Magnet Mesh

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Equip your home with unfailing protection right at your doorstep by installing Magnet Mesh, a hands-free screen door at your entrance. Magnet Mesh is a revolutionary instant hands-free screen door simply makes life better and safer by restricting the entry of undesirable elements like bugs from outside into your home while keeping cool, fresh air inside on account of the smart magnetic screening at your door.

How does Magnet Mesh Work

Magnet Mesh is powered with twenty powerful magnets, which help the door self-secure marvelously and let you relax as it really keeps troubles strictly out of your house and ensures healthy atmosphere inside. It is the perfect thing to have in summer and warm weather days. It keeps fresh air stay inside and keeps pests and bugs from outside at bay as it opens and closes efficiently just the way you want without taking any extra trouble.

Magnet Mesh is a great thing to have at home as it converts your door into a hands-free screen door that opens easily and closes itself behind you. The technology used in this screen door is of great help especially if your hands are full or if someone leaves the door open. The magnet used in the screen door will protect your house dependably without you having to do anything extra.

Using and assembling Magnet Mesh is really easy. It can be installed and made active without any tool or the help of a technician. Being flexible and adaptive, it fits easily into single doors, sliding doors, RV’s and several other types. You can even use it by hanging it at heights and also on various sized doors it can be adjusted to fit on. It does not hamper movements as even pets can easily enter and go out as they wish. It works round the clock throughout seasons and creates a pleasant environment at home. What’s more, it is also foldable, so offers easy storage at the end of the summer season.



What do I get?

  • 2 Magnet Mesh Screens

All this for $17.95 + P. & H. Official website



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