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It’s worrying to find neighbourhoods that were once considered to be completely safe have been subjected to crimes that were once unheard of. You want to make sure your loved ones at home are protected at all times. It’s also about your precious belongings at home after all. However you might not want to spend huge amounts on security systems for your home. That’s why MAX Secure claims to offer you a full proof solution at reasonable costs. MAX Secure promises to give you much needed peace of mind about the security of your home.

Brought to you by experts
MAX Secure is a name people have come to trust when it comes to home security systems. And now they have brought MAX Secure, which costs you less than $20. These are not recurring costs for you but one time investment that will bring you long term results.

Getting started
MAX Secure doesn’t require professional help or long hours to install. It can be done in a matter of minutes yourself. You won’t even have the need for additional tools etc. To get started with the MAX Secure you simply set the code and the job is done. You can rest easy when you are away or sleep peacefully at nights knowing your home is safe.

Loud and clear signal in case of break-ins
If anyone tries to break into your house, the MAX Secure will give out a 110 decibels alarm signal. This is ear piercing sound that will be heard loud and clear and it’s often enough to detract those who are trying to break into your house. Not only will it wake you up but will get the attention of your neighbours as well.

MAX Secure also has a 10 second delay feature, which gives you the option of deactivating it before it goes off. Thus it claims to keep you on top of things at all times.

Several applications around the house
This alarm can be used for your front door, back door or the side door. You can also use MAX Secure with the garage door, campers and RVs to keep them secure too. The panic button it has means alarm can be sounded before the break-in to keep your mind at rest.

What’s Included in your Order

  • 1 MAX Secure Door Alert
  • 3 MAX Secure Window Alert

All this for just $19.99 Official website

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