Magic Vent Window Ventilator

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Keep unwanted things out of the window
The makers of Magic Vent Window Ventilator promise ‘the smart, new way’ to keep your indoors fresh and clean by letting air in through the window and unwanted things out. Magic Vent Window Ventilator, according to the makers, is the perfect shield that keeps out bugs, dust and other allergens that easily pass through a normal screen. With this window ventilator, you can say goodbye to everything that causes health problems and trouble.

Rescues you from unexpected mess
There are times when rains lash or storms roll in, ruining your home and creating a whole lot of mess inside. If you happen to be out, your floors, sills and curtains may get wet. But if you slide Magic Vent Window Ventilator open to fit your window, your problems supposedly will be solved. It’s claimed that the ventilator keeps dust, wind and rain out and bars bugs from entering your home.

Ensures healthy living
Magic Vent Window Ventilator manufacturers show the link between good health and installing it in your home. According to them, it allows fresh air in but no bugs, allergens and dust, which isn’t possible with other fixtures. It also offers you complete privacy when your windows are open.

Easy and quick to install
You are also told how easy it is to get Magic Vent Window Ventilator fixed without any tools. It is weatherproof and designed to be dependable for year of use. Since it extends up to 10″ high, from 21″- 37″ wide it can fit any window irrespective of its size. It is promoted as the best bet to keep your spaces clean, healthy and free of undesirable elements.

  • Buy Two Magic Vent Window Ventilator for $14.95 plus $15.9 P&H

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