No Slip Mat

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Who doesn’t love to have a warm soak in the bath after a hard day’s work? It’s extremely relaxing and rejuvenating, after all. But did you know that over 8 million accidents of slips and falls happen in America and they can be quite dangerous as well. In fact they are known to be the biggest slip and fall hazard area in homes. But that won’t be the case if you have the revolutionary No Slip Mat at home. No Slip Mat will ensure that you won’t be slipping and falling and putting yourself at risk anymore.

How does No Slip Mat Work

With No Slip Mat in your bath you will stop slipping and start gripping, right from the word go. It’s made from durable polyelastomer, which makes it a path breaking no slip and non slide mat you can find. Another thing you should know is that your regular mats tend to accumulate mould and mildew, which can have a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of your loved ones. But No Slip Mat is mould resistant, which makes it safe for use at home. What’s more, No Slip Mat is also non abrasive and thus won’t affect the finish of your bath tub.

No Slip Mat attaches to your bath tub with the help of the powerbond peel and stick adhesive system. It ensures that the mat doesn’t move as long as you want it to. But when you want to remove it for some reason it will lift away easily. No Slip Mat, doesn’t leave any adhesive behind either, which is an advantage. It has shown proven results in tests and received highest ratings for non slip traction and importantly the grip only gets better when wet. No Slip Mat is also available in bright digitally printed graphics to add a sleek look to your bath.




What do I get?
Select from:

  • No Slip Mat Clear. Price $19.95 + P&H
  • No Slip Mat White. Price $19.95 + P&H
  • No Slip Mat Tan. Price $19.95 + P&H
  • No Slip Mat Zebra. Price $24.95+ P&H
  • No Slip Mat Cheetah. Price $24.95+ P&H

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