Mighty Light As Seen On TV Review

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Are you scared of the dark? Is visiting the bathroom at night, a nightmare? Would you like to make your home a friendlier place to live in? You need to get the amazing Mighty Light! Mighty Light will make your home a more child friendly and pet friendly place!


Mighty Light As Seen On TV
Mighty Light is the high powered LED light that will make your life simpler! The secret behind Mighty Light is its efficient and powerful sensor system; it has photo sensors for detection of darkness and motion sensors to detect someone’s presence within its vicinity. Mighty Light provides an incredible 30,000 hours of light! It is very easy to install; you don’t need to damage the walls, fix untidy wires, attach switches or call the electrician.

All you have to do is just peel and stick the base wherever you need it and then simply slide in the light. Mighty Light works effectively whenever you need it and wherever you need it! Mighty Light is perfect during power outages and is a comfort and added security for you and your family. Keep a Mighty Light near your pet’s feeding area, they will be able to drink water from their water bowl even when the lights of the house are switched off; keep one in your medicine cabinet and not only avoid accidents, but also respond quickly during emergencies.

Keep Mighty Light under the kitchen counters and bathroom counters for easy access. Place it on the gate for better security or outdoor patio space for added beauty, security and help when you are unlocking your door with the keys. Mighty Light is not only powerful, it is also energy efficient; it consumes just 1 watt power but guarantees nearly ten years of performance at the average rate of 8 hours of usage per day! You get to save your valuable time by making installation a breeze.

You also save precious money since it’s an energy saver; you save on high electricity bills, electrician bills and frequent light bulb changes. The eco friendly and multipurpose Mighty Light works well even during wet rainy days! Soon Mighty Light will be your only light of choice to add light, in your home, and even the usually dark corners!

Mighty Light FAQs

What are the color choices for Mighty Light?
Mighty Light is available in white and brown colors.

Is Mighty Light powered by batteries?
Yes, every Mighty Light works on 3 AA batteries to give you high powered LED brightness.

Can Mighty Light be removed from one place and moved to another?
Yes, removing Mighty Light from one wall and remounting it on another is ever so easy.

How should Mighty Light be mounted?
Mighty Light can either be screwed onto the wall or you can simply peel and Velcro it.

Is Mighty Light powerful?
Mighty Light works on LED technology and the sensor in it can detect darkness and a built-in switch detects motion. These two features combine to make Mighty Light shine to its brilliance automatically.



What do I get?
You get 4 Mighty Lights for just $19.99 plus $13.90 s/h. Mighty Light is available in Brown and White. This offer is not in stores. Official website www.BuyMightyLight.com

Customer Service/Order Status
Mighty Light | P.O. Box 13184 Bridgeport, CT. 06673 | mightylight@myorderstats.com | 203-306-5762 |



Mighty Light As Seen On TV Video


9 thoughts on “Mighty Light As Seen On TV Review

  1. These lights are completely useless. I ordered some to light my dark closets, but the amount of light they give off is so minimal it’s ridiculous. I’m gonna return them tomorrow and I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed that I get a refund. (If not, I’ll report them to the CA attorney general’s office — I’ve done that before and have gotten results). DO NOT BUY THESE BOGUS LIGHTS!!!!

    • Agreed, Mighty Lights are useless. They worked for the first 1 month then nothing. No light at all. Their money back guarantee is only for 30 days. Yet their claim is: “Mighty Light is brilliantly powerful and is guaranteed to last 30,000 hours (more than 10 years at the rate of 8 hours of usage a day.”

      Bottom line here is: Filing a complaint with ConsumerReports and hopefully this product will end up in the ConsumerReports Magazine as an Alert of what NOT to BUY.

      Beware. 1 Tip I have for all, is before you buy a product do an internet search for the product your interested in and add the word “complaint”.

  2. Do both the sensors have to work in tandem for the lights to get switched on?

    Can the movement of insect and animal pests also trigger it on?

    Can a stiff breeze trigger it on?

    What is the output of the light?

    What color light does it emit?

    What is the range of its motion sensors?

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