JML Miracle Flame Candles

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Perfect Ambience

If you want to create the perfect ambience for a special occasion then Miracle Flame candles is what you need. These authentic-looking battery-powered candles look and feel just like the real thing; they’re made with wax and have a special flickering flame effect that shifts and moves with the draught, just like a real flame would.

No Risk Candles

Miracle Flame candles claims that there’s no risk of smoke, burning, spilling wax, or them melting down because there’s no fire or hot wax used. The Miracle Flame candles have bright LED lights that create the perfect natural-light atmosphere of candlelight anywhere inside and outside your home. You will enjoy the real looking candle light without worrying about fire or wax ruining your surface. Their LED bulb never gets hot and is safe to use around children too.

Miracle Features

Miracle Flame candles is a authentic-looking battery-powered candle it is made with real wax which gives it a natural look and its bright LED lights are perfect to create a light mood for a perfect occasion be it a romantic dinner or a family get together. No risk of fire or burning and there is no hassle of dripping wax on your favorite mats or tables. Miracle flame can be used outside and you can enjoy the lovely breeze without worrying of your candles being put off. Miracle Flame candles can make those special moments extra special for your loved ones. Great to Gift


Miracle Flame candles include 2 candles one large H12.5cm x ø7.5cm candle and a short H7.5cm x ø7.5cm candle. This could be an excellent gift if you are visiting someone.


What do I get?
Includes 2 candles – large and small. Price: £19.99

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