Niteshine Review

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About Niteshine

Niteshine maintains to be a solar powered Mason Jar with four ultra bright LEDs to provide accent lighting to your garden, lawn, patio or deck. Niteshine asserts that it has a convenient ON/OFF lid design and needs no electricity or battery to work. Niteshine states that it can be hung or just placed on a flat surface to provide bright light. Niteshine assures to be resistant to most weather conditions.

How does it work

The solar-powered Mason jar Niteshine claims that it has a high efficiency solar panel that provides warm light to the four LEDs and gives a run time of 8 hours. You just need to place Niteshine in direct sunlight for a full daytime and once charged, turn it on with a simple flip of a switch. Then hang the Niteshine Mason jar with the hook provided with it or place it on a flat surface to get light.

Fireflies in a jar all over again

If you miss the old days of fireflies in a jar or want a rustic feel in your yard without the hassle of electric cords or batteries, then Niteshine convinces to be the right thing for you. Niteshine alleges to be a solar-powered Mason jar that provides instant accent lighting to any area you need. Niteshine proclaims to have four bright white LEDs that can be powered by the solar panel in the unit and switched on with a convenient ON/OFF lid.

Accent lighting for your home or yard

Niteshine guarantees to let you light up your home or give you the kind of light you need in your garden, deck, lawn or patio. It claims that with a simple flip of the switch you can turn the lamp on. Niteshine emphasizes that you can simply place it on the floor or a table or hang it up with the hook to get instant warm light the eco-friendly way. Niteshine maintains to have a decorative design that makes it an ideal piece for weddings, parties or even just spending long summer nights on the deck or in your lawn. The lamp claims to let you customize the look and feel of the jar by placing the LEDs on top shooting down. A full day’s charge in direct sunlight asserts to give 8 hours of run time saving your energy and money. Niteshine promises to be ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use as it is resistant to most weather conditions. Niteshine claims to have an automatic light sensor that turns on when dusk falls and switches off at dawn so that you do not have to worry about wastage even if you forget to switch the lamp off.

What do I get?

You get Niteshine single pack for $29.99 plus $3.99 P&H.Official website

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