Magic Mesh Review

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On a warm day, it is great to open out your doors and let the fresh, cool air in. However, bugs can get in too, ruining it for you. Magic Mesh is the answer. It is a new type of screen door that opens easily and magically closes itself behind you. Magic Mesh works great when you have your hands full or if you have a family member who never remembers to shut the door. You can keep fresh air in and annoying bugs out.



How does Magic Mesh work?
The magic lies in magnets. The Magic Mesh has 18 magnets that snap back together automatically once separated. This keeps bugs out. It works wonders if you have a pet. Instead of having a pet that whines outside the door or scratches it, the Magic Mesh allows entry and exit easily at anytime.

There is more. No more slamming doors because Magic Mesh closes gently every time. It installs like a breeze. No tools are required. No nails or screws are needed either. It installs in seconds and stays on for long no matter how many times it is opened and shut.

Use it when the weather is warm and save on air conditioning, and store it easily when the weather turns chilly.

Do you have kids that push on your screen door, or family members that have run into your screen door and stretch it out? Magic Mesh is one of that TV Shopping Products that are simple, yet brilliant concepts that addresses that issue. As the packaging indicates, it is a hands-free screen door. It is supposed to be able to install in seconds, and allow for easy walk-through. How many times we walk to the patio with a plate of uncooked meat and another plate of veggies looking for somewhere to set something down to get through the screen door.

As it claims, Magic Mesh is extremely easy to install. Included with the package are a set of Velcro strips as well as thumb tacks. It takes 4 minutes of installation time and super quality Velcro effect.

The netting on this TV Shopping Product was higher quality than expected. It is not flimsy mesh, but actually constructed of good material. One might wonder about the quality of the magnets to “magically close” the screen. The high quality magnets are quite amazing!

The product works impressively on quality, service and functional facilitation. With very little effort, Magic Mesh separates to allow you to pass through and snaps together quickly without bunching up. Just for a test on appropriate audience, a random kid-test was done. The kid was somewhat confused at this new door, but then pushed against the Mesh. As the magnets separated, he realized that he could push through and get out to the patio. The mesh clicked back together and he wanted to try it again. Similar was the case with pet dogs and cats. It was much of a game for them and an ease on the screen door damages as the pathway is safe and accustomed to make entry and exit smooth.

Magic Mesh works great for:

  • Single doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Campers and RVs
  • Pets

Magic Mesh Feature

  • Installs easily – no tools, no nails, no screws.
  • Opens instantly and snaps closed magically with 18 strategically placed magnets
  • Lets fresh air in
  • Keeps bugs out




What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get 2 Magic Mesh for just $19.95 + $15.90 shipping and handling. Official website Offer.


Magic Mesh Video


543 thoughts on “Magic Mesh Review

  1. I love my magic mesh door screen !
    I used outdoor Velcro and it works like a charm !
    I’m so happy I got one, now I can
    open my back door at night and not let bugs or bats in ! Finally piece of mind ! I love this thing it’s so
    Awesome !!!!!

  2. I bought a improved magic mesh for a standard door. First off it is easy to install or get ready to install but was missing an adheisive strip. Secondly after only having this up for 2 weeks little threads started coming apart on the binding where magnets are attached, so it is a constant battle cutting those off. This area is shredding. I will not buy another one as Im still having issues with the bugs getting in, I think Ill just get a screen door

  3. So many eople paid good money for this item that just doesn’t seem to work I wonder how much the distributor has made from this junky item. Thank you for all the negative reviews. I live in Missouri, and the winds get ferociouos here sometimes [in fact, most of the time] so I guess it just would not be worth getting it. Thanks once again.

  4. the Magic Magnetic screen door is wonderful on spring nights. the only problem I have is during the winter some of the magnets and casings came off and I can’t find them. if any one knows where I can purchase more please let me know.

  5. The concept is awesome the product (materials) are cheap. I have purchased several in the last two years and none have lasted more than a week. Given the fact that every day I am putting the magnets back together as they continue to fall off the mesh I am looking for an alternative.

  6. The ones that speak about how poor the design is has hit the nail on the head. The plastic housing for the magnate is so poorly constructed that if you tried to use it like they mention on TV, it won’t last two weeks. I wouldn’t waste your money on this. Until they greatly improve the construction of the mesh and magnates, I wouldn’t waste my money on it. If you need it to work for a few weeks or even one party, then this will work perfectly for you. I hope people read this before buying online. Just go to big lots and just pay 5, then it’s worth the loss at the end. Good luck all.

  7. The first time I installed one it worked well and sustained heavy pet traffic for three seasons. Unfortunately, this September I replaced it with a new one and 75% of the magnet casings came apart within three days (that holds the magnet in place). I attempted to reassemble and glued the casings together but they still came apart in about a week. Poor product. What a waste of money

  8. I purchased mine at Kroger for 9.99. I buy one every year because my dog scratches it up.
    The magnets DO fall off, but I just glue them back on.
    For 10 bucks a year I can’t complain

  9. Worst product ever. Attachments are weak, mesh tore from plastic fasteners in the first week with minimal use. Material securing mesh shreds. do not buy!

  10. looking for replacement magic mesh magnets. No luck so far. Any one who buys one of these magic mesh screen doors should have access to replacements, as the ones on the screen do not stay attached and I have lost 2 so far this season. HELP please.!!!

  11. Great concept but lousy construction. I have had this less than two weeks and it has already fallen apart. Dogs love it as they could come and go as they pleased. Back to the screen door. I would not recommend this to any one!

  12. It wasn’t that easy to install, came with no instructions at all. The bottom magnets wouldn’t connect with out being pushed together. The top portion that connects to door has been falling down. Overall, I just am not pleased with this product and will not be recommending to any of my friends. If anything I will discourage them from buying it.

  13. I bought magic mesh from family dollar. Hung well kept
    Flies out and easy for grandkids and dogs to in and out.
    BAD thing is it let a 4 foot snake IN my house through
    The bottom of the screen.

  14. I liked the Magic Mesh when we first hung it. It was 2 wide and had to adjust it to fit but it did work. After 2 days it was not durable enough to hold up to my small dog and had to throw it away.

  15. Was really hoping that this “hands-free” screen door would work like the advertisements show, but I was sadly disappointed. The two sections don’t snap back together after walking through it even though everything lines up properly. When I have the front door of my house open (east-west cross breeze), the Magic Mesh blows right back into the house, separating the two sections and letting them flap in the breeze.

    I would not recommend this product to anyone.

    • I would not recommend this product to anyone. It was terrible. Once I got it installed it would not stay in place. The adhesive was melting because of the direct sun. It was a nightmare. Waste of money and time. False advertisement for sure.

  16. Hi, my husband bought the magic mesh screen it worked great for 2 days then the top part was coming off the tape and then the piece that came off the tape just ripped apart like paper. My husband tried to get it to stick back on the tape but its was just falling apart. Finally it wouldn’t close at the top because it wouldn’t stay on the tape so we took it off and went back to using the screen door. It was a total waste of money. Very disappointed.

  17. DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT purchase a Magic Mesh Screen on line after seeing their commercial or any other way!!! First this company overcharged about $10 AFTER the order was processed because there wasn’t a confirmation screen showing the ENTIRE amount. THEN, when I called Customer Service 5 freaking minutes later, I was told they couldn’t even look up my order because it wasn’t in the system yet. I was told to check the next day and that when it was in the system, I could cancel. WRONG!!!! I called the next day and was told by “Felicia” in Customer Service that the order was already shipped and that the only thing I could do was return it AND pay for the return!!!! What a racket…they FORCE you to buy the product. They even wouldn’t let me talk to a supervisor!

  18. Beware!! I ordered 1 and 1 free and I recieved 6–and I was charged $137 to my credit card. No invoice in the pkg. When I called to complain, I was told to send them back ($15+ for shipping) or I could keep all of them and they will give me a $20 credit. Hoop-ti-do! I went to my credit card holder and they made it all right.

  19. If you REALLY want to make this Magic Mesh Door work, then use STRONGER mesh, or at least stronger sticking!

    Had it ONE day & the mesh separated from the top! Returned that one to the store where I bought it & got another one, thinking it might have been bad stitching. Put that one up & it only lasted TWO days before separating AGAIN! Right now, it is being held together at the top by a SAFETY PIN!

    Something needs to be done with the construction of this “screen door” before it is really usable as advertized!

  20. I must’ve gotten lucky or they improved – mine work great. My dogs and we come in and out and they close automatically every time.

  21. We ordered Magic Mesh screen by phone, One for $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping supposed to get second one for $5.00 plus $6.95 shipping upgrade for each $5.00 each for small mesh, well checked bank statement and we were charged $137.00!! Now we have to wait and send back to get refund. Our money is tied up, that makes it hard for people living on fixed income!! They should just refund the extra amount and let us be done. I will put this on my Facebook page for others so maybe they won’t get SCREWED.

  22. I LOVE IT! So do my kids-all nine of them four legged. I’m going back to get a few more to keep on hand.

  23. Unfortunatlely I did not read these reviews prior to purchasing a Magic Mesh (piece of crap) screen door. The so called magnets are worthless and the quality of the mesh and trim are junk. I strongly discourage others from buying this product.

  24. I only ordered one magic mesh but somehow after submitted order it show 2, call right to change order, operator said order is not in system yet, need to call back next day and they will be happy to change order, Called back today, operator stated order already shipped, cannot change, but website stated order shipped in 2-4 weeks, this is a scam, do not order from this company.

  25. I bought Magic Mesh. It is a HUGE disappointment. Contrary to the video, the two sides do not magnetically come back together. There are huge gaps left between the magnets allowing flies to come and go at will. Not enough Velcro to hold the product at the top or create an effective seal around the door facing. This product would be made better if along the top and sides of the material if there were loops on it to slide tension bars through and thus secure the material to your door facing. Need a complete magnetic strip up and down each of the two metal curtains to create a stronger seal.

    Product keeps falling down because Velcro alone doesn’t work. My dogs don’t even like it!!!

  26. The failure of the store-bought Magic Mesh actually gave me an idea of how to make my own improved version. We still have the mesh material and I can probably sew it together to fit the door. It will have to be shortened as it was way too long anyways and people kept stepping on it. Instead of using two pieces that snap together in the middle with magnets I will use just a single door-sized panel and attach some fishing weights to the bottom seam. That should hold the panel down and keep it from flying up with every little breeze. I will use a staple gun to attach it to the door frame at the top and one side instead of using velcro or a few thumb tacks. It won’t be hands-free like the Magic Mesh claimed, it will require it being pushed aside like a curtain, but it will also have no gaps in the middle that would allow flies and other bugs to get in. And there will be no magnets to get stuck on the metal door either. At least this way it won’t be a complete waste of money 🙂

  27. I purchased a magic mesh door a few months ago, intending to put it up in warmer weather. So, I did. Two days ago, I installed it, last night, I noticed a black strip of fabrics in the doorway. It was one of the pieces going across the bottom. This morning, I went out, and noticed the mesh had separated from the black strip about midway, all the way to the bottom. Excellent concept, really bad product. Will I replace it? No.

  28. Do not buy! My law mower kicked up some feces in the yard and sprayed it on the mesh. I tried to wash it and the product literally fell apart. Cheap product!

  29. I bought this Magic Mesh and it is a piece of crap, the POWERFUL magnets are a JOKE, the box says it requires no tools to install but you do need a hammer to nail it to your wood frame. The bottom of Magic Mesh does not attach to anything allowing bugs to crawl in, but no worries about that, the thing doesn’t close unless you do it by hand. And yes, I have readjusted it several times. Three of the plastic magnet holders broke within 2 hours and I had to super glue them together. There are gaps between all the magnets and they dont lay flat. I have been killing flies in my house for hours and have just closed the door, do not buy one!!

  30. Magic Mesh – only magic was they took $39.00 and made it disappear. This products sucks 4 magnets fell of right when I took it out of the box and it doesn’t fit any door in my house. DON’T BUY IT ITS CRAP!!

  31. This product works but I don’t think it passed the Oklahoma wind test or a high strung puppy test. Within a day mine came off the door the first strong wind storm that came through. The next morning when trying to fix it it wouldn’t stick very well.

    If you have metal doors – the magnets tend to grab a hold of the door before each other so you spend more time pulling it away from the door to get it to catch and line up. It tears really easy for $15.00 I was hoping to get at-least a year or one season but it hasn’t made it that far but only 2 months.

    Now I have to take it off because my puppy has chewed several magnets off and has pulled it off the door trim.

    • I live in West Texas and we didn’t even have that thing two days when it ended up in tatters. Two of the magnets fell off and the mesh literally ripped from the top strip. We get some strong wind gusts too and we found pieces of the mesh several feet away in the yard. Our front door is a metal door and we experienced the same problem with the magnets sticking more to the door than to the magnet closures. And it doesn’t snap back together like they show on TV. We don’t have a high-strung puppy but we have two small kids who like to run in and out We lost our screendoor to wind damage the year we moved into this house and haven’t replaced it yet. We thought this was going to be a low-cost solution. What a waste of money! At least we only paid $12 for it and since it was from Dollar General there was no shipping & handling to pay.

  32. This product is not worth buying. It doesn’t stay up and the mesh ripped before I installed it. Magnets need to connect precisely or there are big gaps between the two panels. Velcro tabs wouldn’t stick for more than 10 minutes. Mesh was always on the ground. Push pins do not work with metal frames. I bought it for the patio door so my daughter could come in and out easily. Fortunately I bought this product on sale so didn’t spend a lot.

  33. Have purchased a couple of these for my patio door in kitchen. I love the concept but find I have to alter them. I have to put a long velcro strip on the top, the strips they send are not enough because it will fall off eventually. I just got another one because my dogs have destroyed yet another mesh door. It tears easily if you have a dog who may run in and out and if they step on it or jump on it. Now I just put up another one and the magnet are set too far onto the fabric and the magnets are not strong enough to grab…..frustrating!!!! Not bad enough the magnets will come off and I have to watch so my dogs don’t eat them. Now these are set too far back and now won’t grab to hold the panels shut! Unbelievable. I got these to replace a regular screen door…I think I will just go back to the screen door, I am getting so frustrated with these magic mesh. The idea is good but the construction is sloppy!

  34. WOW!!! My husband found these on clearance at a local store,. Glad we checked before buying. I will gladly get up and down to turn the dog in and out on our deck. I wanted to thank everyone for sharing their reviews.

  35. This is a scam. They said buy one and the second one is free, just pay S&H. I ordered one, they charged me for the second one, plus S&H. When I called them I was told I have to wait four hours, because the order was just made. I called my bank to put a stop payment on the funds. I always check out what consumers are saying, but this time I didn’t. I will always check anything I see on TV from now on.

    • Cheryl,
      Never buy online it is so simple for someone to steal your identity. Do you have any stores in your area that have a designated spot for the “As Seen on TV” items? I always watch Wal-Greens they always have the newest trend from on TV. No shipping and handling, easy return, and safer. I am not to interested in the buy one get one free , if they are offering that you know the product is junk.

      • Always wait until you can buy it at “As Seen On TV” or Walgreens, no question returns As Seen On TV, best store ever!

  36. I ordered the buy one get one free for MagicMesh and was charged 35.85 back in the Middle of March. By the beginning of April the sun had already melted the velcro that attaches them to the house and they would not stay on any longer I emailed there customer service and to this day have not received a reply from them. I feel this was nothing but a big wast of money and I will never buy from them again and I will never recommend this product to any one. BUYER BEWARE OF MAGIC MESH SCREEN DOOR’S. THEY ARE CRAP.

    • Marg,

      How hot did it get where you are at? Mine handled the 100+ weather here in Oklahoma just fine. I found that if you put the wood tacks in between the velcro strips it helped with the gaps.

      Mine did not however hold up on a 5 month old Boston Terrier but then again neither did my furniture and bath room rugs…

  37. It’s a good idea however the plastic pieces that hold the magnets came off when my dogs were going in and out. Unfortunately I have not been able to find the 2 magnets so now it flops open and is useless. I purchased it at a Walgreen who wouldn’t take it back since it came with all the pieces originally. So I called customer service to see if I could get 2 replacement magnets and they said that there are no replacement parts available. So basically it now is worthless.

  38. The concept is fantastic, how ever the product does not live up to it’s claims. The material is flimsy, the magnets come off, and if there is the slightest breeze the mesh opens. I was told that the product I ordered was of an upgraded material. If what I received was an upgrade, then the original is really crappy. The product needs much improvement . Back to the drawing board with this.

  39. Order two of them, after 2 weeks of one being installed it started to rip away from the top band, my deck gets a breeze and when this happens the magnets will not stick, also the magnet covers fall off all the time, very disappointed on this product they have alot of room for improvement and until they do I would not recommend to anyone.

  40. I love the whole idea with the magic mesh we’ve bought 4 gave one to a friend we liked it so much. I will not buy another the material was inferior. We have dogs & your ads is misleading. Luckily I wasn’t scammed like all these people. We even brought a few at Wall-mart. I’s say they didn’t last but a few months. So what good is the 30 days return I wish I could get my hard earned $ back.

  41. What a piece of crap, sort of works but not every time and when there’s a breeze it won’t stay closed! Go buy a self closing screen door and save your time!!

  42. When I went to hang the mesh all the black plastic boxes and magnets dropped off and I had to glue them back on. Also the the edging to which the magnets are attached separated from the mesh with use.


    It’s a rip-off! The wind blows the thing open and it doesn’t close by its self. I also ordered ONE and I ended up with FOUR!!!! It took all summer to receive…I only got it in September. Impossible to return and an $80+ bill. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  44. Magic mesh charge double with shipping and processing than they advertised and charged me for two doors impossible to get your money back 35 dollars in shipping!!! CRAZY

  45. What is the name on the bill. I ordered and have not received it. I want to see if I got charged but I don’t know the company name. Someone please help.

  46. This was a big mistake buying 2 magic mesh. I have been borrowing from the second one as the first one gets shredded and I have only had the product 2 weeks. If I close the door and one of the dogs scratches to come tears the mesh. I have been mending and repairing it after 2 days of installing it…and installation is not user friendly. The magnets have to match up perfectly so I am constantly adjusting them. It is torn at both top and bottom already….ridiculous product…they should have made the mesh a lot stronger and tape that holds it up is a joke……I wasted $35.00 plus shipping and I am very disappointed… about bad advertising! Beware folks before you waste your money……

  47. We just received our Magic Mesh. Installation was very simple and it works just as advertised. My only complaint is that the amount of velcro that came with the magic mesh was not adequate. We had to buy additional velcro.

  48. Purchased mine at walmart one for my daughter after a day cause I loved it so. Its been 30 days and the duct tape is out ripped at the top and now at the bottom which just gets bigger cause the dog keeps getting his foot caught. My daughter also has a rip in the same spots. I still like it but the love has faded.

  49. I saw the ad for the MagicMesh in a TIME article on the Web. The article was titled “10 ‘as seen on TV’ products that actually work” so I watched the video clip for the Magic Mesh screen, to see what it was all about It looked like it might be what I needed for the door at the back of my house. I did a Google search to see where I could buy one without having to do it online, and wait. By luck (apparently) I saw a link to a page of reviews (this one) and started reading. I’m glad I did. The story about the girl who lost her pet made my decision for me, but I kept reading and saw a few posts where people had paid way too much, and the “get credit card info before final price is shown” and the “get one free” scam. This could be the same people that had those ‘zipper billfold wallets’ a couple of years ago. They also had an “upgrade to better finish” and “get another one ‘free’ for shipping cost only” I ordered online and had the same experience stated by many, many people on this page. My $9.95 wallet ended up costing me $60!! My e-mails came back as “cannot deliver” or something like that. If anyone ever tries to order online and you can’t get to a page where you can ‘confirm’ your total before you “OK” the purchase, CLOSE YOUR BROWSER and call your credit card company IMMEDIATELY and tell them you think you just got scammed, because you likely just were!!

    Many thanks to all for the warnings :~)

  50. Another piece of Chinese junk hitting our shores! Save your money and time.

    The first thing that I noticed in the foul solvent odor that came out of the plastic bag when I opened the screen. After I installed the screen, I noticed that it blew open even with a gentle breeze. It appears the magnets were mounted too far in on the screen fabric and don’t have enough power to hold the screens together. The produce takes a lot of tweaking to make it fit as it comes in one size and it’s up to the installer to figure out how to make it fit.


    • Update: I wrote the above review. When I called the magic mesh customer service # they refunded my money less the shipping and handling cost and didn’t want the product shipped back. If you are as unhappy with the product as I was call them and get your money back.

        • Under bing I typed patio door mesh screen and found Magic Mesh. There I found a number, 866 649-0146. After reading these reviews, my maximally expanded balloon of ‘hope and enthusiasm’; has plummeted like the graf zeppelin, Hindenburg,………to disaster. I’ll keep my money and spare myself the waste and frustration. Hope the number works for you!

  51. Does not fit door properly, especially double-wides. this product would be good if made a little bigger instead of the exact size.

  52. Had Mesh up about two weeks an it began ripping! pulling away from the fabric that has magnets on it! NOT PLEASED!

  53. Don’t buy it…….it’s a piece of crap. Save your $30 and buy lottery tickets with it instead. Better value.

  54. This cheap crap did not last a week before I had to super glue the magnets together so they would stop falling apart, then the actual screen ripped away from Velcro and tacks faster that you can rip toilet paper away from the roll. Paper towels are stronger than this joke of a product.

  55. I bought my Magic Mesh at Wal-Mart so I don’t have the complaints about what happens when you buy on-line. I like mine and it works well for me on my sliding door. I would suggest that when you buy one you go to Home Depot and buy a roll of Velcro. The strips that they give you aren’t enough to properly install the panels. I would also suggest that you install a 2 foot strip across the center of the header. The glue on the Velcro tends to pull off in that area and having a long strip there seems to lessen the stress there. Finally I suggest that you cut the strip that is glued to the panels a little longer than the strips that go on the door frame. The mesh will tear if you try to pull the Velcro apart by pulling on the mesh. If the strips on the mess are longer than those on the frame you can pull the Velcro apart by gripping the mess and the end of the Velcro together which will avoid putting pressure on the mesh.

    • thanks for your suggestion re the extra Velcro. we want it for a sliding door so the size problem people are complaining about doesn’t seem to be an issue. Nothing is perfect nor magic. We want to leave door open for dog without getting flies so this will work for us. thank you for not being so negative and having a little smarts.

      • I also think this product is not as bad as those other reviews…I agree extra velcro IS needed to properly secure it to the door frame (especially at the top) but once the extra velcro was installed it held up great.

        I live on the 12th n top floor of my building and I get some powerful winds…so far so good…also the complaints about the panels blowing open in a breeze…yes they do….but they snap right back together again. I also will place three rocks one in each corner and one in the middle as a temporary solution for really windy days.

        Now the complaints about the sizing (panels too big) I just fit the thing right to my door frame and the 1 inch gap on each panel I simply made a little pleat on the top and bottom of each panel…I sewed it with a few stitches but a safety pin would do just as well to hold the small pleat into place.

        All in all I am pleased with this product..and it only costed me $11.99 can oh yea and the extra double backed velcro.

    • So Glad about these reviews. I will save my money, but regarding this review, my original thought seems even better.

      Just get the mesh cloth that they sell for nursery plants, and make your own! Seems like a MUCH better solution, with none of the hassle. Still, the IDEA of this product is a good one…
      Thanks again or all of the warning reviews.

  56. Magic Mesh is a scam. Do not buy this product. I bought one last week and it’s already ripped and the magnet holders keep falling off, not to mention that the magic mesh screen keeps falling down. The sticky part on the back of the velcro only stays sticky for a few days. And, I hate to bust your bubble but, bugs still get in. Don’t waste your money on this product because you will be disappointed. Magic Mesh should think of ways to keep it from falling and have magnets permanently put on it so they don’t fall off. The tacks don’t stay in the frame either. This is a no good product.

  57. It only took 2 days of the dog going in and out and the weather for the thing to come loose and have to be tacked up. The Velcro was useless and became “unsticky” quickly. The tack they sent were small and didn’t work well either, plus if it does not fit the door exactly, they to are useless. Mine is the 2nd one I have seen and that person was equally as unhappy. Just one more TV trick ad.

  58. I just put this screen up today and I absolutely love it. We saved tons of money using this instead of buying an actual screen door. It keeps my upstairs cool and we just leave the door open to our deck. Wish I thought of it, I would be rich.


    • ***Update From Tom in Pa***

      After one week of having it up on my garage/kitchen door it’s “so far, so good”. The magnets are all still attached and working fine.

      I honestly believe that there are 2 keys here to a satisfactory experience:

      1. For heaven sake DO NOT order on line or over the phone. This would make returns impossible and leave you open to being scammed on price. There were multiple hardware stores, drug stores, and grocery stores that carried them within a 10 minute drive. Keep the receipt and take it back if it fails.

      2. Be careful when you install it and overkill on securing it to the frame

      For now the thing is allowing some awesome breeze into the house and probably saved me my $15 buck investment in not turning on the AC yet. Question is…will it last?? Still keeping my fingers crossed.

  59. I bought magic mesh a couple of weeks ago..and it was great how the thing caught on fire. I dont recomend anyone use this product around sunlight.

  60. To: Zurich North America Claims
    Hi Jessica Foster at,

    I’m sorry, I will not be signing the attached form. While it is extremely generous that you, the insurer, is willing to pay for my dog’s $200+ cremation expenses, I simply do not agree this settles the matter. I am not looking to make money as I’ve said that no amount of money will bring my beloved dog back. What I want is to be acknowledged by the manufacture, Allstar Marketing Group, as a consumer that suffered an immeasurable loss to her family as a direct result of their dangerously designed product. You explained to me on the phone that Allstar is not going to contact me, nor has any future intentions to contact me. That answer is insufficient to me.

    Please forward this on to the powers that be: I want a personal apology from an executive at Allstar and actual dates they are going to be, quote: “looking at a redesign of the product”, as well as regular follow up. Just a statement from you saying they are going to “be looking at it” is not a sufficient response to anyone. Without giving me any kind of follow up, Allstar is basically telling me that my loss didn’t matter and to “get lost.”

    Until Allstar contacts me personally, I will not be signing this form that buys off my dog and effectively my silence. Nope, not gonna happen.

    I will now be exploring additional options I have at my disposal to attempt to force the company your insurer represents to make changes to future designs of the dangerous product Magic Mesh, as well as to attempt to force a nationwide recall of existing dangerous Magic Mesh products currently on store shelves.

    However, to you personally Jessica, thank you for your candor and honesty as well as your non-patronizing attitude today. I really felt like you cared today on the phone, even if it is just your job. Thank you for being so nice to me personally. Have a great afternoon.


    • Kristy, I am taking a big chance, but asking you to contact me at 636 949-9333, if I can be of help. NO ONE ELSE CALL ME!!!!! NO ONE!!!! I will not put my e-mail, nor my name.
      I have been an expert witness on several litigations regarding dogs, and several cases have been settled out of court.

      All cases were settled in favor of the client. I have not charged anything, but done the RIGHT thing for the dogs and owners involved.

  61. I purchased the screen for my apartment balcony door. At first it was wonderful. It lasted 7 days before the center came loose. I tacked it up. 2 days later. Down again. I glued it to a piece of wood and tacked it up again. 3 days later the material frayed and cannot be fixed this time. I have spent more money trying to fix it than the purchase price. There are two adults who use the door a few times a day. They need to go back to the drawing board because this is a really great idea. Just wished it worked.


  63. Should have read reviews first. Every review having to do with faulty ordering procedure from not seeing total until too late and total order amount being far more than it should have been is correct. Cannot reach customer service with satisfactory results.

  64. This is a great concept, but magic mesh is a piece of junk after years of working in manufacturing I can tell you they had no quality control. So it was cut wrong so it will not line up right. Also the velcro adhesive is garbage and wont stay and like other comments the magnets will fall off. They need to look at the entire design and see where the problems are and fix them and they will have a good product. Maybe start with someone who can measure the length correctly along with other measurements. Also where the magnets line up a blind person can do a better job it was breaking as fast as we could put it up. Used all the tacks and am now using super glue to keep the magnets on. Fix these things and you will have a good product.

  65. Well we got a magic mesh also and I wish we would of read the reviews 1st it truly is very poorly and weakly made it is not worth the $14.99 paid for it and I didnt receive a second 1 for free whats up with that not that it would make a difference the magnets are very weak the velcro took the paint off the door frame the tacks didnt stay in and the screen ripped from the top then when the wind blows is smacks the magnets up against the metal door and we were thinking that someone is knocking.. the magic mesh is a brilliant idea but they need to make it more durable.. they say there’s a 30 day guarantee for exchange, return, or refund but I have yet to find it or get any response save your time and money people… just saying.

    • I was very skeptical after reading these reviews, but my wife found them at the grocery store and we thought “what the heck…if it’s junk we will just take it back”. It took us about 15 minutes or so to place it on the garage door. We wanted to create a cross-breeze from our patio door to the garage door.

      We did a little adjusting and tucking here and there, but it went on fairly smoothly. Is it perfect? No. When we walk through the mesh sometimes it doesn’t come back closed right away due to the breeze holding it. If it gets too close to the actual garage door (which is metal) it wants to cling to that instead.

      All that being said, we made sure we tacked it very well and so far its living up to the $14.99 we paid. But it hasn’t been up long do we will see how it holds up.

      My advice? Buy it at a local store so you avoid the hassle if it no good. As fast and cheap as they are made, there are probably one good one for every bad one, so its pot luck really. The concept is great however.

      I will post again in a few weeks to tell everyone if it fell apart or is still going strong. Keeping my fingers crossed! LOL

  66. Wow l am glad I saw this review. I was about to order. I will invest in a 4 ft sliding screen door instead.

  67. It is junk. When the wind blows the screen goes out or in letting the bugs in. Does not work!

    • I want to thank all of you who took your time to warn other buyers about this product. I was concerned when I couldn’t find details on how to hang it or order specific sizes. Just goes to remind us….if it is too good to be true, well it really is.

  68. My roommate and I purchased this for our front door because it does not have a screen door and we like to have our door open to allow for a breeze but at night the bugs get bad. We found this on eBay and thought it would be perfect for our situation. That was not this case however. We decided to use the adhesive to our plastic door frame. The corners were always falling down. The screen wasn’t straight so it hung on our door weird. One of the magnets broke as soon as we got it out of the box. It didn’t shut “magically”, we always had to pull it together. The adhesive that was attached to the fabric ripped the fabric. After only three days of having this on our front door we decided to take it down, it was falling apart. When we decided to take it down the adhesive left black sticky stuff and ripped off part of the paint. Overall I would not recommend this product unless you plan on never walking through it or never putting it up. It falls apart easily and we paid $18.99 for it. I wish this product would have been better quality and worked better because it would have really benefited

  69. I was stupid to order this. I should have stopped when the website asks for your credit card before showing you the total charged twice the amount!!! Website tricks you into ordering 2 products! Has anyone been successful to cancel/complain?

    Can we do a class-action suit??

    • It’s a SCAM Operation! My husband ordered this over the phone. It was an automated system. He thought he was getting 2 for the price of one. We received SIX in total and a charge of $157. !!! ..When I called they claimed he had hit the “3”button on the phone indicating that wanted 3 (2 for 1) and said we could return the extras but they would not pay for the return. They do not contact you on order confirmations so how would a person know if they processed the order correctly before it being mailed? They do not send invoices or shipping documents for you to even know what costs what!! Also the “free” ones have shipping and handling charge so they aren’t really free. They said he couldn’t have ordered just one (even though we only have one door!) I don’t believe we will get a refund of the “shipping and handling of the extras. The product is very low in quality. Our conclusion is: SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! Do not even think about using this company.

  70. I installed Magic Mesh and one set of the magnets did not connect. I had all of my windows open and the breeze kept opening the screen.

    • The magnets are too weak. When I open all the windows the screen blows open. Whats the use. Piece of junk. Instead of taking it back I put tape on the magnets to keep it closed. Can’t use the door to go in or out but can feel the breeze without the bugs other rodents. Don’t waste your money.

    • Thanks to all for your input. I just saw one in a local store and decided to check reviews first, glad I did. The concept is good and I think I’ll make my own out of a strong material that is flexible. Weights and magnets, and a frame that attaches securely.I think if a nice one could be sold for $40, it would still be a seller. Most times you get what you pay for. This company needs to be stopped from importing trash. Thanks China, but we have enough already.

  71. I just wanted to give your readers a warning about the product Magic Mesh Instant Screen Door that killed my beloved dog. I am not a wacko; I am a 33 year old college educated professional working as a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) for an Ivy League college.

    I have a 2,000sq ft home in North Texas. My home sits on 3/4th an acre; all fenced in. I have a 200sq ft covered back porch; it is open air on 2 sides (backstopped by the rear sliding glass door and the brick wall of the house). I have 2 large outdoor dogs and two indoor dogs. When the temperatures become extreme, all the dogs reside indoors. The back porch has a ceiling fan and I install seasonal fans all around the dog houses in the summer. I monitor them closely.

    However, this week I noticed quite a few bugs invading. I was seeking something that would prevent the black flies from invading the back porch during meal times (the dogs eat outside). So I purchased four Magic Mesh Instant Screen Doors to go across the opening of the back porch. I installed them correctly in accordance with the enclosed instructions on Thursday. Friday night 4/27, I let my smallest dog out, a 13 year old AKC Schipperke named Gizmo. Schipperkes are commonly known to live upwards of 20 years and this one was in perfect health. I’ve had him since he was 4 weeks old. I loved him dearly, as him and I were the only two to make it out of an abusive relationship with my ex-husband 10 years ago. He slept in my room for 13 years and was a very loved member of the family.

    On Friday night, unbeknownst to me, as he attempted to walk through the Magic Mesh to go potty out in the backyard, the mesh came apart and the bottom ribbon caught around his throat. Unfortunately, and very quickly, as twirled around trying to get it off his neck, the mesh became tighter and tighter so that in a few minutes time from when I let him outside and returned to let him back in, I found him hanging by the neck, dead. He had bitten off his own tongue and I had to get a knife to cut the mesh from his neck and un-twirl it from around his throat because it was so tight. I didn’t hear him struggle because it happened so quickly and he could not bark as his air supply was immediately pinched.

    I have attempted to call Magic Mesh at the below contact information:
    Magic Mesh Door Cover @ 1-866-649-0146
    P.O. Box 3179
    Wallingford, CT 06494

    But as it was a weekend, I had to leave a message. Sadly, I know nothing will bring back my beloved Gizmo. I am sorely grieving and am having him cremated at an expense of almost $300 this week because my town will not allow pets to be buried in the backyard. But I do have a purpose in writing this: I also have a 10 year old daughter. What if she had walked through the mesh and it dislodged from the ribbon frame and ensnared her neck too? Next time it may not be a pet but a small child. What if this product choked a smaller child? Or a crawling infant? I do not want someone else to go through the agony I have.

    • I am very sorry to hear this. I almost bought it so my dogs would have the freedom to go in and out while I’m at work. This just broke my heart reading it. I will NOT buy this product. My dogs are like my children. RIP Gizmo.

    • So sorry for your loss and will learn from it. My mom was going to get these for Mother’s day, but she has 2 Pomeranians who mean the world to her and I will not risk it. Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking story and know that it talked one person out of this product.

      • What a horrible experience. Thank you for taking the time to post your story. I will not risk my dog’s life for this product either. I hope you are somehow able to find some closure.

    • I am sorry for your loss and thanks for the heads-up. I do have a question, you reside in Texas and you work for an Ivy League College. I am pretty sure there are no Ivy League Colleges in the south. Sorry but I need to point that out as your credibility is now in question.

      • Yeah I live in North Texas and there are no Ivy league schools. lol Maybe she works online?? I went to Univ. of North Texas and that was not Ivy league. Why does the size of your house matter?

      • My college has a partnership with a medical school in Dallas, TX. I am remotely stationed in Dallas, TX but travel to New Haven, CT on a quarterly basis. Anything else you’d like to call me out on? Satisfied? You want my phone number, bank account and social security number too?

      • My credibility is in no way in question. You can kiss my ass. And my dead dog’s ass for that matter. You don’t believe me; watch Fox4 DFW nightly news on Tues, May 15, 2012. Reporter Steve Noviello will be doing a piece on this for his Deal or Dud section. BTW, my BBB complaint number is #94397473.

        • Jonathan just pointed out that your story sounds wrong — he didn’t attack you, like you did him.

          • Well, I feel as if Kristy was being attacked regardless of what was said by the two other people. Why in the world would you question her credibility? She was simply trying to save others from letting their animals get harmed. What a terrible experience to have to go through and then to have her credibility called into question? What could she possibly gain by lying? What other product is comparable that she would reap any rewards by telling you not to buy Magic Mesh?

            Kristy – my thoughts are prayers are with you. I have two dogs who are a big part of our family and have thought of getting this for my sister who also has two dogs but has no screened in porch like I do. So, to leave her doors open would let bugs in. I was thinking of purchasing this product to help her, but I decided to research reviews first. Thank God I did.

          • lol! I guess she told you, Jonathan & SAM & Linda & other morons that surprisingly can read (or someone read comments to them maybe…yeah that’s more likely) good one Kristy!

            God bless you & yours and i am so sorry for your loss- our pets are family (SO MUCH nicer than people …just read Jonathan & SAM & Linda & ….for proof) RIP little Gizmo

    • So sorry for your loss. I will not buy this product because of what could happen to my little dog. You’ve saved countless people from heartache.

    • I am so glad I decided to check the reviews on this product, as I was inclined to buy this.But after reading about “Gizmo”, I have decided to NOT purchase this faulty scam product.I have 3 kitties who would have benefited this type of “idea”, but now?..NO WAY..thanks ev1 for the information and may those who have suffered any losses, feel comfort in knowing you prevented many more heartbreaks in the future…RIP GIZMO

    • My heart is breaking for your loss. I am so sorry. How horrible. I was going to purchase the product but now I will not. I feel sick for you.

    • OMG….I feel your pain and so sorry for your loss…I just bought this product but NOW!! will not put it up. as we did try but with a lot of trouble…I would say useless.


    • I am so glad I read your review before purchasing this item. I will not be buying this product solely based on what happened to Gizmo. My children have 2 shih-chons and this would be devastating to all of us. So sorry for your loss, but thank you for sharing this horrific story.

      • Kristy, I am outraged! This company should be ashamed of them selves especially since they market their product for ease of use by both humans and pets! You lost a mammal which in all technicality is a human being! This matter should be handled in that same respect! There has got to be something that can be done, if not just compensation for you but strict warnings from now on, concerning their TV ran ads, and on the product box. If you or anyone has suggestions, I am more than willing to help out. And if anyone reading this can help spread the word,we can achieve at least that.

        • Wow! I am saddened and outraged! I don’t care how you represent yourself online, sharing concern for others’ pets is commendable! Thank you so much for your story Kristy…..could have been a bit less graphic…..but understandable when your loss is ignored by those responsible! I will go nowhere near this product, and neither will my pug and two jack russells!

          • Sorry for you loss, thanks for details, that way, I understood what happened. If you hadn’t told me in detail, I wouldn’t really understand how on earth this could happen.

    • My lord. I Am so saddened by your story. I will not purchase this product now. I love my dogs and kids and would be devastated if this happened to me. Again I am sorry for your loss. No one should buy this.

    • Sorry to hear about your dog. I love dogs and have always had a dog. I wonder though how someone with an ivy league education and such nice home would buy something so cheap. strange to me you felt the need to let us all know everything about your house and the fans to keep the dogs cool but you cant get a decent screen from home depot for your dogs.. hmmm.

    • Oh another thing. You say unbeknownst to you he attempted to go out and got tangled up. Then next sentence you say it was only few minutes that YOU let him out and then came back to let him in, did you not notice the tear and him getting tangled as you let him out.

      • So you helped your dog from getting chocked the first time and figured it wont happen again? so your dogs neck got stuck between the magnets that almost everyone says that the slightest breeze opens? Your dog bit his tongue off but couldn’t get between two magnets? You must have had the model with the extra powerful ones, guess you would have much more appreciated complaining about the weak magnets instead…

        • Jim, move on it does not matter that much…geez. If any part is true, it is a travesty. He might have tried to chew on it, you just never know. Let it go dude!

    • I am so sorry to hear about your beloved dog. I left a feedback on the product and am so frustrated with it I could scream. I too find that the bottom band is the first to come loose. I have a yellow and black lab. All they have to do is step on it and off it comes. In fact I have stepped on it and ripped it. I have decided I will put up the old fashioned screen door again…..I am tired of buying them to find out the construction is getting worse and worse.
      My deepest sympathies in the loss of your pup.

  72. I attempted to call the 1800 number and was immediately requested to give my name, number, card info and any thing else you can think of. I immediately hung up since I was suspicious of their phone response. I then went to this site and read all the bad reviews. Wouldn’t you know it, while reading these reviews I received a phone call from guess who…MAGIC MESH. You believe that, I guess their desperate enough to sell these screens to every and any unsuspecting buyers. BEWARE OF OVER INDULGENT AND PERSUASIVE SELLERS!!

  73. Ours had not yet been installed for 24 hours when the fabric ripped lose at the top. When the wind blows, the screen blows open. I would not recommend this product.

    • Thanks to everyone who took time to write these reviews. You obviously saved me (and others) from a big headache and wasting my money.

  74. This web site does not provide any way of immediate contact with a human being at the seller location. This is extremely important because the size of the divided screen is import ant to fit the opening.

    The web site is also defective because it does not give the customer a size to select not does it give the size of the product as advertised.

    I attempted to call the number shown on the site but all I got was a robotic ad with a request for my credit card info. This is no way to do business. I would rate this company a minus 2 on a scale of 1 to 10.

  75. It’s a shame.. Like some had said the concept is great but a cheap product. It seems like a fast scam to make money. I don’t understand why people don’t want to make a quality product. All you have to do is do right by your consumers give us a quality product and you be surprise how much honest money you would make. But in America it”s all about the fast get rich quick scheme. So sad!

  76. My wife and I purchased Magic Mesh at Bed Bath and Beyond because we had a gift card.

    We have a back door that is surrounded by stucco and in order to put a screen door in it would require a ton of work. At first I though we wasted the money as neither tacks nor pins will affix anything to stucco, but after thinking about it a bit I decided to drill through the stuck and attach it using screws and washers to hold onto the house.

    Because of this fabrication it took an hour or so to install and then it turns out it was a little too low as it would not close properly but after hemming the bottom a bit it works just fine. My dogs use it and we can finally have a cross breeze in the house.

    Problems with it are it does have small gaps where bugs could still get in between magnets and at the base of the door, also when it is really windy the screen opens on its own.

    Other then that though I would definitely recommend this product, we are so happy to actually have a cross breeze in our house and since it cost us gift card money we feel like it was worth it 100%.

    I have yet to see reviews of how it holds up but I hope for the best, it doesn’t seem like it is going to rip but most likely over time it will break down.

    As long as you aren’t looking for something just as secure as a screen door and can appreciate the low cost and convenience of this I think it is a good investment.

  77. The online ordering is very misleading. I wanted the “buy one, get one free” so I was unsure whether to select Quantity as 1 or 2. Thought I chose 1… it tried to get me to add a ton of upgrades, and at the end it didn’t let me review my order or anything – and wham! Thank you for your $91 instead of $19.95. I called immediately once I was able to find the number. They “couldn’t see my order in the system yet, but don’t worry, your card won’t be billed until they ship – so call back in 12 hours”. Called the next day… oops! We shipped it and charged your card. Supposedly they will remove charge but I filed a fraud report with my credit card company just in case.

    • I had the same frustrating experience! Was this the phone number you tried: 1-866-649-0146 ?

      Wow, have I ever learned a hard lesson: read the reviews before ordering!


  78. Bought at Walgreens on Clearance. Here’s my experience:
    First, you can look at the instructions to get an idea of hanging then throw away. Second, the size is too large for standard screen door openings so plan to be creative. Third, the Velcro adhesives are cheap and won’t hold. Four, the tacks are cheap and bend easily or will ultimately pop out if you manage to get them in without bending them!

    So I adapted and over came after the I noticed the Velcro falling off (yes, I cleaned the frame very well but the glue is obviously cheap!) So… I removed the screen and started over.

    I used roofing nails for their large heads like a tack. I also used small, thin cardboard squares I had in my craft supplies to insert the roofing nail threw and over top the mesh to give added support so the mesh won’t rip.

    Start in the middle and secure the top of panels in the middle using the cheap tacks but only so they hold just enough temporarily that you can slowly work your way around and down the sides. I found that the magnets have to be so exact and by working slowly and not securing the mesh permanently, you are able to adjust and readjust as needed. I took ALL of the Velcro provided and used it on one side because of the plastic door frame. NOTE: If you are removing Velcro off the mesh as I did~ BE CAREFUL otherwise you can rip the nylon!

    Since most patio doors have a wood frame that is around the entire slide and not just the opening for the mesh~ you will have one side that will be plastic or metal. Take ALL the Velcro and affix them to the side where the mesh will be secure to the plastic or metal.

    After adjusting the fit but not permanently affixing with the nails, I carefully opened and closed it several times and when I was absolutely sure I had a good fit, I then removed the tacks one at a time~ starting once again in the middle. I used the roofing nails and small cardboard square to replace the temporary tack and permanently affix it. Voila! The added Velcro on the one side has proven to be the “extra” hold needed… so far!

    The inventor is on the right track but just didn’t manufacture a quality system/product. I love to keep my bedroom patio door open all night to catch the breeze (I have had no problems with it opening but maybe those who state so are facing a direct south or north wind). I love that my Basset Hounds no longer wake me at night to go outside and having 3 of these hounds they never were in sync! So my MagicMesh has ended up being an over sized doggie door. If I had read all these comments prior to purchasing this product, I would have not bought it based on all the negativity. If I had put money into making this work, I would be very upset. However, it so happens my hubby keeps roofing nails in abundance and the cardboard squares I found in my craft supplies so no extra money. I seldom “craft” and he seldom “roofs”. I wish there was a way to show a pic of what I did cause I did an awesome job!

    PS: I think women just may have more patience and resolve for this task… that is if you are a handy woman like I am. I never would have let my hubby take this on because the expletives would have been flying and it would have ended up in the garbage! lol, but he absolutely loves it and tells me what an awesome job I did! So good luck and I hope I have helped those who have a screen falling off!

  79. I bought magic mesh from and I installed it with the included thumbtacks. One magnet broke after a days use and top corner has a rip already. I still like it because my dogs can go on and out freely and it wasn’t hard to train them to use it although my springer is still nervous to use it but she will eventually.also when windy it will blow the magnets apart but I still have less bugs in my house. They need to make it stronger screen and better magnets. I plan to buy another one for next summer since I don’t expect it to last.

    Easy to install,great for pets and kids

    Cheaply made, wind opens magnets. Takes a few times to get it right so magnets close.

  80. Bought the Magic Mesh at Walmart. Put it up and within 2 hours the adhesive velcro was pealing off. Yes I did clean the surface before putting the screen up and followed directions. The velcro strips are very poor quality and the glue on them is almost not even sticky at all. The backing paper on them had some kind of black junk on them. Almost looked like dirt. The magnets are very cheap to and are not powerful at all. You have to make sure they are perfectly lined up or else they wont even work at all.

    I wasn’t expecting the best quality product as it was less then $15 and most as seen on tv products are of cheap quality, but I expected the velcro strips to hold it up for more then 2 hours. Luckily I had more velcro from something else I had it for so I could add it to the mesh.

    There are tacks included but if you cant use them they are no good. If you cant use the tacks buy a bunch of powerful velcro.

  81. Don’t waste your money or time. Magic Mesh is 38″ wide. Standard doors (in the USA) are 32″. Can’t be modified. Waste of time and money, they WILL NOT pay for return postage. The width is not disclosed on their website

    • DO NOT BUY…..Totally false advertising. $19.95 + shipping… I paid $91.+ to buy two sets and purchased the upgrade…the heavier mesh screen. Total Scam. What I received was the normal product. CAN NOT BE FITTED to your doors. 18 strong Magnet….NO NO NO NO…One light breeze and the Magnets let go and the screens fly open. The binding on the top, bottom and sides are made of thin tissue type material and shreds apart. I installed my two days ago and they are totally falling apart. I have had to buy ‘Duck tape’ to fix a repair the top where it has torn apart. Total waste of Money. DO NOT BUY!!!

  82. I do not know if this product is worth having, but for $35.85 I was willing to try it. The website is so mercenary and greedy that I feel I was railroaded into the purchase of 2 sets of screens.

    There is no way to make order corrections on this site or contact customer service so I am refusing payment for this purchase at my bank.
    If Magic Mesh wants me to retract I suggest they get in touch with me ASAP.

    • I feel your Pain…..this company is a scam…. DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY…..Totally false advertising. $19.95 + shipping… I paid $91.+ to buy two sets and purchased the upgrade…the heavier mesh screen. Total Scam. What I received was the normal product. CAN NOT BE FITTED to your doors. 18 strong Magnet….NO NO NO NO…One light breeze and the Magnets let go and the screens fly open. The binding on the top, bottom and sides are made of thin tissue type material and shreds apart. I installed my two days ago and they are totally falling apart. I have had to buy ‘Duck tape’ to fix a repair the top where it has torn apart. Total waste of Money. DO NOT BUY!!!

  83. We got ours at Walmart for $15.00, put it up. Few min later a magnet broke. I’ll just exchange it. Its actually better quality than I thought it would be. To all those who thought they were getting a better product, its just $15.00. What do you think you get for that amount of money? If your dumb enough to pay for s&h you get what you deserve.

      • They have a “As Seen on TV” section in Walmart, the section is at the front of the store at my location.

      • Bought at Walgreens on Clearance for 9.95. They always have the “as seen on TV” section. So does CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart. I notice they rotate products and if you wait about 2 weeks, they go on clearance!

        Before you totally say “no-way”; a little perseverance has resulted in a good experience!

        First, you can look at the instructions to get an idea of hanging then throw away. Second, the size is too large for standard screen door openings so plan to be creative. Third, the Velcro adhesives are cheap and won’t hold. Four, the tacks are cheap and bend easily or will ultimately pop out if you manage to get them in without bending them!

        So I adapted and over came after the I noticed the Velcro falling off (yes, I cleaned the frame very well but the glue is obviously cheap!) So… I removed the screen and started over.

        I used roofing nails for their large heads like a tack. I also used small, thin cardboard squares I had in my craft supplies to insert the roofing nail threw and over top the mesh to give added support so the mesh won’t rip.

        Start in the middle and secure the top of panels in the middle using the cheap tacks but only so they hold just enough temporarily that you can slowly work your way around and down the sides. I found that the magnets have to be so exact and by working slowly and not securing the mesh permanently, you are able to adjust and readjust as needed. I took ALL of the Velcro provided and used it on one side because of the plastic door frame. NOTE: If you are removing Velcro off the mesh as I did~ BE CAREFUL otherwise you can rip the nylon!

        Since most patio doors have a wood frame that is around the entire slide and not just the opening for the mesh~ you will have one side that will be plastic or metal. Take ALL the Velcro and affix them to the side where the mesh will be secure to the plastic or metal.

        After adjusting the fit but not permanently affixing with the nails, I carefully opened and closed it several times and when I was absolutely sure I had a good fit, I then removed the tacks one at a time~ starting once again in the middle. I used the roofing nails and small cardboard square to replace the temporary tack and permanently affix it. Voila! The added Velcro on the one side has proven to be the “extra” hold needed… so far!

        The inventor is on the right track but just didn’t manufacture a quality system/product. I love to keep my bedroom patio door open all night to catch the breeze (I have had no problems with it opening but maybe those who state so are facing a direct south or north wind). I love that my Basset Hounds no longer wake me at night to go outside and having 3 of these hounds they never were in sync! So my MagicMesh has ended up being an over sized doggie door. If I had read all these comments prior to purchasing this product, I would have not bought it based on all the negativity. If I had put money into making this work, I would be very upset. However, it so happens my hubby keeps roofing nails in abundance and the cardboard squares I found in my craft supplies so no extra money. I seldom “craft” and he seldom “roofs”. I wish there was a way to show a pic of what I did cause I did an awesome job!

        PS: I think women just may have more patience and resolve for this task… that is if you are a handy woman like I am. I never would have let my hubby take this on because the expletives would have been flying and it would have ended up in the garbage! lol, but he absolutely loves it and tells me what an awesome job I did! So good luck and I hope I have helped those who have a screen falling off!

    • Tami

      Not everyone is fortunate to have the mobility to save the S&H by going to Walmart! That’s how dumb I am.

  84. HORRIBLE PRODUCT!! Are you kidding? The product says right on the box that it has 18 POWERFUL magnets!! Apparently the makers of Magic Mesh didn’t know there is actually a scale for the magnetic pull of a magnet? That scale is actually broken down for buyers as powerful,low-strength, etc..?? I will be fully expecting a full return of the price I paid for this product + the labor I paid to have my original screen taken down and what it will cost for labor to have my original screen re-installed!! My opening is less than 39 inches so, the original screen was taken down per “Magic Mesh’s” recommendations!! I expect a return email A.S.A.P!!

  85. I purchased this door and it is a disaster. The velcro doesn’t stick to the frame. The screen is hanging from the top and the sides won’t stay put. I wouldn’t recommend this item to anyone. The screen is up half a day and it is awful.

  86. Thank you all for the reviews! I won’t be wasting my money. What a shame though, I thought this would be perfect for my dog. Someone turn this idea into a quality product!

  87. Buyer Beware. This is a scam company! I wanted 1 set of screens. And they billed me for double orders. What was to be $19.95, They charged me $91.00 dollars.

    This is a scam!

    • I tried to order one of their doors and was billed for 2. If thy will not correct immediately I am going to cancel my credit card charge from them and file a complaint with my bank and our state attorney general. They must be stupid to think they could get away with this scam. Read that real STUPID !!

  88. I bought this product last summer because I thought this was a great product. It seemed to work at first even though it was difficult to assemble and put up. The Velcro kept coming off and then the other one they sold me was not wide enough to go on a patio sliding door which was wider than the mesh screen. This product is a piece of crap and a waste of money. Do not waste your money on the obviously doctored TV ad which seems to always work like a breeze. Its a shame that companies like this can get away with selling crappy products even though as it has been mentioned is a great concept. Maybe someone else will come up with a version of this that will actually work.

    • I am so glad I read these reviews! I am in my 70’s and it sounds like this would have been quite a challenge for an old lady. I thought it would be great for my dog to go in and out onto the deck and on to the dog pen by herself. I just read in a PCH flyer that it is only 19.68″ wide. Way to small. Thank you one and all for the heads up.

  89. I bought my Magic Mesh screen in the “As Seen on TV” section of Target for $14.99. When we brought it home we put it up with tacks as opposed to the Velcro strips it came with just in case we weren’t happy with it and wanted to take it back. It went up very easily! I had bought it because my dog (a Jack Russell Terrier) constantly wants to go in and out and leaving the screen door open was letting bugs in.

    After a few offers of treats to get him to try it he got the idea and he LOVES it now!!! In fact on cool days like today he is frustrated because the glass door has to be closed and he wants to use it go outside!

    I would recommend the Magic Mesh!!

  90. I don’t know what all the bad reviews are about. I put ours up a week ago and love it! Sure, it takes a bit of patience to hang it properly and line up the magnets, but seriously people… it’s not hard. As far as the velcro goes, I put one of the provided tacks in each piece and have had no problem coming loose. Our dog is cracking me up, she loves to run back and forth through it. It’s great! Two thumbs up!

    • I just bought this at Canadian Tire for 24.99. A little much but I knew I could return it. I have a sliding door and that’s where the trouble began. The instructions are useless for that circumstance.

      The opening is about 15 inches narrower than the two panels. There is no wood on the frame only aluminum and brick.

      They tell you to mount the panels high enough to clear the bottom – how the hell do you do that? To mount it higher I would have to attack to the brick – no velcro stickum or tacks will work – duh! Do I have to cut the bottom off by 6 inches? Goodbye bottom magnet.

      I especially like where in the instructions it actually tells you NOT to apply the tacks to glass or metal – really? Are there people stupid enough to try?

      Then there is the width issue. How do i attach it centered on the opening? that would create an overlap of about 9 inches on each side. and force me to try to attach to the brick on one side and the glass door on the other.

      If there were specific instructions for my circumstance (which is NOT unusual) I would give it a try but all the videos, including the “actual” user videos show a simpler door that matches their specs. The height issue is the strangest one because few doors are that high and if you have a brick house you are toast.

      Because of these issues, I decided not to even try to install ’cause then I would not be able to return it to the store.

      Back to Canadian Tire it goes. Too bad – I had high hopes.

  91. Glad I read the reviews first… for the past 7 years I have put bamboo beaded curtains on my doors (the kind with 2 inch long straw for beads) the dogs can come and go, I swear that we have barely any bugs come in due to the movement of the curtains all the time.. way less than with a screen door… they sound pretty when the wind blows them. And people outside have a hard time seeing into the house with them… I will use them forever… there are tons of them on line. I always thought they were just for looks but now I know why they use them in the tropics.

    • Darlene – What a great idea! Much prettier than mesh. Thank you. After reading these reviews, no way I will buy this. They apparently made a strong demonstration model for the commercial. Thanks to everyone that reviewed.


  92. Might as well take your bills, roll them up tight and flush them down the toilet because this is just a big pile of doggie doodoo!

  93. We had these Magic Mesh screens on 3 of our doors last season. They were very wonky and had to be adjusted all the time. They ripped and we sent some back and got some new ones equally wonky. Then, when we wanted to take them down for the winter….. they ripped the paint of all of our doors, the only place we didn’t want them to stick…… they did! Horrible product!

  94. wish I had read these reviews prior to purchasing this crap. it’s a pain to install and if you have a metal door, it sticks to it when it’s closed.

    i think the concept is awesome, but the product sucks.



    • I have extra I’d be willing to part with – the company scammed us and double billed me and my credit car – They will NOT refund the money or take back their mistake


      THEY have even posted web pages for fake positive reviews of their product

      SCAM – RUN – do not buy this product or from this company.

    • Thank you for all the reviews! I was so psyched about the product when I saw it on TV since I have a Rottie who goes in and out and 3 kids, I was like ….. AWESOME no more opening and closing the doors…. glad I looked at the reviews and kept my money.. like one review said “Great concept, but crap product”


    • KYLIE, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I was just about to order the MAGIC MESH SCREEN. after checking the MAGIC MESH REVIEWS, you the others have also saved me money INFO. APPRECIATED! JOHN FROM FLORIDA …

  97. Thank you for posting the reviews! By taking a few minutes to do so, it saved another consumer money and time and less money in a scammers pocket! I will NOT be purchasing one of these and will tell other people that I know. Thanks again!

  98. I am extremely disappointed with this product. I purchased it not online but at the as seen on TV section of the store so I did not pay shipping or extra things. I like some of the features like the magnets & thumbtack verses the velcro. However, the product is otherwise very cheaply made; the border lining is a cheap fabric that tears from the mash easily, my panels were not the same length so the magnet did not line up correctly, & the magnets are not “super powerful” like they advertise.

  99. Wake up people! This is long on going TV SCAM. Business 101 people! Offer a low cost for product; charge a 300 percent mark up on shipping / handling charges. Stop buying products from China and WalMart. That is why the USA is losing jobs to overseas countries. Buy USA made products. You been warned! Upgrade the screen for $5.00? Common people, you are getting the same quality product, but you just gave these SCAMMERS an extra $5.00..LOL Wake up you sheeps!

    • TY all for the reviews. I was going to purchase this screen, but I have
      learned after years of being ripped off on things I see advertised to
      google for the reviews on everything.

      I have also been trying to buy only Made in USA but this is almost
      impossible and takes a lot of time in the stores, so thanks to google
      I can find everything made in USA just by putting in the product name/made in USA.

      TY all for your reviews.

  100. WOW!! Thank you EVERYONE for taking the time to post your negative experiences! This is unbelievable… When I saw the As Seen On TV advertisement, I thought: This is exactly the answer to my needs… however, I can make it myself!! Scammers MUST be held accountable! I will not be making a purchase through them EVER! The BBB, the FTC and everyone else that can put a stop to these criminals! Thank you!!!

  101. Do NOT purchase this item! I went online, they had an offer, buy one get one free (just pay separate shipping). I gave my credit card information. Once I had, there was no way to review order. I ended up with 2 sets of the doors due to very confusing process. It was paid for before I knew it. Finding their customer service is impossible. I located the number to call, my only options were to order more or hear about how great it was. Finally after going through all the options, I was given another number for customer service. I called it and got a recording that the phone number was either not correct (it was) or “out of my calling area.” I can call anywhere in the world with my phone! I called my credit card company to dispute charges. They were able to call the place and put me in touch with Magic Mesh customer service. The woman was rude and told she could nothing with my order until it showed up which would be minimum of 4 hours and possibly 24. When I asked her for their customer service number, she hesitated and did not provide it. This company is BS if you ask me. I should have known better. So if you find this and are considering ordering these things (which may or may not work, I Have no experience with the actual product, this company is NOT one you want to work with. They advertise on TV. Stay away. I will be calling my credit company later today and disputing this purchase as so as I can. Completely unprofessional!

    • Exactly what happened to me – after I got through they said no fund until it was processed…..after it processed I called back and was told I had to cancel BEFORE it processed and that since it had processed there was nothing they could do.

      They offered me a 10% discount to keep, or I could send it back at my expense BUT they couldn’t guarantee my order would get credited back to my credit card.


  102. I saw the ad on TV for the first time just last night. It looks like an amazing product and I knew instantly where I would be putting it when I buy one.

    After reading these reviews – I have decided to keep my money. Am happy I looked at this site and went thru the reviews!!

    • Please go out & get this I got one as I live in a home that has glass doors & stucco so this is the only thing I can use to let my pups go in & out the web is great but it gives you other peoples feelings they may have put it up wrong as we read they ordered it wrong, All I can say is that it is great I just got another on! Enjoy!

  103. Beware…its says $29.95 but they will bill you $39.95 plus S&H, yes $39.95!!! now when you complain they will tell you have ordered the “LUXURY ” which was never mention in their website, I was scammed I could have just bought one at London drugs for 24.95 and I can easily return the item if it doesn’t meet my expectation 🙁

  104. I bought this Magic Mesh from Rite Aide, first off the velcro doesn’t stick to paint. The magnets keep falling apart. I wouldn’t buy another one, the magnet don’t line up and they’re not where they should be. Some are in the screen not the hem no good.

  105. I just purchased two sets and installed them to find they are so flimsy and the magnets are so weak and misaligned that the curtains are totally useless. My wife and I tried to adjust the Velcro contacts at least 20 times but could not get the curtains to close more than one out of 10 times passing through. This lesson came after I ruined the paint on my door frame applying the adhesive strips. My only hope now is that the store where I got them will not put up a fight when I return them on Monday.

    • Walmart is really good to buy the as seen on TV stuff if you want to see if its a product worth purchasing & keeping because they will take it back if you say it’s not it does not work properly.

  106. Follow-up to my previous post. I received magic mesh today and it is so not worth the money. It really doesn’t fit properly on a sliding glass door. We had to fasten it to the outside of the frame which was unsightly. After it was installed and everything lined up, whenever we walked through it it wouldn’t close. Then we tried adjusting it and like some of the other complaints here it ripped. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

  107. Do not waste your time or money to order the magnetic mesh door. Ordered mine over 3 weeks ago and still have not received mine. I have tried calling, email and no one will answer or email me back. I ordered fro As Seen on TV SO BEWARE IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR DOOR.

  108. I purchased magic mesh from the “as seen on tv” rack at my local Walmart.

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! 30 mins after mine was up, 2 magnets were broken and the adhesive was wearing off and the screen was falling down!! :o{{{

  109. I did order Magic Mesh before reading reviews (I usually do read reviews but forgot in this case) and was definitely leery after reading all these posts. However, I placed my order on 3/12 and the item was indeed shipped on 3/13 (have tracking # from FedEx). Also, I was originally overcharged by $10 and after calling on 3/13 the customer service rep said she would refund the overcharge (which she did as shown on my credit card statement). So far no problems. However, I didn’t receive the merchandise yet and can’t say whether it’s a piece of junk or not. I will post again after getting the merch.

    • It is a piece of junk. I have put one set up and every few hours I have to repute them up because they fall down. they have not torn and are a mess. I have not seen where anyone has returned the damaged product and gotten a full refund for them…. DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY…..Totally false advertising. $19.95 + shipping… I paid $91.+ to buy two sets and purchased the upgrade…the heavier mesh screen. Total Scam. What I received was the normal product. CAN NOT BE FITTED to your doors. 18 strong Magnet….NO NO NO NO…One light breeze and the Magnets let go and the screens fly open. The binding on the top, bottom and sides are made of thin tissue type material and shreds apart. I installed my two days ago and they are totally falling apart. I have had to buy ‘Duck tape’ to fix a repair the top where it has torn apart. Total waste of Money. DO NOT BUY!!!

  110. Always check your local Walmart. They actually have a display for “crap seen on TV.” Personally I never buy anything over the phone or internet before investigating it first. And if I can’t talk to a real person I don’t make the purchase. I am also the owner of a website that is currently being constructed so I do purchase online plug-ins but not before I am able to communicate with a real person.

  111. I had my credit card in hand ready to order…read what were supposed to be reviews but were all so positive…figured I’d better check further. Tomorrow I will be picking up a tension rod..for a set of sheer curtains I remembered I have sitting in the closet… grateful for the information and helpful idea!

    Merci Beaucoup everyone!!!!

    • What a great idea!! Thanks. I have read so many complaints about their billing practices, that I hate to even start with them.

    • Thank you for the idea! I have been sitting here for the past 4 hours researching and comparing prices and styles, and I was getting ready to buy one off of Very happy that I found this review site, because I would’ve wasted money and been very upset. Very grateful!

      • Try “Solutions” Have a great similar product but much higher quality. It hangs by a tension style curtain rod with velcro strips securing curtain to sides of door frame. we’ve had 2 for more than 4 years with grand-kids and cats running in and out and still using. Slightly more expensive but without all the added charges and scams the bottom line is about the same for a much superior product.

        • LMAO all the negative comments about any “positive” review for magic mesh that they must be from a rep of the company…seems like the reps for the “Solutions” brand screen doors hang out in these review sections too…just to promote their product…just saying.

  112. Just ordered ONE and they are now sending TWO and charged me a total of $31.80 for shipping! I can’t believe it and can’t cancel this order or is there a phone number to call to cancel! So now I’m stuck with TWO instead of one. AND the shipping price is unreal and not reasonable at all!

  113. This doesn’t fit a standard slider. 83″ long? A standard curtain is 84″. It leaves a 2 foot gap at the bottom, what’s the point?

  114. Absolutely the most expensive, over $70 for the “deal”, 2 for 1 + shipping x 2…. Installed correctly, easy to put up.
    Friends and family all enjoyed hours of laughter trying to duplicate the TV ad!!! The fun was worth about 1/2 the price.
    This is a HUGE ripoff.

    We took it down, shipped it back 8 months ago and last week, sent a complaint to Atty General with copies to the FTC.

    If you want cheap entertainment, this is way too expensive; rent a clown.

    Magic Mesh is pure junk, the company is a pure Fraud.

  115. Why is it that every single site I have visited to find “Magic Mesh Review” turns out to be a sham? All the sites I have browsed gives rave reviews about the product and even gave offers and discounts to buy the product there itself. Considering the sites , , and which I visited before this website really frustrated me to the point that it did not even allow me to exit the window without clicking a thousand times. It looked like the reviews were in fact advertisements itself. Thanks to this website that I finally could read a genuine review without any posters or banners from the product dealers. Thanks a lot once again to share the review about magic mesh.

    • This is exactly what they exploit the Search Engine loopholes. Some tricks and techniques where they write very good reviews about any product, even if it is a crappy one.For your information, Search Engines can be easily cheated by using keyword rich content and put up right on top of its search to fool people. Here on this website an effort has been made to make sure that real and honest user reviews always reach everyone in need. It is an unfortunate thing that such scam websites are still working and increasing day by day for the good of no one.

  116. I ordered Magic Mesh in May 2011 and never received it by the time needed it, which was July 4, so I canceled it July 27, 2011. Aug. 23, 2011 I was billed $103.50 & $91.70. I only ordered one set for $19.95 + S&H. When one buys one set, they can get the 2nd set for FREE + $7.95 S & H = ~$35.85.

    Besides being billed 6Xs for one screen door, to date [12/16/11], it has not arrived. My debit card company demanded proof of delivery from the company. Magic Mesh sent my bank a tracking # for a confirmation of delivery of FedEx delivery that was supposedly delivered by the USPS. The US does not work for FEDEX.


    God Bless,

  117. WOW thanks for this website! I was about to purchase this “magic mesh” but after all the poor reviews I have seen, I will not 😀

  118. Wondering about the magnets… do they scramble ur cell phone reception or erase memory?

    God Bless.. America!

    • I did not receive my Magic Mesh. I paid it with my discover card back in September pleace let me know why I didnt get it Thank you

  119. I love my Magic Mesh and need 3 more. It works great, it takes common sense to install. When my hands are full, I can go in and out with ease. Very satisfied!

  120. Glad I read the reviews before I bought. I bought the instant screen door from home depot $19.99 it hangs with a tension rod. It does have velcro closure on the side panels and magnets in in middle for closure. The magnets don’t really meet in the middle when you walk through it. But it is made of a nice nylon screen. Its not flimsy even though it does not always close correctly…its good enough for what I need.

  121. The Magic Mesh does NOT work! It hardly stands a breeze! After one day the whole thing was unstuck from the door, most of it lying on the floor. One of the magnets was already broken when we got it, and it takes a good two minutes of hard struggle for the magnets to clamp back together. My small cat passed through it and the magnets were barely able to make it back to one another. Cheap cheap cheap and useless.

  122. Hold this review written by magic mesh itself? First off, buyer beware. Magic Mesh’s website will have you upgrading and 2 for 1 unit until you have purchased way more than you intended! There is no review of the purchase @ the end so when your 2 for $19.99 order is complete and you see they are charging your card $150, there is no way to stop the order but by calling their 800#. I was lazy (which they count on) & did not call, so when I received my order…I didn’t even know if it was right or not. Then comes the product itself. In one day after installation, my SMALL pekingese dogs had ripped holes in the “magic” mesh. The strips they provide to adhere continuously come down and now are virtually useless!The magnets DO lock back together most of the time, but there are gaping holes in the screens themselves so that I would never leave my door open expecting bugs NOT to get thru. Advice….buy and install a screen door. In the end you will save $$ & have a real, functioning screen barrier.

  123. The Magic Mesh product is worthless. It tore up in a week.

    Also- buying just one is not an option. The website forces you to buy two.

  124. I’m sorry but I was ordering the magic mesh screen and they charged my credit card $91.70 for the 2 that I ordered, I tried calling to cancel the order and was told we don’t have your order in our system yet that I needed to call back in 4 hours, I did call back 4 hours later and was told we still don’t have your order, I was informed they were closing and I’d need to call back first thing the following morning. I did call back the first thing the following morning and the woman was very rude and disrespectful to me and told me that I couldn’t cancel my order because my order had already shipped. I called my credit card company to deny the charge and they called the magic mesh company as well to try and cancel the order and wasn’t able to get them to cancel the order either. The woman my credit card company spoke to said to just return it and they would refund the money to my card minus shipping, well I’m sorry but I’m not paying shipping on a product I didn’t want and did try to cancel and wasn’t allowed to cancel. A couple days later I received a email, congratulating me saying my order had shipped out and provided me with a tracking number. Now wait, I thought the order shipped out several days ago when I called and tried to cancel the order? I will never order anything from TV again, I’ll wait til it’s at Walgreens and go get it from there…. Once the product arrived at my home I refused the order and told the mail lady to return it to sender. They still have yet to refund the $91.70 to my credit card but my credit card company has filed a dispute and returned the money back to my card.

    • We encountered this EXACT same run-around when purchasing our magic mesh. Called to cancel messed up order and were told hadn’t received payment yet so call back tomorrow. When we called the next day, they told us it was shipped already so couldn’t cancel. Then the day after that, we got the shipping confirmation. Oh… they also shipped it to the wrong house.

      It finally showed up upon re-order today and my wife told me it looks pretty poorly made and the magnets are weak. I guess I will see when I get home.

      This was our first “As-seen-on-tv” type purchase ever and I am feeling justified for typically staying clear of those things.

    • I filed a dispute on my Chase card. They made a credit but now re-billed for Magic Mesh. Chase said they cannot ‘force’ the merchant to give a credit. I think that this is an unacceptable reply from Chase and from Magic Mesh (who I’ve also called for credit). I even returned the four pieces of garbage and I am out $31.80 plus MY cost to return them. And, why would they charge me shipping on four when they ship two boxes with two mesh pieces of junk in one box? DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! Post this complaint site on your FB page and spread the word.

  125. I am looking forward to my Magic Mesh to find out how it works and see if it is what it claims to be… that said, buy one get one free is b.s. there is a $15.90 Process and handling fee to make sure they sell you two. My total for an order that was $19.95 was $37.70. That to me is crap. I hope it is worth it and I will be back to comment positive or negative when I receive my magic mesh and oh ya my “free” one.

  126. Does anyone know the dimensions of the Magic Mesh?!? Length, Height, Width?!? Please let me know. I understand it’s crap but I might be good for a door that has no traffic and just needs a simple “bug stopper”.

    Thank You!

  127. SCAM ! ! !
    Ordered 1 Magic Mesh set on Sunday evening and got confirmation charged for 2 sets $71 total. Called Customer Support Monday 8 AM 1-866-649-0146 asked to send me just 1 set and to cancel another and was told they cannot cancel because they already shipped it.

    Too bad I did not read Magic Mesh reviews first.

  128. Good morning,

    I’d like to know where I can buy the magic mash screen door in Italy.

    Many thanks,

  129. This product is a waste of money. I bought the 2 for offer. It took a while for delivery. You need two parts for the door. One part was already poorly stitched and ripped. So, I opened the second one to substitute the inferior part. It lasted for a day then the other side ripped.

    When I ordered I wound up paying 91 dollars for the two sets. What a rip off. So… then I went to Wal-Mart and bought a tension curtain rod and a sheer curtain…all for 14 dollars and put them up. They work well and the dog and come and go as she pleases when the door is open. Also keeps the flies out.

    Do not waste your money on Magic Screen.

    • I am so glad I wrote down the website and came here first. I already have one similar and even tho it fell apart quickly I was able to jerry-rig it to stay sorta closed. This thing looked so good on tv. Thanks for letting us know the truth here.

  130. I was all ready to purchase this product this morning UNTIL I read all the negative reviews. I live in the tropics and have 4 dogs who wander in and out of the open doors to the decks and courtyard. I thought this would be a perfect fix to having the doors open all the time.

    However, the majority of the negative comments here regarding the quality and the costs has changed my mind. Sorry you all got burned but thanks for saving me the frustration and costs involved.

    Everyone here that has been ripped off should contact their consumer affairs dept. to see if there are options for getting refunds or shutting down these scammers. There seems to me to be enough complaints to do so.

  131. I was very excited to receive the Magic Mesh. While installing I noticed that there weren’t enough Velcro strips provided in order to properly seal the mesh to my sliding door opening. This left me with gaps along the sides of the mesh allowing annoying fly’s to crawl in.

    Also While installing and attaching the Velcro strips in place we noticed the strip was off a little so we pulled the Velcro strip off the door opening only to find out that the Magic Mesh was not Sewn along the seams its a pressed together construction. Its very easy to pull apart at the seams.

    You must know that I paid extra for the upgrade material set. I an not happy with the magic Mesh, we only had
    it on for a month and its pulling apart at the seams all over. I really think the product design was a good idea but it should have been tested first and reinforced. There is no way this product well last more then a month or so, no way will it last for over a season.

    I give it a very poor rating My wife will have to take it down go out and buy a ribbon or seam material and sew the seams together. Then purchase a roll of Velcro to and sew that in completely seal the the mesh to the door opening, Hell I might go into the business. Thank you for a good idea but a very cheap product Refund!!!

    • I just want to thank you all for your feedback. Almost made the mistake of buying this item & Bed Bath & Beyond, thank goodness they were out of stock & then I turned to this website. WOW! Never thought, but glad I read the reviews! Kudos for Nancy G! Thanks for the info! I’ll be @ Lowe’s 1st thing tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone for NOT letting me another “stupid” mistake in buying “just seen on tv” crap. Not saying that everything on “just seen on tv” is crap, because it’s not, but glad for this blog for those who “almost made the same mistake”.

  132. Magic Mesh is a joke. My fiance and I were really excited to order it for our back door. Not only do we entertain often, we have two dogs that we like to let come and go as they please in the summer. First of all, it took over two months for our magic mesh to arrive. When it finally did, the two panels did not match in size – one is about 5 inches longer than the other. We hung them anyway (we weren’t going to bother with a return when it took 2 months to receive them to begin with) and they absolutely DO NOT EVER close by themselves more than half way down. No matter how slowly, quickly, or carefully we walk through them, they do not close. Just to add insult to injury, within two days of having them up, a guest to our house attempted to manually close them and the attempt resulted in an 8 inch tear to the mesh. Worst money ever spent.

  133. Man am I glad I found this site! I ordered the “Magic Mesh” about 13 days ago and realized that I didn’t even review the product first. Then I stumble upon this site. Scary stuff!! Luckily I was able to cancel my order since it had not shipped yet so my card was not yet charged. Guess I’ll be stopping by the local Home Depot to get something similar.

  134. Just an FYI, folks – Lowes Hardware sells a similar screen that uses a tension bar (like a shower bar) at the top and velcro on both sides. Best thing is, there’s no shipping & handling, you can buy as many or as few as you’d like and I got ours for $13.99!! Works just FINE for my husband and me!

  135. I ordered this Magic Mesh online last Sunday. Since I only had use for one screen curtain, I tried to not get the “1 free” because it had a $7.95 shipping fee so it wasn’t really free. Not only could I NOT get only one, but by the end screen of the order it had me down for 2 sets of buy one/get one free so I now had a $39.90 bill for 4 curtains plus $31.80 in shipping for a total of $71.70! So much for $19.99! I couldn’t cancel the order on the website (I had hoped for a “confirm” button- doesn’t exist), and the customer service # was “not open on Sundays” so I tried calling Monday am 10:30, and was told “sorry, too late, it’s already been processed – you can’t cancel the order”. The service representative was unresponsive to my dilemma and said my only recourse was to refuse delivery of the package. Of course not only could she tell me who the shipping company was initially (only after I pressed her did she find out it was FedEx) but I work so how was I going to refuse delivery if they leave it on my doorstep? I discourage everyone from ordering this product online!!

  136. I have 110lb doberman. I am also disabled and hate bugs. Magic mesh is wonderful. I have been so happy with this. The dog comes in and out, it shuts behind her. Would I have paid $100.00, maybe not for the quality, but this is truly the best 20 bucks I spent all summer. It is a wonderful little idea especially for us old folks. Thanks.

  137. I wish I had seen this site before ordering Magic Mesh. They shipped my order twice and charged my account both times. I called them and they said they would not return my shipping and handling on the duplicate order. It was their fault!! They said if I called the Attorney General’s office they would hang up on me because I should have read the small print. Nothing says that if it was their error I should pay the price. What if they had multiplied my order by 10X. Would I be responsible for over $350 in shipping? Don’t order from these people!!!

    • This Magic Mesh fell apart, ripped easily, the magnets fell off, lasted less than a week and the shipping charges are a rip off, not refundable they say. I have a challenge on my credit card. I hope TV stations and FCC and authorities will stop allowing this to continue.

  138. Hey everyone, just got my Magic Mesh and thought I would share my experience. I read all of these comments and decided to go to eBay to get one so I wouldn’t have to deal with the credit card scam they are clearly running.

    It arrived today and I installed it with seemingly no problems. I used the tacks instead of the velcro because our door frame is wood. The product feels pretty flimsy but seems to work fine if installed correctly. You have to make sure both sides are correctly lined up before you tack the screen on your door frame. Once it was lined up well, the magnets worked fine.

    I would say that it wouldn’t last past one season as its not super well made. We also have a black lab who will probably be pretty hard on it coming and going.

    However, I only paid $14 with free shipping on eBay so probably got my money’s worth! Good luck to you!

  139. To those who got ripped off: The vast majority of you made your purchase using a credit card. If the company doesn’t cooperate, why don’t you call the credit card company and dispute the charge? And have you filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau? How about filing a complaint with the FTC?

  140. Wow, I saw this ad on tv and thought I would buy this product for our backdoor, I’m so glad I came here first to read the reviews before I made this purchase.

  141. I think Magic Mesh site has a real problem. I didn’t not check on this site otherwise, I would have never placed the order. But the good thing is I discovered early… I watched the TV and came to their site today to order 1 screen door.

    It says buy one get one free. All I need is to pay for extra handling. So I figured 2 panels for $19.0 and $7.50 for S&H (they even say in their video it is like $10 per panel). I figure I only need to pay extra S&H, the total should be around $35.00 including tax.

    I went through the ordering and it asked if I wanted a thinker better quality mesh for an extra $5 each. At that time, I knew something was fishy, so I clicked “No Thanks”, and hit the back button, all the way to the beginning, thinking that the order would not be placed because it never showed me the total for me to confirm the order.

    A couple of seconds later, I got an email that my order has been placed. I NEVER confirmed the order and agreed on the final charge! In the email, it says that I ordered 2 screen doors for $19.00 each and S&H for $31.80. Where is the buy one get one free sh#t? The total on the invoice is $75.39. This is unbelievable.

    I quickly called customer service and they told me that they were waiting for the order to be downloaded and didn’t have the order information with them until 8:00 tonight. This Federal trade commission office should shut down this place. DO NOT fall into this scam, DO NOT buy from them.

    • Dido tony only I did not check this site I order 1 and like an idiot say I want the better quality one for 5 I click my order no confirmation screen thank you for your order screen says I ordered 2 for a lovely total of 91 dollars. I panicked and could not find a number to call so I called my bank to cancel the card suffered some inconvenience for a week of 2 waiting for a new one. But these guys are a scam later I found the customer service number given out by a number to call to place an order. I tell customer service about the crappy web site they have and they say they have nothing to do with the web but yet they had my order. So I share with them the mistake it made they offered to reduce my order to one but I shared with them I cancelled my order. so they said they will cancel it. By the way after the basic cost they said they charge for processing and handling not shipping. shipping is free according to their site.

  142. Magic Mesh causes feline cancer and started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s why they had to charge more than the commercial says. Funding all that treatment for kitty cat cancer and funding wars on two fronts is expensive. I think we should all apologize to Magic Mesh and take out our checkbooks and give them a little assistance.

  143. I wish I would have read the Magic Mesh reviews before ordering. I have a sliding screen door the dogs ruined and thought this would be an inexpensive fix in the meantime. I haven’t installed it yet but can already tell it’s bigger than the door.

    Also, about two weeks after I received the set I ordered I received two more sets that I didn’t order and was charged $98.81. I sent them back asking for a full refund and they only refunded $64.54 … so not only was I out $34.27 for what I have no idea, but was also out the $15 or so dollars I had to shell out to send it back.

    DON’T ORDER … THIS COMPANY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!! Unethical in every way imaginable.

    • I just ordered a set of magic mesh and now my bank statement shows instead of being charged the $35.85 it is suppose to be, I was charged $71.72. What the ?????. And now I can’t get ahold of them. All you get is that freakin’ robot on the phone, I didn’t even want the second one for shipping and handling price, but I guess that was the deal.

      But my problem is the $71.00 charged to my bank account and I’m wondering how I can talk to a live person.

  144. Hello everyone,

    Unfortunately most of us get fooled at least once lol………but once is enough. You learned to “google” everything from reviews, scams, etc…

    googling everything before you make any purchase helps… before I post this comment I was getting ready to make my purchase but I figured let me check out the reviews..thank you Jesus!

    God bless!

  145. Magic Mesh Review by Glen Sparks

    I placed A order for a Magic Mesh Door Screen, unfortunately you don’t have the opportunity to speak to a real live person while ordering. The voice asked me do you want 1 or 2 screens, the TV advertisement said buy one & get get a second one free for $19.95 plus $7.95 for P/H on each screen for a total of $35.85.

    When the order arrived it consisted of 3 sets, a total of 6 screens. I contacted my credit card company and was told my account had been charged $115.35 by Magic Mesh (had I ordered 3 sets at $19.95 plus $7.95 for 6 screens the total should have been $107.55).They gave me a phone number to call which allowed me to speak to a real live person, as it turned out was a waste of time. He told me based on their records I had ordered 3 complete sets, I told him I only have two exiting doors, why would I order 6 screens, he still insisted that I had ordered 3 sets of screens.

    I told him I would be returning all 3 sets, he said if I returned them within 30 days they woild credit my account $67.30, but would retain the balance to cover their P/H cost. At that time I told him that the damn screens were a piece of junk in my opinion. He informed me if I continued to use profanity he would discontinue our conversation. I told him I did not consider the word damn a curse word when you consider the language usaf on TV today, but before I was able to make that statement, he said have a good day and hung up on me. I returned the 3 sets the following day which cost me $17.61 for a total investment of $132.96 for which I have nothing to show for it as of this date.

    This a SCAM, don’t waste your time or money & be sure to read customer reviews on any product advertised on TV prior to purchasing the merchindise.

  146. Magic Mesh Question by Alaina

    I bought Magic Mesh in June and just recieved it yesterday. My father opened it and tried to attach it to our back door but the mesh is way to big for a normal back door. Where do I return it?

  147. I ordered the 2 set special online and my receipt said that I was also billed for 4 sets…..but when I called the customer service number the next day it was easily corrected. Customer service intercepted the order before the Magic Mesh Co. received the order….I think that Customer service is a separate company that handles complaints. It took about 6 or 7 weeks before I received the 2 door screens.

    The screens are not cut straight and look ridiculous when hung so that the center line is vertical.

  148. Wow! It’s amazing to see so many negative comments agreeing with each other. I found this web site after I already made my order. I would not have purchased the “Magic Mesh” if I had found this web site first. I am now glad I did not find the web site first.

    So, I had to keep a positive attitude and not listen to all your comments. I received the Magic Mesh today and I just love it! …..and for all of you out there. I DO NOT work or know anything or anybody in this company. Just as you, I saw the commercial and ordered it online.

    First I went to this site.|sm|go|tm&a_aid=011&a_bid=76367096

    Understand that all the as seen on TV are the same. There is always something “extra” they will try to upgrade you to. It’s not a scam, it’s just some swift and cunning marketing. (For this one, the thicker mesh.) You always pay the extra shipping for the get one free. Taxes are extra. Canadian prices here. Before you know it, the price goes from $29.95 to $39.95 plus, shipping, $7.95 x 2, plus taxes, for a final total of $61.04.

    It took 10 days for the product to get to my door, but I also recognize and was prepared as their web site says “please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.”

    When I ordered my product, I immediately got an e-mail receipt. It said that my credit card would NOT be charged until the item ships. I received another e-mail telling me my item was shipped two days before it came to my door. My credit card was charged properly.

    For those of you who had problems finding phone numbers. On the Canadian site there is an underscore “customer service” to the right. Click it. For the American site|af&a_aid=OF&a_bid=b9f6db8f&data1=2667, same thing, Click it.

    So, as far as quality. It’s fine and it does the job wonderfully. The mesh is actually a good flexible yet sturdy enough mesh. The magnets need to be light so that your body can go through it or even a small dog. When putting the mesh up, you need to make sure they are aligned and close enough so that the magnets will attract and snap properly. Too long…..better longer than too short. There are many door types and you need to adjust it for your doorway. The mesh now hangs nicely with a small amount of space at the bottom for easy movement.

    As far as this being a scam. NO, I don’t believe that. If orders were mixed up or people got double charged…..Life happens. Deal with it calmly and work things out. Perhaps a button was clicked too many times on the site. Remember, it isn’t always the dealer. As long as you can work the issue out.

    This product is a great idea and it would help to appreciate the work others have put into it. It may not be perfect, (length), it can’t be, but it’s something I will take and actually work with. It works, the magnets work, it works. So, for all you inventors out there, take this idea and make it better if it doesn’t suit you the way it is.

    Oh yes, OF COURSE it’s made in China. Everything’s made in China. Look around you. You’ll have a hard time finding things that aren’t. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

    The only problem I have with my order, and this is for the Canadians…Why is it that companies are still charging us higher prices, in this case $10 more for a product when the Canadian dollar is the same as the U.S. and even more at times. Really, what’s up with that? Do you think we’re stupid? Oh, maybe so, I still bought it……because, I thought it would be worth it. Even at a final total of $30 a piece, it is worth it. I didn’t have to sit at a sewing machine making and designing it for 2 hours.

    • All these reports (here and elsewhere) of people being charged 2x-3x-4x, not receiving their goods, scam shipping charges, and you say this is NOT a scam, it’s the consumers’ fault and a good product? Life Happens? All those “accidental” overcharges and unhappy customers and it’s the customers’ fault?

      All I can suggest is that, if after reading all of the reports, if someone still orders based on your lone “satisfied user” report, they probably are getting what they deserve.

      • I am with you! Thank the Lord I looked here first! I have been excited about this for quite a while and now I will look elsewhere. I hate that all these people were ripped off and thank all of you for saving me not just money but stress, hassle and anger!

  149. Magic Mesh Exposed

    OMG! I will not repeat what everybody else has written. From the poor construction to the fit (it does not fit either door or sliding glass window), to how ridiculous it looks, to how it falls down to how the magnets open with a breeze and how the house fills with bugs, this product is one big RIP-OFF. I am cutting my losses and tossing it. I am not paying to ship it back and still have no refund. However, I am filing a complaint under the Canadian Consumer Prorection Act. For those that have not yet wasted your money, just tape a few $5 bills to your door. It will cost less and work better.

  150. I saw Magic Mesh on television a few days ago and thought this was just what we needed for our back patio sliding glass door that leads to backyard. I learned many years ago to search out everything on the internet and I really appreciate everyone’s comments and feedback on this product. My husband and I decided against ordering the mesh screens and will purchase another screen door from our local Home Depot/Lowe’s. I learned that Target and other stores (Bed Bath and Beyond) carry much of the items sold on “as seen on TV”. I encourage everyone to do the research before purchasing anything on TV. Good luck with your returns.

  151. I saw Magic Mesh on television a few days ago and thought this was just what we needed for our back patio sliding glass door that leads to backyard. I learned many years ago to search out everything on the internet and I really appreciate everyone’s comments and feedback on this product. My husband and I decided against ordering the mesh screens and will purchase another screen door from our local Home Depot/Lowe’s. I learned a ago that Target and other stores (Bed Bath and Beyond) carry much of the items sold on “as seen on TV”. I encourage everyone to do the research before purchasing anything on TV. Good luck with your returns.

  152. Never buy on line from any of these companies. I have found every item sold on “as seen on tv” can be purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. For those who do not have one of their stores near by, they have a website and it it very legit. Google and their website shows store locations, shipping costs, terms and conditions (very important on any website. Don’t buy from any that don’t show theirs), and return policy. The other thing I like is you can return either by mail or at one of their stores.

    You can get what you want and not get taken.

  153. Oh by the way don’t even try to call their accounting Dept, the guy I talked to didn’t have a number for them nor did he even know where his paycheck from or who signed it what a dumb$&@.

  154. I just found this website too late. I have been scammed by this b/s company. I ordered 1and a free one well they sent me 4 and charged my cc $91.60 and over-drafted my account and I incurred $266.00 in overdraft charges. They returned the money to my account and my bank (Regions) waved the overdraft fees. Don’t order off the T.V it’s a shipping scam. I believe with all my being that ups/fed-ex are in on this because every thing you see on T.V is act mow and get 2 for the price of one plus S/H. I did tell that obnoxious prick I talked to that I did know where Wallingford, CT was and I can come give him a taste of southern hospitality. Anyway they are no good. Stay away!!!!

  155. I ordered Magic Mesh for my daughter (has dogs going in and out), and she likes the product okay, however, I needed only one set but they wouldn’t let me buy just one set so I had to buy the set of two and pay double for S&H. They were advertised at $19.95 yet when I got billed it was $29.95 plus $15.90 for S&H. I called and complained but was told ‘oh, you must have ordered the ‘better quality set.” What? Where did I have a choice to ‘order a better quality set”? They couldn’t answer that. They then said okay, we’ll refund you $5. – yet I paid $10.00 extra. What out for these scams……..

  156. Oh.. Shipping and Handling!! A money Maker.. is way high for such a light well packed 10″x4x4 inches small product The previous ordering mistake was 1/2 S&H A JOKE NOT

    and IF they take returns.. not the S&H is returned plus you must pay shipping I guess

    I just moved in to new place without screens, and need temp covers until I put some decent screens up so what’s 20$ to me right now..

  157. I purchased, AND upgraded for 10$ buck the product offered!!! Watch out they try to get you to order other not related to these screens other products too… Wonder how cheap made in China?, The originals are… these upgraded items are still think, cheap too.. Quality hanging is weird if you can get them to hang evenly and right.. The magnets are cheaply applied.. one set several fell off… Where now I must glue them back together@#$. Watch out your doors don’t have metal inside.. that hinders them, they stick to my door often rather come back together.. They won’t last a second season in my opinion.. They are sort of nice for a temp fast screening.. Like the concept — DO NOT LIKE THE MADE IN CHINA, the poor quality and assurance OH BTW ordering, I couldn’t cancel.. the order went through 2 times bad… Had to call back Monday.. had racked up 263$ in mistaken purchases the operator says happens often.. don’t like not being able to click ACCEPT shopping cart order.


  158. Let’s shut these crooks down! On one night in July I ordered what I thought was one set of Magic Mesh screens, and the on line screen showed two orders totaling triple what I thought I was paying and THERE WAS NO WAY TO CHANGE THE ORDER! This is unheard of in my world, before Magic Mesh. So I immediately phoned the company and got Don #622 and he told me that everything else was cancelled except the one order. Then I received two boxes full of these things, and then my credit card showed charges of triple what I ordered. I phoned to get customer help with this and got hung up on, called back, then talked to a supervisor who said there was no way I didn’t place 3 orders but if I send them back at my expense they would refund the remainder. Always read scam alerts before ordering.

    • I should have read the Magic Mesh Review before ordering.

      I placed the order on-line on 8/31/11 and received an order confirmation for two sets although I only order one set. Tried going on-line to check and change the order but my order did not come up using all the options. I then phoned customer service on Monday Sept. 5th, 2011 and spoke to Art. He could not find my order and asked that I check again the next day. I checked again the next day and my order was not to be found. I checked again on Wednesday, Sept. 7th, 2011 and no order to be found. I phoned customer service and spoke to Brian and asked that my order be cancelled. He stated he had no record of my order and could not cancel the order. I then spoke to the customer service supervisor Barbra and she too could not find the order or cancel the order. She had no way of cancelling the order and recommended that I phone each day until the order was on their system. Although I sent a letter to customer service at the listed PO Box asking that they cancel the order and send me a confirmation that the order was cancelled I doubt they will do this as I now believe this is a SCAM after reading the reviews.

      I will read the reviews before ordering on-line again.

  159. No one should ever buy anything “As Seen On TV” directly from the seller via a phone number you see on the screen or on their website. If you really must buy any products advertized, find a store locally where they have a section called “AS SEEN ON TV” and buy it there, i.e., CVS, Walgreen’s, Stop & Shop … Some larger malls even have a store called “AS SEEN ON TV”. The price will be appropriate; no shipping & handling; no cost to return it back, no extra charges for doubling your order, even if you only want one, etc. If you’re not happy with it, return it to the store where you purchased it and get your money back in full!!! DON’T BE FOOLED BY THESE PRODUCT ADVERTISEMENTS!!! Most of them are awful anyway.

    If you MUST buy it directly from the vendor, you should always go online to read product reviews first! Even on the HSN or QVC networks products … you’ll also find websites for reviews. I saved a lot of money, time and aggravation by checking out those review sites first!!! It’s not always what is advertised to be.

  160. SCAM!!

    I got charged $80, too-and I ordered one! There's no way to get in touch with an actual person-everything is automated. Thanks to THIS website I'm going to try the 800# – but plan on calling my bank tomorrow to cancel.

    Their website is set up to double and triple charge… total scam artists.

    • I guess we need to learn to always (before ordering) read the scam alerts. I thought I had learned this. What a foul company. I’m sorry you got stuck too. I’m sending mine back and if they don’t refund, I’ll dispute it with my credit card company.

  161. I was getting ready to order a set of these. Now, I’m not, obviously! But I am going to make one. I’ll check back in here and let you know how it works out–with instructions if it works.

  162. I forgot to mention that the reason they open so easily with a little wind is the magnets are too weak to keep them closed. And within hours the magnets fell apart and were on the floor. I too believe this is a waste of money because product isn’t of good quality.

  163. I bought 2 of them. Paid 35 dollars and change !! Keep in mind if your door has any metal on it. If the wind blows they open and attach themselves to the door leaving them wide open. With every whisk of wind you have to go back and close them. Doesn’t work for me.

  164. As stated by others, THANK YOU for your reviews!

    I too was just about to purchase this product as it really is, in theory, just what I am looking for. One of my dogs literally burst through my screened sliding door last summer so this seemed to be the answer. I guess I’ll fix the screen door, mark it so the pooch can see its closed & get up & open it myself rather than pay for this scam.

    Thanks again & I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way…

      • Yes, I was about to upgrade the order for the thicker mesh and 2 year warranty, when we decided to check reviews. I had already entered CC info. So now I’m waiting to see if I get charged or not. Check reviews before even starting the order!

  165. Having two Jack Russell terriers who love to go in and out of the house, I saw the Magic Mesh as a godsend–until I tried to put it up. There was no way to adjust the size to fit the opening of my patio door and I had to become ingenious to get the task done.

    Once it was up, I was quite pleased as I passed in and out of the house a few times…note, I said a FEW times, before the plastic covers fell off the screen in places and the magnets slipped to the deck. If that wasn’t bad enough, the edging became unattached to the actual screen part. In the end, after only three days, it looks like a total wreck with missing pieces and edging hanging loose. Luckily, it was a buy 1, get 1 free deal–and I was to get two for $19.99 plus shipping (in the end, my bill was 49.74!!!! God, this has to be a government company because clearly I just got screwed!).

    I am going to crazy glue the plastic pieces together and reinforce the sewing on the edging since it clearly wasn’t done. All I can say is: “Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!” The idea is great, but the quality of the product can’t survive dogs under 10 pounds! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!

  166. First – thank you for the customer feedback. By far the most important part, in my opinion, of these product descriptions.

    Second – since we all agree this product sucks, but, that it was a good idea in concept – what alternatives exist?

    I have an odd shaped (non-standard) doorway to the bulk-head in the basement. I’d like to be able to open the bulk-head to get some air in, but the door at the bottom open would suck.

    So – what are the alternatives? I can “custom” make one too, if there are idea?

    Thanks in advance.

    Word up.

    • There is a similar product called Bug Off. It’s more expensive but I’d rather spend a little extra and get something that works.

    • See Comment from GWT below and his experience in asking the local Hardware store about materials that can be used by us “handymen”. May take a bit of doing, but would be exciting to try and save money.


  167. Common themes here…I ended up ordering two sets (4 total) when I only wanted one. It is a piece of crap…flimsy material, the velcro doesn’t hold, the magnets are very weak. If I thought for a second the money back guarantee would be honored, I’d send them back…that would probably be just another waste of time and effort.

  168. Unfortunately I did not read reviews before ordering. I did get a bit screwed with the obligatory second, un-needed item that doubled the shipping cost with no place to cancel. But I figured I’d just give the second one to a friend, and hope it worked as advertised. honestly, the quality seemed ok, it probably would have worked on my condo balcony as intended – if it weren’t almost two feet short, and a couple inches too narrow! My door can’t be that abnormal, a few hundred apartments in this building built in 2004 have it!! So now, I’ll give both of them to my friend, and if they don’t fit his either (seems doubtful), then about $38 down the tubes! Sigh. Live and learn I suppose.

  169. This product is a joke, actually it is a rip-off. I bought it and it is poorly constructed (panels don’t line up, poor sealing). Gaps are so large that anything can slip through. Don’t buy it!

  170. I was impressed with this item as it is perfect for those of us that have dogs that are continually going and out. I ordered one set (but got caught in their “verification process” which I actually got two orders by not reading the fine print). Got hold of one of their representatives and had one order cancelled, which brought the total price down to about $40.00. I just installed the item and found that it was too long for my patio door; and was very difficult for one person to handle or install due to the fact that you had to have many hands to position it for installation. I needed to only install the panels on a short width, but no indication that I could fold the mesh to fit the space I wanted to cover, ie. how did they get the mesh to work on the mobile home as shown in the TV ad? The concept is good, but the customer directions stink ……. assuming to much for installation. I will say this for the item: my two dogs took to going and out without any problems. BUT, I find that I have trouble using it as it seems to catch or bind at the top as if it is not long enough, even if it seems to be about six inches or more above the door, and I find it still drags a bit on the bottom. The item is installed on the sunny side of the building, so it remains to be seen if it will stay put, or cause problems as seen in previous comments. My last comment: I have a special designed door that I use for my dogs in the past and I am not going to throw it away!

    • Out of curiosity. I checked with the local LOWES hardware store and they state that they have many meshes, of stronger material and longer lasting and that they would be perfect for these things. If you are inclined to do a bit of work yourself, you can probably get $5.00 of mesh and $5.00 of magnets and do it yourself, but it may take a bit of planning to position and secure the magnets. Probably last longer and would give great satisfaction of doing it yourself. But, we can thank Magic Mesh for showing us the concept.

    • Go to the page where it says to check your order status and on the left side of that page is a return order info. It will print your RMA number on the page when you print it. Get ready you get to pay the freight back to them also. Did you notice there was no where that you could “REMOVE” an item or edit your order. Scam deluxe I ‘d say. I now one order for $71.70, $107.50 and if that’s not enough a last order for $111.60 so wish me luck on getting this mess cleared up. The address that my RMA printed says are you readily for this…Magic Mesh300 Returns Road Wallingford, CT. 06493

  171. This is my first time ever buying a “TV” item and in all honesty I truly believe it to be a scam. The screens themselves are terrible and after paying almost $40 for two (half of that is their “handling fee”, it costs $9 just to send them back. So now I am out $49, I might get back $19 from my return, so Magic Mesh took a cool $30 out of my pocket and net net kept a solid $15 I’d say….and they get my new screens back to re-sell them again and again. Think about it..the net $15 per sale, re-sell the same returned screens over and over…that’s why it takes so long to ship…they’re maintaining a small inventory and waiting for returns to ship back out to the next idiot. Anyone up for class action lawsuit?

    • I ordered these screens too…It took three months for them to be delivered, ordering them in June and receiving them the last day of August…the summer is now gone…They were advertised at $19.99 for two. When I received them, there was no invoice. Now I see from my credit card bill, I was charged $87.00! I want my money back…Yes, I am interested in a class action lawsuit!

  172. Boy am I glad I found this site…the idea sounds so great, I believe you can create your own product by visiting Lowes or your local hardware store. Too BAD MAGIC MESH

  173. My husband ordered one over the phone in response to the TV ad, then agreed to the free one (with my consent) for 7.95 extra S & H. The price jumped up to $29.95 because we were Canadian!

    They were on our step when we got home from holidays (Aug. 24. One pkg of two small boxes tied together. But our Master card showed a bill of $110.45,posted Aug. 11. This is $64.60 more than promised. I phoned 866-649-0146 to complain. On hold for a long time but finally she “found it.” Told that I could return the package but the “processing and handling charge” would not be refunded and that was $31.80. Nothing in writing. THEN I checked the Net and read the reviews & deduced this was a scam.

    Called my BMO M/C. Not as forthcoming as I would have thought they should be. I hadn’t opened the package thinking maybe I could just refuse it and have the Post Office send it back.

    BMO M/C person asked me to open the package, take a picture of the contents, print out a screen shot of webpage, copy the invoice and send all with a completed “Dispute Resolution” form which they would send me. They wouldn’t guarantee a refund–it depended on the Dispute Resolution Department. There was no invoice in the pkg.. Just the flimsy plastic bags holding the nylon mesh.

    Haven’t tried yet to put them up, but the set I put up to the patio door looks straight and long enough. Magnets came apart easily. Not sure about sending them back–if it’s a scam, would they even return the money. She said “$74.90”, but with $31.80 it doesn’t add up to $110.45???

  174. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I was about to click the last button to order this product when I got a funny feeling. That feeling led me to look for reviews. Very glad I did. While I love this idea, I will not be ordering their product. I may take the advice of one of the writers and fashion one of my own.

  175. First of all I wish I found this website before I ordered Magic Mesh. It does work as advertised in a perfect world. As for my world it was standard workmanship and construction. I love the idea of it though.

    First, they could have explained in the directions that you may have to put it up way around the outside of the door frame (problematic). There is no adjustments the fit your door.

    Second, the glue on the strips won’t stick if the sun hits them on a hot day.

    Third, if you are tall you have to turn sideways to get through.

    Fourth, if you have a metal door the magnets want to stick to the door.

    Fifth, if it is windy the magnets won’t hold.

    Sixth, the bottom won’t keep wild animals out.

    Seventh, if something gets caught on a magnet, well you can imagine.

    Now for the best part, after paying $30+ for the item and you want to return it they offer you $5.00 and if you want to return the mesh it will cost at least $10.00, but this goes for anything you buy on line. Bottom line is they make money even if everybody returns the product because it probably cost them less than $5.00 to produce it. This was an invaluable lesson, one I will not soon forget.

    • Thanks for the review(s). I was going to purchase for my son’s house but looks like you folks saved me a lot of time, money and aggravation!

  176. I bought 2 Magic Mesh screens and ended up getting and billed for 3 items, was $107 + + and when I opened to see the Magic Mesh and it was all in pieces, All the magnets all fell off. Called and told them what I ended getting and got more then I ordered and they said they would return money. Boy was that a lie they only returned $57.00. They also sign you up for magazines and you don’t know about it till you start getting them and a bill too. I believe that the items that I received was not intended to be any good and was nothing more then a scam to get money for there so call shipping and handling charges. What needs to be done is everyone that has had a problem with these scammers needs to call there State Attorney generals office and demand that they protect there consumers from being taken advantage of and being sold stuff that is no good and not returning the money that was paid. It’s not my fault that it was not put together right and the reason that I sent it back wasn’t because I didn’t like it it was because it was junk and not worth the money because it fell apart when I took it out of box.

  177. I am so angry! Purchased this item only to find out P/H is $31.80. Can you believe that? Wow! Had to wait overnight to stop this shipment. Called company the next day (about 12-16hrs), and was told, “product already shipped! (Yeah, right) This, “efficient,” company, who ships at lightning speed, says, “expect the item in 2-6 weeks! lol I told this customer rep that I may be victimized, but, I will do all I can to warn another prospective customer from suffering the agony of this product!

    TV advertising ads are cheap now, and all types of businesses are being advertised on TV – ie magic mesh, funeral homes, booty pop. PASS THEM ALL BY AND DEAL WITH RECOGNIZABLE COMPANIES.

  178. I REALLY wish I could have found this site before I bought this horrible product! It is hard to find dimensions anywhere, but it claims to “fit any door”. It does NOT! It does not fit ANY of my doors!! it is WAY too narrow. It will do me NO good at all. I am having a hard time figuring out how to “rig” it, because every time I hold it up it comes apart! The magnets are very weak. Shipping cost to return it are not worth my time… almost as much as the product. DO NOT BUY!

    • Well, I just saw this ad on TV and thought it looked great …went to the website to order and thought it was kind of funny to ask for credit card info before ordering. So, I went to web search to see if I could find them in a local store to buy without paying shipping costs…and this site popped up in the search, so thankfully clicked it to read the reviews…OMG ….Thank goodness I did…Thank you all for the info..I WILL NOT BE ORDERING !

  179. Waited 2 months for these heavy duty models? First, they tried to rip me off at check-out like so many others had to call and cancel and re-order! Second, took over 2 months to receive for these supposed heavy material model. Third, the quality is awful, not even fully assembled around long ends and corners! Fourth, if this magic mesh fit your door perfectly you were lucky and my have got it to work…….it was way to large for my sliding door, which is a standard door! It overlaps and overhangs to long, the magnets are terrible, and my daughter and son walking thru it could not get it to close correctly one time! So we decided to cut our loss literally and took some material off the bottom, still does not work as advertised! SAVE YOUR MONEY or look at alternatives, this stuff is a joke! I would not recommend!

  180. Thank you all for your helpful reviews. I was just about to order but wanted to check reviews first. It’s a good thing I did and I will surely not be ordering any.

  181. Has any one been able to get a refund or reported this to the Attorney Generals office in your state. If enough people do this maybe they can shut them down. I called 1 866 649 0146 and was given a return confirmation number that ended in 666. I will return these screens because they’re useless but I’m sure I’ll never see a credit.

  182. Magic mesh = waste of $$$$. Magnets are weak and the wind blows it open. Letting bugs in. Good idea. Just poorly made.

  183. WOW! Magic Mesh looks like a nice idea on the commercial. Going through the reviews before going to the site and checking it out was a GOOD idea. Thank you so much to all you folk that took the time to raise the flag on this. Like most of you, I was thinking that for $20 it was worth the risk to have something the dog could go through without a hassle. Forget that! I’ll just get up and let him out.

    Thanks again.

  184. This product sucks! Do not fall for the videos! My kitchen magnets are stronger then these! It is a piece of crap, not worth it at all. Waste of money. When they say 2 to 6 weeks expect it to come in six. Ordered mine on July 17th, arrived august 25. I have never experienced such slow delivery in my life!

    Do not purchase this product! I have never left a review for anything before, but I just could not let this one be ignored.

    I rate this a big fat zero! You people should be ashamed of yourselves!

  185. I guess I live outside the US here in Illinois my total charge was $45.85. Thats $19.95 + $7.95 s/h + $7.95 s/h and $10.00 delivery outside the Continental U.S.

    Amazing wish I knew I was foreign!

  186. Installed less than 2 days. Mesh has ripped away from the header, velcro doesn’t hold. Not sure I want to try to return it. Too much hassle. I guess that’s what they count on. $40 down the drain. I should have known better!!

  187. I just took delivery on 4 sets of Magic Mesh, it took 4-EVER, to get them, about 6 weeks. When I purchased them I paid for the ‘UP-grade”, now that I have inspected the product, I cannot imagine what that ‘up-grade’ exactly is. ALSO, at the time of purchase, when my total came up on the PC screen, it was DOUBLE THE PRICE!! and there was no place to go back and make corrections to the order prior to the final order submission. BEWARE of this!! I managed to get to a phone number and talked to a live person, who pulled up my order by my last name, and knew immediately why I was calling, he gave me a new total for my charge card but NO confirmation number, so I just had to wait till I found it on my statement, and Yes, it was the corrected amount. (the only thing that is right with this ordeal!)

    Of the 4 sets, only one (1) set actually lines up at the magnets, and I have found spots where the magnets are inserted at polar opposites, meaning: they do NOT properly attract to each other.

    I am so upset with this product, that I am placing this review here, before I even contact the company. I am guessing that the Magic Mesh company does not conduct any form of “Quality Control”, this product is imported from China, never opened and looked at here (by the company), and just shipped on to an unsuspecting customer!

    I will also be contacting the “ASOTV” people and letting them know how I feel about this flimsy, poorly constructed product.

    Good luck to anyone that wants to try this product out, personally, I’m sending mine back.

    • As a follow up to my previous post, I just called their customer service number (866-649-0146) and spoke to : Lynette, she was pleasant and helpful, and I refrained from taking my anger out on her, since she does NOT own the company.

      She gave me a reference # to put on the return package, as well as the address to send it to. I asked her what amount I would be refunded, and she gave me the full amount that I paid ($75.80), so it looks like I should get back everything that I paid, just not the amount that it will cost me to ship the junk back, which will be about $11.00 thru the USPS. I asked how long till I get my money back and she told me that it will be 5-7 business days after they receive the shipment, so I will be asking for a time stamp/signature on my shipment. Good luck to all of you.

      • Write to the Better Business Bureau so that they have to return the shipping costs, too. I can almost assure you that you will win.

  188. >>>> RIPOFF ALERT <<<< Magic Mesh Instant Screen Door website is a SCAM – It appears this company is banking on the consumer making mistakes on orders and tries it's best to create this situation to further their profits. Here's how; NO PREVIEW OF FINAL SALE TO BE CHARGED. Credit card information is taken prior to any order being placed – Consumers will not be shown if the order is incorrect UNTIL AFTER THE PURCHASE, with NO DIRECT customer service contact phone numbers on their website to resolve any billing errors.

    I got charged for two screen doors and the customer service claimed they were closed – call back tomorrow was their answer – I called the next day to find a combatant customer service representative unwilling to help remove the incorrect item amount. He claimed the order was already shipped shipped. He also insisted I ordered two screens without first listening to what I had to say. I DID NOT ORDERED TWO SCREENS – Although their web page is setup to bait and switch through confusing choices, I choose ONLY ONE SCREEN for my purchase. Had there been an order review prior to billing commitment I would have seen an incorrect order.

    The consumer is forced into a sale with the option to return the item at a loss of their over inflated shipping and handling charges. What was $19.00 turns into $29.95v each – I got billed for two at the Subtotal of $59.90. Now add a NON-Refundable $23.85 on top of that with the TAX of $5.54 The total was $89.29, a far cry from the $19.95 advertised. How are the sponsors letting this happen to their viewers.

  189. Thought I’d give this a try. sales rep would not give me a total before getting my card info. when I got the total $97.00 – I said NO WAY. I don’t want that! forget it! cancel my order. 3 weeks later they charged my card and sent it anyway. I have disputed it with my card company. this is a scam.

  190. I would just like to say that I don’t feel sorry for a one of you. You deserve exactly what you get if you:

    – Order a product from a TV commercial.
    – Order a product that cannot be found in retail stores.
    – Order a product with such claims without having seen it demonstrated by a friend or at a retail store.
    – Enter your credit card number on a website before it displays a final total.
    – Fall for the old ‘buy one get one’ scam (come on people, they’ve been doing this one for DECADES).

    It’s amazing that people will pay $40 for a freakin’ SCREEN DOOR without ever having physically seen it. People, there’s a reason why they don’t sell this in stores, and it’s because they can rip you off with shipping & handling, and because anyone with half a brain wouldn’t purchase it if they saw it in person.

    Stop being stupid consumers. Educate yourselves.

    • That’s not exactly fair. While I am wary of anything that is advertised “As Seen on TV”, not everything is a scam. I have ordered a few things advertised this way over the years and have been rarely disappointed. A person needs to expect that you are probably not going to get high quality merchandise from these companies and order accordingly. That’s why I read reviews and make my decision based on feedback. I will definitely NOT be ordering one of these screens.

    • @ “LOL”…By the way, they do sell this apparent piece of garbage at retail stores…and yes, people should be more cautious with their private information (obviously CC#); they too should read reviews, testimonials, etc., before purchasing anything online…that is in my opinion, the most logical way to shop online.

      But not all of these “as seen on TV” products read like this one appears to read (scam)…in my opinion. For your crude obnoxious tongue, may you be treated in return accordingly. I hate cliches, but “karma’s a bitch” seems appropriate…and may that bitch find you:-) I hope one day life “teaches you a lesson”, maybe that tongue of yours will be bitten the next time you attempt to say something “clever”.

      So, with that said, LOLOL…I mean LOL, I Hope you have a Happy New Year, be safe on those roadways out there, this New Year, the world doesn’t want to lose a peach like you:-)

  191. Like many others I clicked before I thought. Thought I was purchasing One and getting one free but was charged in excess of $70.00 at checkout and not given a chance to approve the purchase. Definitely a ripoff. I canceled my card rather than risk them getting my money. They should be prosecuted.

  192. I got magic mesh and my complain is that it didn’t stay. When it wind it didn’t stay clip together. There is not enough magnet. I will suggest to put more and some at the bottom.

  193. This product is cheap, poorly made and they do not have a accurate representation on their advertisements. I installed one less than a month ago. The mesh has already torn and the velcro and tacks do not hold the screen. We have 2 people that live in the house the back slider gets used about 10-12 times a day. This is not high traffic by any means. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone.

  194. I’m sitting here looking at my newly received Magic Mesh Screen Door – it’s been up about an hour. One corner is already dangling away from the door frame, the stitching came apart around the screen edging while I was trying to readjust the velcro strips. There are too few velcro strips to attach adequately to the door frame. The two sides are different lengths. There are so many open spaces around the edges, top and bottom, so it won’t keep bugs out.
    When ordering on line, there was no way to see the order before paying for the item – I was charged for and sent four screen doors. Not sure I trust them to refund my money if I send them back.

  195. I too, had the online ordering hassle. My order was automatically placed at 5 sets, had to change it . Then my email receipt showed 2 different orders. Could not speak to a real person at the 800 number, could not find a business phone number for their company. Went on-line, read their reviews, so I called my credit card company. They said they have not yet received the charges. I had them change my card number so I will not be billed for this p.o.s. Sounds like a real fly by night operation.

  196. This company has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. The customer service agent was rude and couldn’t care less about my problems. I will never do business with them again and I am refusing my products when they come. I am also reporting them to the consumer fraud department of Alameda County because they charged me more even after I have a printed copy of my order confirmation. They refused to let me speak to a manager and they really didn’t care that I was not happy.

    • Call you credit card company and dispute the charges or have them change your card number if the charges have not been processed by the card company.

  197. Magic mesh did not work for me. It was barely wide enough to fit the door frame and was about 18 inches too short. Our dog could go in and out by walking through the gap between the floor and the bottom of the mesh.

    The magnets are too week to reconnect the halves of the mesh especially if there is even the slightest of breezes at the door. While the magnets snap together to close the mesh in the commercial, the only way we could close mesh in the slightest of breezes was to connect each magnet individually. The magnets would disconnect in light wind.

    Also when I opened the magic mesh packaging, several of the magnets are torn the thin mesh in packaging and fell off immediately.

  198. My wife saw these advertised on TV. Despite my skepticism she decided to order them anyway. She ordered two sets for $19.95 each plus S/H. Final charge on her credit card was $71.70 which equates to a $31.90 shipping/handling charge ($15.95 each). Typical ripoff company making their profit by low balling their product and making their profit off their inflated and unadvertised S/H charges.

    BTW, the product itself can only be said to be marginally as described. Cheaply made would be an understatement.

  199. Thanks so much EVERYONE for your comments. I read them all and there is only one person who claimed it worked. Thanks for this site–read it before I placed my order! HOORAY for you ALL.

  200. I purchased this Magic Mesh Door Screen and they really took weeks to process and ship the order. Needless to say I was very disappointed with the quality of the Magic Mesh. The magnets don’t secure easily and the construction of the product was just not good. I’m returning the product and just hope it doesn’t take two months for a refund.

  201. The Magic Mesh screens are not cut straight and square. The top isn’t straight, and the width dimensions at the top and bottom are different. This makes it hard to hang the screen so it will hang straight.

    When trying to reposition the velcro strips on the edges to make the screen hang right, removing the velcro strip tore the mesh from the cheap edging, which seems to be made of the same cheap material that $1 reusable grocery sacks are made from. I had to cut fiberglass screen scraps and use contact cement to glue these scraps to the back of the Magic Mesh, bridging the gap between the mesh and the edging.

    The bottom dimension was too small to fit to each side of the door, so the magnets at the bottom couldn’t touch each other. I ended up having to add on a strip of fiberglass screening (using contact cement) to the entire side edge to make the screen wide enough to span the doorway.

    After the screen was up an half hour, the sticky backs of the velcro came loose from the doorframe top, so I had to staple them back on to the frame. When taking the screen down, the velcro sticky back came loose from the Magic Mesh edging itself, so I had to use contact cement to attach these back on to the edging.

    The IDEA is a good one, but Magic Mesh executes it badly and cheaply. With all the time I spent fixing this product to make it work, I could almost have made a real screen door.

  202. Magic Mesh Doors – I’m quite sure this is a scam. I tried to tell them that I only wanted ONE and not their free one. (I actually TOLD a human this when they were fixing my order.) I got charged for 4 doors originally, had to call them, then ended up being charged Arlyne double what they said the product cost (due to the shipping & handling costs) for the TWO sets of screens they sent me, though I asked for only ONE. The “doors” didn’t work. They don’t fit and the magnets don’t line up. I looked online at the reviews. One person only got refunded 15 dollars of the 40 and had to pay 5 dollars to return the piece of crap!

  203. Typical Rip Off company. They got my wife on the phone and told her the product was $19.99 & she could upgrade at 2 for 1 price. She agreed to get two and we ended up getting shipped five! The Postage & Handling for five pieces is $80.00, which is why they over ship. They know the product is crap but will not refund Postage & Handling. Also, if they said “Plus Postage” it would be the actual cost of shipping. By adding “& Handling” they can charge whatever they want to ship this garbage. So even returning this product, they’ll still make $65 on the handling. And if you call, that $19.95 price can quickly turn into a $230.00 charge on your card, as it did for us. Great idea, but this is junk.

  204. Yeah I got sucked in too. Ordered one get one free right ….yes the price was way too much and no way to check your order before it goes through…what a rip.. only saving grace was I needed a new debit card anyways so having the bank reissue a new number wasn’t that big a deal…from what I’m reading about the product I’m glad I was proactive. This is deceptive business practice and someone needs to take them to task over it.. shame they tarnished the as seen on tv products with this junk.

  205. I really wish I had read the Magic Mesh reviews before buying this product, it is pure junk. I followed the instructions but it still didn’t stay up. I got two when I only wanted one, whats up with that.It really doesn’t work like shown on tv.Don’t waist your money.

  206. I thought this Magic Mesh Screen was gonna be a perfect deal for my trailer house. I’m kinda cheap and would rather open the windows and run some fans then blast the a/c. however these are very disappointing. my magnets didn’t fall off like everyone else’s, however they are so freaking weak that every little slight breeze blows the thing right open and the flies come in anyway. I took the time to get these hung perfectly but the magnets just suck.

    forget trying to pull it off and reposition the screen b/c when I did that with a corner the mesh material was so cheap that it just tore and ripped. hard to believe that the sticky tape side of the velcro is strong enough to tear it but it sure is.

    if something like this was made with good magnets it would be worth the money but these are worthless. what’s the point? it is open more than it’s shut b/c every time the wind blows it opens! i’m not talking about some gusty stuff either, just a breeze!! don’t waste your money.

  207. I also went online to order the Mesh, but saw that they wanted to charge me $ 74.99, I didn’t press the order button, instead I closed the order, I even deleted all my info and they still sent me the Magic Mesh. The thing is that I did this over a month ago and they sent 4 packages yesterday. I came home and found the packages just sitting on my steps!! WTH?? I’m going to contact my bank and give them all the info and get my $$ back,hopefully!! lol I wish I had read this complaint page sooner. I have learned that there are places to go and read about Bad Products!! thanks for reading!!

  208. TERRIBLE! I ordered Magic Mesh in June in got it in mid August. Took me half an a hour to install. Then it doesn’t close right away, like it does in the ad, when you open it. I had to close it by hand, the magnets are tiny & don’t work correctly. Don’t waste your money.

    • I ordered Magic Mesh online – paid the additional shipping cost which I wasnt excited about because I couldn’t find it in retail stores and really wanted it. But as far as the product working I put mine up in about 30 minutes and followed the directions and it works great! I ran velcro strips along the edges of my door frame and used the tacks they provided to help reinforce it. For me It’s working far better then the expensive Pella screen door that blew off in the wind last season and I love the snapping noise it makes when it closes. My guess is most of your complaints on the product is due to a lack of following directions because it does work on my door, my only complaint is paying the shipping cost twice and it took 3 weeks to get and I was curious to see if anyone else experienced that too.

  209. Total scam, Product is junk! Anytime I see a “buy one get one free” product I will ignore it. They make you pay for two shipping fees which total $16.00 whether you want the second one or not. Then the cost of the “product” of $19.95 so you are up to $35.95 for a product that is pure junk. I returned mine for a postal cost of $5.00 now adding up to $40.95. They refunded me $14.95?? So alot of money, time, and aggravation to be scammed. Don’t fall for it…

  210. Thanks for the reviews. I will not be ordering one now. I wouldn’t have ordered off their website anyway (thus avoiding the shipping scam) but I won’t buy it at all because it is a low quality product that tears, doesn’t properly align, etc.

    This is a product that I wanted for my mom and grandma, they don’t have an exhaust fan in their crappy rental home and the kitchen fills with smoke all the time. There are no windows in the kitchen but there is a back door, however there are also lots of bugs out there that we don’t want coming into the house. They need something like this, especially because it is so easy to install and they are totally ignorant of anything home improvement related.

    Thanks so much for the suggestions of Home Depot, already have found two alternatives on there selling for cheaper or equal to this one ($15-$30), not only the Snavely Forest one but also one called Rapid-Up. Look them up. If they don’t work at least it’s easy to return to the store. Thanks!

  211. I ordered the magic mesh on July 1st, and have yet to receive them. I called customer service on August 16, and was told that I will be receiving them around September 2 ! They are on back order. I’ll get the magic mesh just in time to pack them away. What a scam!

    • I, too, am very happy I read the reviews here before buying….we are full-timing RVers and this would have worked great for the door on our new 5th wheel….but will now wait for Camping World or other retailers come up with a quality product. This is a great idea. Hope someone comes up with one that really works….

      • How much do you want for them? I’d like to try them for my screened in porch.


        Kent Blackwelder
        865-207-5107 cell

  212. Thank you for the posts. I was on hold to purchase the magic mesh, when I thought to check for comments on the web. I hung up the phone and just saved about $30 and a lot of hassle. I’ll just have to get my big butt off the couch when the dogs do their in and out 10 times an evening. I was hopping this would work. I enjoy a great breeze 8 to 9 months out of the year here on Padre Island. I wish I could find a product that would do the job.

    We’ll off to the garage….I’ll see what I can make to do the job.

  213. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! This product is just a joke. It’s sewn crooked so when you hang it according to directions it DOES NO CLOSE like they show on tv, plus our ripped with in 30 min of it being up. Wish I never wasted my money. Stupid enough to buy it.

  214. Thank goodness I found this site. We needed one because of our dog (and husband). Guess I’ll keep looking for the solution.

  215. Horrible! Don’t waste your money. Ordered it on July 9, received it on August 12th. Installed it on August 13 and it ripped within 5 minutes of putting it up. Also, if there is a little wind blowing, forget it, it doesn’t close. Waste of my money!

  216. Thanks to all of you, I just wished I had checked this sooner! Had ordered this 6/23/11 and it is still on backorder. Summer is almost over and it sounds like this will fall apart before its used. But for those having difficulty: the phone number 866-649-0146, I have called this number several times and always connected with someone. I cancelled the order at this number and then went to the site where it is barely visible but on the left is a spot to cancel the order. The home depot and walmart suggestions have been greatly appreciated. Good luck to all!

  217. Magic Mesh is a very poorly made product. The panels are not square and do not line up properly. I am returning my product, even though I have to pay for return shipping and do not get the original shipping back. I am also informing my attorney general, my consumer protection agency, and anybody else I can think of about this scam. I am also going to try and stop the whole charge with the bank.

  218. This Magic Mesh is totally useless. The material was missing from the top of the screen, so there was no where to apply the magnet. It is flimsier than wet toilet paper and tore to shreds if you touched it. I ordered 1 set by phone, and they sent me 2 sets and charged 2 postage. I had to pay the postage to return the tangled mess. They eventually refunded me $19.95, but not any of the postage, so it ended up costing me $21 for nothing, plus time spent and a huge headache!

  219. I never write product reviews, but these screens are so awful that I felt an obligation to tell others about them. The first thing I noticed upon opening the package is that the magnets aren’t held onto the screen material very well and I was “greeted” by several that immediately fell off onto my floor.

    I noticed that they “snap” onto the screen (one side is “female” and the other is “male”). However, they don’t snap tightly and as soon as I put the two sides together the first magnet fell off again, prompting me to put some glue on it to hold it together. I then proceeded to hang the screen on my door and noticed immediately that the screen was not straight, which really drives me crazy.

    I hung the screen anyway, using the thumbtacks for the top and the velcro for the sides since my door is steel and the tacks wouldn’t work for the sides. Once the screen was installed, I have to admit that the idea is good — my dog can go in and out and the screen shuts behind him — but the screen ended up falling down in the middle of the day after he went in and out repeatedly. Also, the velcro glue seemed to melt in the heat from t he sun and the sides became disconnected.

    It seems to me that the screens would work better if they had a thin wire or plastic “frame” around the top and sides — something that could more permanently be installed around the door. Better yet, maybe Anderson (the manufacturer of my French door) could make it’s own version of magic mesh that would be a replacement of the standard sliding screen. I just don’t think that this product is worth any amount of money for the frustration it’s causing. I took mine down after 24 hours and threw it away. It’s not even worth spending the time to return it.

  220. This Magic Mesh is the worst product I have ever bought. The mesh tore aware from the side piece the first few time I was seeing if it worked. The product is too large for a normal sliding screen door anyway so you will never get it to line up correctly as there will be nothing to stick the velcro too in the proper place. I wish I had my money back. It looks like crap too as the center piece obstructs the view.

  221. I wish I had found this site before I wasted my money. I would have been better off to buy a piece of screen and hung it. Cheaper too.

  222. The average consumer is basically ignorant to all these TV infomercials scams. As a rule of thumb, about 80% of the infomercials shown on TV are scams or at the very least dishonest double talkers. The producers know they can sucker a million viewers to order the items before everyone catches on. Then, they just close shop, take their profits until they come up with another scam. These are modern day Legal “Grifters”.

    Doesn’t anyone get it yet? DON’T BUY INFOMERCIAL PRODUCTS!!

    The odds are against you.

  223. I just cancelled my order by phone 1-866-649-0146 .The lady was kind of rude and I then informed my credit card company .Its just a wait and see now ……….PS. She immediately offered me a 20 dollar discount to keep the order. I declined.

  224. Magic Mesh charged me double too! Whats worse is the thing doesn’t even properly close. Had to go out and purchase additional velcro and it still doesn’t work. There TV commercial shows it working but if you look closely, they cut the video to align the magnets and then resume the commercial.


  225. Same happened to me. Had an idea I wasn’t the only one so I googled “magic mesh scam” and found this site. What greed! Why are they such a scam? It is a good product after all, but looks like now I can’t have it! We were going to get one and another free if we just pay shipping, but we got charged exactly double, was supposed to be $19.95 + 7.95 s/h + $7.95 s/h = $35.85, but we got charged $71.70! Exactly double, therefore we should have been receiving FOUR in all! Watch out, stay away, bank has been notified and transaction canceled. Definitively plain in-your-face lie and scam. Also no notification email ever arrived after order was placed!

  226. I, too, tried to go back to fix some wrong information on my order and the site wouldn’t let me. so I said “continue”, thinking I could edit it before placing the order – but to my surprise the order had already been placed and I didn’t even have an order number! I called to cancel but was told to call back tomorrow as they don’t have the order information yet. This is weird. Wish I had read this page before ordering. trust me – I will be calling them back.

  227. Hi….just wanted to say, I have a screen made of heavyweight nylon with weights sewn into the bottom. It is a whole piece, no magnets to line up. You simply Velcro it to the top of your door sash. It does blow in the wind, so I just clipped some heavyweight metal table cloth clips to the corners at the bottom. If I know I will not being going in/out much, I simply tack small pieces of Velcro to the sides of door and press in place. I ordered it 2007 from some magazine and now I see them in Wal-Mart in the home section where they sell insulation and such.

    I ended up buying a cheap piece of screen at Lowes and made an extra one for the other door for pennies!

    Hope this helps!

    • Hi I read your comments re: you made your own screen for the door,& now someone has patented your idea, & now reaps the royalties. I have given out ideas too, & they have been manufactured,& sold. I wanted to submit to Hershey’s candy my idea, & they have a disclosure statement on line, OK to submit your idea, but we do not pay for them! So I gave them a partial idea, they did produce it,& it flopped. So back to the screens, I appreciate your information & review. I’m pretty handy,& will try to also come up with a solution.

  228. After 6 weeks, still no word. They told me it would be another 3 weeks before the item is shipped. That’s a total of 9 weeks!! The summer will be nearly over then … and well, I haven’t had the use of a screen yet. Would never do business with them again… or any TV product for that matter.

  229. noticed there was no price before giving credit card info found this site and got saved some serious pissed offednesss
    I will get one when I find one in the stores or from a reputable dealer.

    • Was thinking seriously about buying this item but after reading about all the hassle everyone seems to be having, think I’ll just invest in a regular screen door instead.

  230. it has been 3 weeks since I ordered Magic Mesh and on the advice of my boyfriend I decided to contact the company because something seems fishy.

    First time I order like this and also the last. To boot,I am from Canada so I wonder who I can go to to complain about this. Is it too late for me to get a refund…I am going to try. Worst idea ever.

    • It took about 4 weeks to get mine..checked the website for tracking after about 3 weeks and then magically (no pun intended) it came the following week. I just put it up yesterday.. and I have to say.. the idea is great..its a lil tricky to hang. It needs to be PERFECTLY square.. in order for the magnets to re close every time. The magnets in my opinion are a little weak. Just a few more oz’s per magnet .. I’d swear by it… we’ll see when I get a good breeze.

  231. I will not be ordering Magic Mesh. Snavely Forest Easy to Install Instant Screen Door at Home Depot online is $14.99 until 9/28/11 with free shipping. Doesn’t have the middle opening, but all the reviews were decent. And you have a “real” customer service department to work with if you’re unhappy.

  232. BEWARE! The website is deliberately set up to trap those who think they can check out the total price of a delivery without automatically purchasing the product whether or not they want to. There is no way to cancel or even notify them. The only way to cancel an order is to wait for their “Conformation” of the so-called order which you did not intend to make. There is a post office box listed on the conformation which one would think would be one way to notify them…. but it is probably not even a valid address!

  233. buyer beware…they don’t show total shipping charge until the order is placed. I just placed an order for two screens for $39. They’re charging me $31 for “processing and handling”! I’ve already emailed the to cancel the order!!!

    • Good luck on the cancellation! I priority mailed a cancellation late last month to their PO box. They still fraudulently charged my credit card long after they would have gotten my cancellation letter. I protested the charge with the credit card company and they issued me a credit. But today, I received the door cover anyway! I will wait to see if the credit card company re-charges me because I received their product. If they do, I will probably go ahead and keep the thing as I doubt they will honor their return policy seeing as how they are otherwise dishonest!

  234. Most of the As Seen on Tv things can be bought at Walgreens or other pharmacies and you can take them back if they don’t work and you don’t get stuck with the double the item for shipping they try and make you do.

  235. SUGGESTION: Generate a letter to your congress person, then, send it or fax it or email it to Magic MESS (oops). If the congress person responds to them, they will either close their doors or provide better cancellation methods.

  236. They did not provide total price before the order was processed. No email address or phone number was provided. They made numerous attempts to add additional items, apparently one of my refusals was not processed and an additional charge of $33.85 was added.

    Very unethical behavior.


  237. I want to takes time here to thanks everybody who wrote a note concerning this rips off company…I was going to order it but I decided to check concerning the way this gang doing there work…So thanks again everyone …Have a good day!

  238. this is a great idea BUT the magic mesh is GARBAGE, do not put in sunny area very poor quality would not recommend to anyone Good luck trying to get a refund.

  239. Wow! I am so glad I found this website! I almost ordered one of these! Needless to say I will not be! Thanks!

  240. 2-3 weeks….???? NOT!!! I placed my order on 6/28/11 and today is now the 8/2/11. I was told they are on back order and it was scheduled to ship at the end of this month (August) – I cancelled my order. He offered to take $5 off if I didn’t’ cancel…I CANCELLED. He said they do not have a cancellation number…What??? They have my CC #!! This is Not Right!!! Wish I would have read these reviews before giving into this advertisement…. Hope this helps!!

  241. Just as others have said, I ordered one Magic Mesh and the free one, got slammed with a second complete order and spent an hour on the phone trying to get it corrected. DO NOT buy this product, the sellers are scammers and it doesn’t work. I am a very good handy man and I tried for a couple of hours to get it to fit a sliding glass door with no luck. It had huge gaps and would not close without using your hands to start it back together. If you have a normal door opening, it might work… I have two that I would make someone a real bargain on…haha.. not worth the shipping both ways and they know it. It will cost $10 to ship it back and you get $19.95 refund. So for all your trouble you might get $10 back in a couple of months. Oh,, and I ordered on June 14 and received on Aug 1…. DO NOT BUY!!

    • I just did the same thing as Clyde….it does not fit my standard 6′ slider and , I was going to send it back but it cost $14 to ship it to my house, so my $20 screen was $37 by the time you pay shipping and handling I also got it Aug 1st!!

      So in the end you pay more in shipping than you do on the product itself! I am really upset, because I read reviews prior to purchasing the screen and read RAVE reviews!! Wish I’d seen this first;;;; anyway, anyway ,anyway, I suppose I’ll send it off to good will?

      Do Not Buy!

  242. I don’t know about the product yet, but dealing with the company’s website and customer service is definitely a rip off and rates a 0. The website has NO Order review page and attempts to blind the client with a blizzard of offers. Then at the end of the entire process you the Client find out that you’ve ordered not only your one magic mesh and the free one BUT also another entire set. AND the shipping and handling for all 4 items. DEFINITELY a rip off.

  243. hey! I found a better way to save and buy an interesting product. If you have a Better and Bath store near you. Or sometimes Walmart..Than you can buy without s&h and if you don’t like it than return it with no hassles. So keep your receipts!

  244. By law if you are charged more than what the item is advertised for all you would have to do is notify your credit card (or bank if your using debit) and inform them that you were scammed and explain what happened. Then all you have to do is request a immediate cancellation on the charge. Your financial institution should reimburse and throw the charges off on the maker of Magic Mesh. I agree though. Before you buy, think? If it was a really legitimate product, would not major chain stores be snapping up the product to sale on their shelves? We work hard for our money. I was told once that if I really want something think about it for 5 days and check into it, then after 5 days if everything checks out and you still want it. Go for it.

  245. Magic Mesh is a totally ripped off. Don’t buy it, they double charge your order, I emailed them to cancel, they still charged my ATM card, I filed a complain on my bank to get the charge reverse. This company should be sued, or report to better business bureau. They don’t give you a chance to review your order, they just completely submit it.

  246. I have emailed BBB of CT and the attorney general of CT as well as the FCC and Fox News advertising department. Let us hope someone closes down Magic Mesh! If you want to talk to a real person at Magic Mesh, call The number is 866-649-0146

  247. Like everyone else on here, I placed by order on 7/11/11 and today is now the 28th. After reading all these reviews I decided to call and find out what the status of it was – she told me it was scheduled to ship the 2nd week of August and they are on back order – I cancelled my order. She offered to take $5 off if I didn’t’ cancel. I declined. She said she couldn’t provide me with a cancellation number so I will just have to watch my credit card to be sure they don’t charge me. Thanks for everyone’s feed back

  248. I ordered this Magic Mesh on July 13 (today is July 28), went to find out where my order is, no response. I did notice the large S & H fees but I thought $35 bucks for two, that’s OK. My credit card has not been billed yet. I checked out reviews (after I ordered, silly me) and noticed that many of the websites just redirect you to their website. Took me forever to find this page. Cancellation in progress.

  249. I ordered this Magic Mesh at the end of May, and I too was charged for 2 products instead of one. I called to correct the order, which they did happily, but have yet to receive anything. I have called to find out what was happening, and they have told me twice that it’s on back order. I was at the top of the list though when they do get them in. Lucky me…summer is almost over, so I cancelled the order today.

  250. I ordered a Magic Mesh over the phone.Same problem everyone else has.Was charged for 2 when I only wanted one. Cost me $66. They charge over $31 for P & H. If you return it they keep the $31. Total SCAM, they should be brought up on charges for ripping off the public.

  251. This is a very misleading offer. I ordered 1 magic mesh a $19.99 plus a second for $7, and it came out to about $160. Not sure how. Don’t order from this company. If you do expect to pay more than whatever they tell you.

  252. Ordering Magic Mesh is totally a scam. I tried to order one for $19.95 + 6.95 shipping and handling. … and they added two without my permission. Then the order came out to over $79 dollar! They chared $31 shipping for 1 product. TOTAL SCAM.

  253. EXACT SAME THING happened to me yesterday!!! This checkout is set up to double the order… i.e. scam you.
    I ordered one set = $19.95 which consists of two screens (buy one get one free). The first checkout page asks if this is what you want, so a reasonable person would check “yes”. Well, this is actually a confirmation of whether or not you want a second set! There is no order confirmation at the end of checkout where you can review everything, they just double what you’ve ordered. I also got invoiced twice what I should have and it was a nightmare correcting it.
    There should be a law against this kind of scam!!

    The owners of this company should GO TO JAIL!!

  254. Like everyone else, I was scammed into ordering 2 Magic Mesh screens when I only wanted one, and I’ve been waiting 5 weeks for them! FIVE WEEKS!! And they still aren’t here. I tried calling Customer Service, but I was put on Hold so long that I finally hung up. There is a way to check on your order:, and there is even a way to cancel your order, but I don’t know if it works… but I’m trying that now.

    And this will be the LAST time I EVER order an “As Seen On TV” product again!

  255. Ordered a Magic Mesh screen today at 8am on their web site. My order was doubled ( not by me ) and the cost was going to be $39.90 for 2. This is a buy one get one free? And I was going to be charged $31.80 for processing and handling. Tried to cancel the order by phone 6 times during the day and was given 6 different answers on the time it was going to take for customer service to get the order, 3hrs/5hrs/up to 24 hours. Very bad customer service and stupid responses. Too bad because the product looked like it would work great. Wait till the product hits the stores, save yourself the misery of talking to “customer service”.

    • Thank goodness for Magic Mesh customer reviews!! I’m sick of these companies giving misleading product information and making it so hard to get any satisfaction. I almost ordered this today I but I will try home depot instead.

      Thank you

  256. I should have read these Magic Mesh reviews before ordering this. I was suckered because they have a Boston terrier on their ad (my retractable screen was destroyed by my 2 Bostons). Like the others on this site I ended up getting charged double- $75 and had no opportunity to correct my purchase before it was confirmed. They’re customer service is closed on the weekends so I have to call tomorrow and will cancel, I’m expecting a huge time waster dealing with this crap. starting to think all of these ‘as seen on TV products’ are just scams AVOID THIS PRODUCT.

  257. Thank you, all. I nearly ordered one of these. I had just returned from Home Depot to see if they had anything similar at the store, and when they didn’t I thought, ‘I can’t imagine this will work out right.’

    I decided to search for Mesh Magic reviews using terms like Mesh Magic screen reviews and Mesh Magic stars and mesh magic scam. One of those brought me to this page (now ALL of those terms will bring future searchers to this page).

    Home Depot online has a perfect substitute called Rapid-Up. It’s a center-opening, magnet clasped screen that functions the same way. The reviews for that product are 4.5 stars. It comes in 32″ or 36″ widths, which should work for any door 30-36″. The cost is $29.95 – and it offers free shipping.

    • James, Thank you so much for your honest opinion of the Magic Mesh. I guess the Magic is they will take you for everything they can! I have seen this commercial repeatedly for the last couple of months and was going to order tonight. I Googled them and was given options of which one of them was to read the reviews. Glad I did and especially yours with the information on the Home Depot version. Thanks again for taking the time to write on this review page!

  258. I went through the same thing twice on their website. I though I did it wrong the first time. So I tried it again 2 weeks later. I did not have the amount on my money card. So I had time to cancel. I called after the second time and complained about the website and ordered it that way. They did not respond to my complaint and did not give a conformation number. This made me concerned. I search and found out that others had the same problem. Also, that you can get the same thing at Home depot.
    Snavely Forest Easy to Install Instant Screen Door
    Model # DS83937
    Internet # 100669883

  259. Sorry I didn’t know of this place first. I wanted one, and at the end screen they “thanked me for my order of THREE! And bill my card over a hundred bucks. With no way to review or revise, this really works on the Barnum theory. (There’s a sucker born every minute) Add me to the list.

  260. it definitely is a scam…I ordered mine in April. APRIL !!!! I have called 2-3 times…. on the last call….the guy (who sounded like I just woke him up…) said he would expedite the order, (like I was supposed to believe him..but I remained polite).. It’s now July..goodbye. –they wanted to give me a $5.00 discount for not cancelling…lol. yeah, I’ll wait more time for my order because of $5.00…when I cancel..I cancel, period.

    I really did want this screen… I DIDN’T order an extra “free” one, or upgrade the mesh… so my order was ignored.
    the others suggestions Re -Home Depot and Skymall, are good..I will take a look.

  261. Thanks so much for listing that you were able to get something like this from Home Depot. I saw the Magic Mesh commercial and wrote the number down, I ALWAYS check for reviews when I see this infomercials on the television so I won’t waste my money. I will be visiting Home Depot tomorrow. Again – THANK YOU!

  262. A simple rule of thumb when buying anything on tv is google it for complaints. If they offer a two for one, it is a red flag and is a definite scam. Do not and I repeat do not buy anything without checking for scams first. Most items on tv are of poor quality and overpriced. There is far too much money being made for the tv stations to police the ads and neither will the attorney general remove them, as there are too many.

  263. Be prepared to pay another shipping and handling charge for the “free” Magic mesh. shipping does not double when you add another unit to the same box. Seems to me that if you offer something for free don’t attach another shipping and handling charge for an order that is coming to the same address on the same order. Then don’t say it is free when it is not free!

    • Jerry…they say it’s “Processing & Handling”…not shipping. I see this all the time on television ads selling something. Do I actually think they should charge an additional $8 for picking up another mesh screen and stuffing it into a box…No…but that’s what the charge is for…the “extra work” it takes to do that.

      • Mike,

        What extra work is involved in putting an additional screen into a box? I work as a Logistics Manager and this is just a pick for a warehouse worker to process. Whether he or she picks one or two of the same items and places them into a box is not extra work. There is no additional processing or handling over an above processing the original order. A legimate company would not charge for processing the “additional work”, it is part of doing business.

  264. I had the same problem that what the total bill was, was WAY more than what I thought I was going to spend. I didn’t do the upgrade but it never gives you a chance to look over the invoice before it submits your order. This Magic Mesh website is less than reputable. I waited 24 hours and then canceled my order. I haven’t seen it come out of my checking account yet so we will see. I really like the video though and its exactly what I wanted.

  265. Even thou my order confirmation has a total of $35 for the MagicMesh and the status is “In-Process” I cancelled based upon the reviews here. Will let you know what happens after 24-48 hours, per their site. I should have know is was a scam. Pisses me off! I never order from TV but just couldn’t pass this up. Been looking at screen doors, man are they expensive. Know what, I’ll just make one of these. A little bit of velcro, some magnets, and heavy mesh, walla you have a mesh screen door. Thanks all for the heads up. If it shows up in the mail… I’ll keep it, and call the CC company and have the charge reversed. I saved the cancellation screen that shows the cancellation request and that it hasn’t shipped. Thanks again.

    • ga, say, how did you cancel. I went back on an hour after ordering and could not find a way to cancel.


  266. I am so glad I saw this review site. I ALMOST bought the magic mesh because of the offer of buy one get one free. I listen to my gut and thought this is got to be too good to be true. I decided to good with a place that is known world wide. I got my bug off screen from home depot. There were two kinds to choose from and all the information was on their site, like size, etc. IT WORKS GREAT!!!

  267. I tried to order Magic Mesh online but everytime I tried to checkout, it said that the page had timed out. What a BS company and site.

    • Same thing happened to me however I attempted twice. Did you get charged on your credit card? I’m going to keep a close eye on my card. When they said I “timed out” the second time I felt like I was just scammed. I’m glad I “timed out” sounds like its crap!

  268. My husband ordered one Magic Mesh set today. He was billed $19.95 for one set of Magic Mesh screens and is getting another set freet and was billed two $5 charges for the upgrade to the heavier gauge mesh, instead of one $5 charge ($2.50 per item) for the upgrade. We also got the impression, from watching the video ad on TV and the internet ad, that the two halves are one set, so we’re expecting to get 4 halves. We’ll see if we get 4 screens or only 2 when the order arrives.

  269. After reading all the reviews I def will NOT order a Magic Mesh screen for my balcony door. It’s just a scam!! I think I will just stick to the instant screen door I bought last year on It’s $40 but I guess that’s a pretty good price. I thought I could save some money and buy 2 for $20 but that was too good to be real. If anyone is still looking for a screen try and search screens and sunshades. You can find a similar/better product that works great without the stupid scam. Hope this helps!

    • I got my Bug Screen from home depot’s website and it works great. You might want to try their product. 🙂

  270. customer service number is 1-866-649-0146

    I ordered it based on what I saw on the tv commercials. I was surprised to have a fully automated recording when I called and no way to speak to a representative. They don’t tell you that what you see on tv is the “additional $5 deluxe one.” You only learn that AFTER you give them your information and card number. I expect to receive what is advertised and not a sneaky up grade later. And to make matters worse, you have a pushy recording that insists on giving you “one more deal.” The ordering process took only a few minutes…the advertising took an additional 8. I was given no sub total nor an order number. The web site is a joke. Barely any info, no way to learn if they are owned or affiliated with another company.

    I feel that information is important for me to feel secure in the product and who I am giving my credit card number to. When I did find the phone number, I talked to 3 different people at 3 different times with 3 different answers as to why the deluxe model is different. BTW the phone recording gives a different reason. It sounds like a great product, but I will never know. I cancelled my order, not because of the product, but because of the lack of information, integrity of company and what I feel to be sneaky tactics.

  271. Ordered Magic Mesh online on 6/29/11. Website gave no opportunity to review the order prior to placing. When the order went through, the dollar total scheduled to hit my credit card was 2x the cost clearly stated on the website. Customer Service could not help me with this order immediately. I had to call Customer Service back 2 hrs later to amend. I chose to cancel the order rather than have it amended. Customer Service left me with the impression that this occurs by design, therefore I chose not to do business w/them. Buyer beware.

  272. *****This is a hoax. You will be billed triple of what the TV ad states. I had to have my credit card cancelled because of this order. Please save yourself the trouble********

    • What a piece of JUNK! The material I received has NO! quality. One side of the screening was cut so bad that the lines on the screen were over an inch out of alignment. I also had to shift the other so that it would hang straight. The magnets are so week that a gentle breeze will separate them. Even one of the clasps that holds the magnet fell apart as I was trying to install it. I too was charged double on a buy 1 get 1 free offer. This is a BAD product and a scam if I ever saw one. I will NEVER buy from them again.

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