Montel’s Living Pure Heater Review

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You need to keep your home warm in the cold winter months for the comfort of your loved ones. However given the skyrocketing electricity bills we have to try and cut costs wherever we can. Regular heaters costs a fortune to run, which means keeping your house warm is not always a straightfoward option. But thanks to Living Pure heater, you will not have to compromise on the wellbeing and comfort of your family members ever again.

Montel’s Living Pure Heater

Living Pure heats up to 1000 square feet and costs only a few dollars every day to operate. Moreover you can also save $300 with the introductory pricing offer that’s just too hard to resist.

Living Pure has a temperature control that can be adjusted to ensure that any room heats up to the target temperature in a short time. It’s also a safe heating option for you as there are no fumes, flames or monoxide gases that come out. Living Pure produces consistent heat and there’s no fire hazard, making it safe for use with kids and pets around the house. Living Pure is multifaceted because it can do the job of air filtration so that you and your loved ones breathe fresh air without the nasty allergens.

Living Pure also purifies the air in your house with its air purification technology that comes with a PCO system that can remove offensive odors from your house. The 4-in-1 product does one more task for you; with its built in humidifier it moistens the air that it produces unlike other heaters that dry the air. Living Pure also helps conserve energy as you can turn down the thermostat whenever you want. Thus it saves you costs on energy bills every month.

Living Pure makes the most of its variable frequency technology so that it won’t switch off and on repeatedly, much to your delight. It also enhances the working life of your unit. Living Pure is very easy to use and has a LCD screen that keeps you in charge of temperature controls with the help of pressure sensitive buttons or the remote control.

It’s functioning is also whisper quiet and won’t cause you any disturbance. You can get Living Pure in wood grain or black finishes, going with the look of your house. Importantly Living Pure has a safety certification; you get a one year warranty and are also offer a 60 day risk free trial, which will put your mind at rest about the quality of the product that’s meant to spread warmth around your house.



What do I get?
You can buy Living Pure heater for $399.95 plus shipping and handling fees at



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13 thoughts on “Montel’s Living Pure Heater Review

  1. I am now looking to order a third replacement power switch for my Living Pure Series 9000 and trying to find out why. I need the humidifier feature with the heater but don’t want too much heat while I’m sleeping. THis machine doesn’t want to humidify at 60 degrees. Not sure how the power switch problem has anything to do with the humidity problem, but I am tired of replacing the switch when it still doesn’t do the whole job. Its not worthy of its cost overall.

  2. I bought this heater from and I am very pleased. It saved me money on my electric bill. It broke after 2 years and I called them and they said send it back and we will fix for free but I had to pay $30.00 to ship to them. In return they sent be a brand new one and they paid for the shipping to sen i back to me. I love my heater.

  3. My Living Pure heater just almost burnt my house down I want to call the manufacturer but there seems to be no way to reach them . I came home from going to the store to a smell of burning plastic and found the top of the heater melted. Up until now it has worked fine for over a year now but this has changed everything as far as I’m concerned about these types of heaters feel free to contact me.

  4. We purchased Living Pure last winter. In Florida, the heating systems in the home do not work. We prayed for the heater to turn off because it was so cold. Our home is an open floor plan and the Living Pure heats over two thirds of our house. The home heater hardly ever turns on. I used to walk into our bedroom and feel at least a ten degree drop. More insulation in the attic did not help. It also is wonderful to turn on the humidifier. Ones skin does not become dry. Our electricity bill drops drastically in the winter now. If only it could cool the house too. Electricity is very expensive in Jacksonville. We are now saving to buy another Living Pure since our son is ill and my spouse is a disabled veteran. Thank you Living Pure.

  5. Do not buy this heater it doesn’t do what the commercial says it will do. Living Pure will not help you in anyway. They collect your money for their product and forget about you “The Customer”.

  6. I received one with no remote or instructions have been writing on Montel’s Facebook no response wrote to L.P.H.

    no response I wont return without R.A.# every body should write on Montel’s Facebook. Lets start a class action suit. Think about it
    I will keep writing till I get my money back. Thank You

  7. I bought one and I really, it was the worst decision I’ve made since I agreed to a divorce twenty years ago. I have moved the heater to every room in the house to see where it would be the most effective, and I finally found a room that finally got comfortable in about forty minutes; my eight by eight guest bathroom. Don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t spend much time in a guest bathroom and should I ever have guests over, I would prefer that they do not too much time in there…The best I’ve gotten out of this system is when I crank up my house heater and stand directly in front of the Living Pure Heater, not practical. As far as costing a $1.00 a day? I’m no engineer but but 1000 watts pushing it’s limit (which is supposed to 90 degree setting) my power bill when from pre living pure at $229.00 to it’s last chance a month later at $443.00…Is it worth it? NO. Does it really cut down on your power bill? Maybe yes, if you completely turn off your heat pump, put on your thickest clothes and cover yourself with gortex and sit in the freezing cold and only admire the nice sleek design of your new Living pure heater. Bottom line: I should of stayed married, at least she would of kept me warmer.

  8. Why have you not put some heaters in every day person’s homes so they could write a few reviews for us to look at? Living in a mobile home, which can go up in smoke in a matter of minutes, I am interested in the safety of this heater. But, I cannot spend almost $400 (on Social Security) for something that MAY help my electric expenses, MAY heat my home while helping my skin, but MAY burn my home down while I am asleep. I depend on reviews to help make decisions on new products and so far I am still leaning towards purchasing the Amish heater. It is half the price and lovely to look at. I will check back here in a few days to see if any one, other than your paid reviewers, has posted any comments.

    • Buy the EDEN PURE/HUMIDIFIER. It’s costly but works fine in my large master bedroom. Plus it heats my adjoining master bath.

    • I would not recommend this Montel Living Pure unit to anyone. It’s a piece of junk. Buy the EDEN PURE HEATERS.I made the mistake of ordering it to replace my EDEN PURE HEATER, which does not have the humidifier. Big mistake. I notice after paying $374.00 for this piece of junk. That it sells cheaper than I paid. I sent this junk back cost me $69.00. It was received 2-28-2012. I’m still waiting for my refund.

    • Infomercials such as “as seen on TV” claim to sell reliable and high quality products but in reality most of these products like Montel’s Living Pure Heater are a complete rip off and a big scam.

      By simply reading the reviews from the internet it is difficult to tell whether the review regarding Montel’s Living Pure Heater is genuine or fake. A review claiming that Montel’s Living Pure Heater is the best heater ever is probably a fake one. The fake reviews are created because manufacturers and their associates pay the site owners a hefty amount for writing great reviews on their products.

      The order now tabs on the website compel you to buy the product and once your order is placed there is no tab to cancel the product. Therefore you are left with the product and if you want to return it you still have to pay shipping charges one way. These products should never be bought online or over the phone. Also there is a big possibility of these sites passing on your personal information to telemarketers.

      Montel’s Living Pure Heater is a big rip off. It is much more reliable to buy products like Montel’s Living Pure Heater from stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath and Beyond etc where these products are sold at a lesser price than what you get online or on TV infomercials.

  9. Review Living Pure and help spread the Truth about Living Pure

    Does Living Pure heat up your rooms effectively?

    Does Living Pure save you costs on energy bills every month?

    Does Living Pure work as a humidifier and for air filtration as well?

    Does Living Pure work quietly, without any disturbance to you?

    Is it easy to manage the temperature controls with Living Pure?

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