Nerd Atomic Clock

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What is Nerd Atomic Clock:

It is an alarm clock that claims to set itself so that you are always on time.
Nerd Atomic Clock promises to help you stay on top of things day in and day out because you will always be on time. If you have to be up early for a work project, presentation or just another day for that matter, you know setting your alarm is of great importance. But how often have we forgotten to do that or borne the brunt of a less than accurate alarm system. Nerd Atomic Clock maintains that it will never happen again.

Nerd Atomic Clock synchronises with US Atomic clock

If you have set an alarm clock before and struggled because it isn’t accurate, then you would understand the importance of one that sets itself. That’s one of the highlights of Nerd Atomic Clock, which claims to synchronize itself with the US Atomic clock every night. As a result Nerd Atomic Clock ensures that you have accurate time, right down to the second, according to its claims. It only means you won’t ever be late to wake up for big important days in your life.


Nerd Atomic Clock is packed with features for you

How often have you looked around different clocks and watches in the house to know the right time? When you have Nerd Atomic Clock that offers you precise time, you don’t have to look elsewhere. You don’t have to contend with flashing clocks after a power outage either. Nerd Atomic Clock emphasizes on the fact that it has several other features for your benefit. For starters, it can track day, date and temperature, which is just what you might need on a particular day.

Nerd Atomic Clock is convenient for travel

Nerd Atomic Clock is pocket sized and hence you can take it with you wherever you go and make sure you are always on time. The alarm clock also asserts that it can adjust to different time zones and you won’t have to worry about setting times when travelling.


What Do I Get?

  • You can get Two Nerd Atomic Clock today for just $10 plus $13.98.
  • Official website:
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