My Foldaway Mirror REVIEW

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About My Foldaway Mirror

My Foldaway Mirror states to be a double sided vanity mirror. The two sided mirror asserts to be integrated with super bright LED lights. It claims to be perfect for makeup, tweezing, contacts and more. It declares to feature 10 times powerful magnification on one side and a full face 1X mirror on the other. At this point of time there are no My Foldaway Mirror reviews to verify this claim.


My Foldaway Mirror CLAIMS

The full-frame distortion free glass guarantees to give a pristine reflection. The LED lights of My Foldaway Mirror emphasizes to give visual comfort. The LED lights are rated and promises to last for 30,000 hours. Easy to use My Foldaway Mirror alleges to swiftly rotate from one side to other. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the product is reviewed.

My Foldaway Mirror proclaims to be foldable, lightweight and compact in size. Smartly designed My Foldaway Mirror maintains to extend to a full 13” high. My Foldaway Mirror convinces to be portable and comes with built in organizer for accessories. It maintains to be a comprehensive beauty bar especially when on is on the go. Sounds too fanciful, My Foldaway Mirror reviews will expose it soon.

My Foldaway Mirror Review

Ella Jefferson in her My Foldaway Mirror review says the mirror is decent and ordinary. The magnification side is perfect but on turning to the normal viewing side it tilts backward as per her My Foldaway Mirror review. It would have been effective if the design and built would allow viewing at comfortable an angle she mentions.

Patricia Glover who used My Foldaway Mirror states in her review that the lighting is very dim and mirror itself is bulky. Patricia would prefer basic magnifying mirror while traveling she mentions in her My Foldaway Mirror review.

Minnie Obrien in her My Foldaway Mirror review is highly impressed with the mirror. Size, magnification, and lighting has worked well to her taste. The storage for accessory is a fantastic value addition. The first mirror randomly quit working after 6 months but She immediately went for a new one, mentions Minnie in the My Foldaway Mirror review. The second one lasted only 2 months. Her My Foldaway Mirror review reveals the issue of flickering lights due to poor wiring and design.

The mirror lacks a good balance. Lindsay Knight in her My Foldaway Mirror review found it difficult to get the 1X side of mirror in a comfortable position. The functionality was good but with no carry case it is practically not capable of being portable. It does not stay close with ease as well.

Blanca Simon in her My Foldaway Mirror review states the mirror to be heavy. The weight can pinch while travelling on Airlines. She reveals the bulky nature of My Foldaway Mirror as an issue in her review even when travelling on road.

The 10X mirror is too strong and not compatible says Doreen Thompson in her My Foldaway Mirror review who also wears bifocals. The mirror is not appropriate if one has to do full makeup. It is decent for tweezing eyebrows, doing eye makeup and that’s it she states in her My Foldaway Mirror review.

Cassandra Carpenter who used My Foldaway Mirror says LED lights are infective and fail overtime. The foldable characteristic affects the wires inside. Cassandra mentions it is a good concept with bad design and execution flaw.

The mirror could have been built better claims Stacy Byrd in her My Foldaway Mirror review. The swivel is not swift. It is not advisable to carry the mirror in air travel due to its weight.

Victoria Castro in her My Foldaway Mirror review reveals it to be a well-lit mirror but the light brightness may be overwhelming for many. The plastic body is ordinary and on folding the mirror is on the outside and can be easily damaged.

Jody French eagerly waited for My Foldaway Mirror but to her disappointment the mirror would not balance comfortably she states in her review. The mirror would not properly adjust either on the ultra-magnifying side or normal side. The steady balance and comfort required while doing close make-up using magnifier mirror was an issue according to Jody’s My Foldaway Mirror review.

Annie Cook found the LED to be very sharp and bright she mentions in her My Foldaway Mirror review. The accessory storage is a smart asset but she still would prefer the traditional make-up mirror.

Gretchen Bass complains She is highly disappointed in her My Foldaway Mirror review. The magnifying side is not effective as one has to get close to it and be in discomfort. The built is cheap reveals the My Foldaway Mirror review. Gretchen also found the mirror to have disoriented from its place and has dropped down over the light.

My Foldaway Mirror Questions and Answers

Q. What are the exact mirror dimensions of My Foldaway Mirror?
A. Answer: My Foldaway Mirror is 6 1/4 inches.

Q. How is the lighting intensity and ambience of My Foldaway Mirror?
Answer: The lighting is bright and there is no glare but traditional fluorescent is better than led for grooming.

Q. How tall is the My Foldaway Mirror when fully extended?
Answer: It is about 15 inches high. It stays sturdy and still for use even when not fully extended.

Q. How much does the My Foldaway Mirror weigh?
Answer: It is compact and lightweight for travel. I find it heavy to lift but my strength has decreased due to ALS. It is a full size mirror so one will at least have to balance it on one arm.

Q. Is there a travel case with the mirror?
Answer: My Foldaway Mirror does not come with any case.

Q. Do both sides of My Foldaway Mirror have LEDs?
Answer: Yes.

Q. What is material used to make the mirror?
Answer: My Foldaway Mirror is made of plastic.

Q. What type of lighting does My Foldaway Mirror have? What is the size when folded up? Is the size like that of a DVD player?
Answer: The LED emits fluorescent light like that of a tube light or natural sunlight. When folded, it is 4” thick and 9” diameter, thicker than a DVD player, but round.

Q. What type of mirrors does My Foldaway Mirror have?
Answer: Flat on the regular side. Slightly concave on magnified side.


What do I get?
Get 2 My Foldaway Mirrors for $19.95 + $6.95 S/h at the Official website:

13 thoughts on “My Foldaway Mirror REVIEW

  1. Certainly not worth it !!
    The mirror light is totally inadequate for any real purpose, and it is difficult to get it into a 10X position that will balance the unit. They only provide a 30 return policy, so if you do decide to purchase, check it out immediately !! I waited until an upcoming trip and now they say they will not return it, in spite of their advertising which specifically states brilliant LED lights.

  2. I bought this mirror at Dollar general for$20. One of the mirrors falls out, had a hard time getting the batteries in. Finally glued the mirror in myself. Would not recommend buying this. No adapter plug included, not worth the price.

    • I have bought 2 of them. First one not connected or fell out. The second one also fell out when on trip.
      I am assuming super glue is going to be my next option.
      Made poorly.

  3. Is anyone else wondering what the adapter area on my foldaway mirror is for mine did not come with an adapter it did come with a carrying case though

  4. I ordered my mirror on 9-26-17 and still have not received. Sent email, no response yet. Looking for an 800# or ANY phone # to call but can’t find one!!!!!

  5. Same here I ordered the mirror
    In July 28-17 they say allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
    So I send emails and got Blocked
    Yes I got scammed as well $29.99
    So best way check ✅ before we orders any online
    If we not want this too happen just great

    • Same here. Ordered on Sept. 15 and not received as of Oct. 29. Sent request but no response. Says it is backordered. BEWARE.

  6. Still waiting to receive Myfoldaway Mirror. The order form said, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery . Well, it’s been over 3 weeks !

    • I haven’t received mine either Kathy ! I ordered
      mine on July 17! I have sent several emails…. I am thinking I got scammed! Mine was also $29.99!

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