Magna Screen

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What is Magna Screen?

It is a protective screen with magnet clasps that is put up at the entrance to allow fresh air in and keep insects out. It functions like curtains that open and close automatically so you don’t have to use it manually.

Welcome pure, fresh air inside

If you are exasperated with the presence of bugs and lack of fresh air inside your home, try Magna Screen. It is an innovatively constructed screen with a delicate texture but durable make that claims it works like a curtain without coming in your way. You can pass through Magna Screen easily without having to move it aside manually. Even if both your hands happen to be occupied with a child in arms or some belongings, you can still see across and pass through the screen without having to touch it. It closes automatically right behind you the moment you pass through, so you don’t have to bother closing it after you. It promises to make your environment healthy, fresh and bug-free by allowing only clean air inside without having to worry about pests, lizards or anything creeping inside, which can be quite risky for you and your family.


The secret- magnet clasp

You may not realize this, but insects need just a few seconds to barge into your house. It may happen when you enter or exit your home and can’t close your door immediately, or simply keep it open to enjoy a whiff of fresh hair. However, this moment is usually the point when the damage is done. Magna Screen promises that it won’t happen if you install it as it features a magnet clasp that ensures the screen closes instantly behind you. It opens and closes in a flash so only fresh air passes through while the bugs stay strictly out.


Easy to install

The creators of Magna Screen state that it’s simple and easy to install it. All you have to do to fix it is attach its hook and loop, stick it over the door frame and watch the magnets close mesh right away. The screen fits single and sliding doors easily. It can also be used in parties and also seems ideal for campers and RVs.

Long-lasting, dependable and compact

Magna Screen is constructed from durable material and promises to last many years without any hassles. The screen is great for children as they can pass through it easily as easily as you can. Your pets will also find passage easy and won’t end up scratching or damaging it in any way, which they tend to do with normal doors. It is also compact and foldable, which assures easy storage and total convenience.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Two Magna Screen that includes 2 panels for $14.95+ $13.9 S&H.
  • Official website:
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