, the phone number to Telebrands Customer Service is 1.800.777.4034. Initially it will put you into a voice activated telecommunication program, however if you verbally refuse to give the information asked for, the system will put you in touch with a real person from customer service.

        Sadly, I ordered these lanterns. I bought one, plus the one that was supposed to be free except for shipping. Heh, my bill ended up being $53. Guess what, that 3 – 5 day expedited shipping is a joke as well, because here I am 9 days later, and no lanterns. When I called them to find out why my lanterns weren’t here, the woman on the phone admitted that they don’t actually have ANY lanterns in stock to ship. She also admitted that these lanterns can now be purchased at Walmart. The customer service is just awful with Telebrands, this is the first AND last time I will ever order anything from them.

        Good luck everyone!

        (Points upward to the phone number and encourages those that have ordered to cancel)

  95. It’s too good to be true. It requires 3 AAA batteries. Saw some reviews on Amazon dot com and apparently the batteries don’t last very long and the light is weak. Glad I didn’t purchase any.

  96. I have nothing good or bad to say about the Olde Brooklyn Lantern, because twice I went to their official website and placed orders. Got the confirmation of my order and printed them. Both times, when I checked the status of the orders, no information was available so I called the Customer Service and they couldn’t find it either. They need to fix their website links. I had ordered $122.00 worth of their products that I will NOT reorder again.

  97. How many batteries does the olde Brooklyn Lamp use to work? Is this a good quality product or is it a cheap tinny lamp? Are there any recalls? I would like to order but not until I am satisfied about the good reviews of the lamp, I am seeing scam! I can find no reviews! Is the lamp a product supplied by teleview brand?

    Thank you,
    Donald S. Cagle

  98. I can’t find out if Olde Brooklyn Lantern needs batteries also. You can’t talk to a live person on the phone. I got a headlight that had LED lights and needed batteries also although it never mentioned that in the ad. Please let me know. Thanks

  99. Review Olde Brooklyn Lantern

    Does the Olde Brooklyn Lantern resemble antique lanterns with classic Brooklyn design?

    Is it durable?

    Do the LED lights last for a long time?

    • It is quite durable as long as you leave it in the box and never use it. It is a cheap piece of Communist Chinese junk. DO NOT send your hard-earned money to these scam artists!!

    • I ordered 4 and they sent me 8! I returned them and called to find out when I would see my refund. They tried to give me back the sale price and no shipping. When I argued that I wanted full price they finally agreed to refund the full price and the shipping.

      Like one other person said, you can’t order online and they harass on the phone to buy more and more stuff!!! Never again!!!

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