Magic Lights REVIEW

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What is Magic Lights – As per the TV infomercial it is multicolored LEDs in a kaleidoscope to produce shimmering light effect that covers over 600 square feet. Magic Lights claims to be a better option over traditional LED lights with its innovative design. It declares to dazzle without the hassle of installation since all it requires is a placement in the yard.


Magic Lights CLAIMS

Colorful lighting solution – Magic Lights guarantees it will instantly cover your home with thousands of colorful moving lights. We shall know more once Magic Lights is reviewed.

Convenient design – Magic Lights alleges to broadcast colorful lights using special multicolored LEDs inside a kaleidoscope. These lights in Magic Lights are emphasizes to be energy efficient LEDs that stays completely cool to touch and last up to 100,000 hours. Installation-wise too it is very easy, simply set it up at a distance desired and switch it on. It assures to cover over 600 square feet area which will be validated once Magic Lights is reviewed. Magic Lights maintains to be waterproof and stay true in any weather. This is why it is perfect for outdoors during festive season or the pool and indoors during a party or sleepovers. Is Magic Lights worth the investment? Send us your reviews.

Magic Lights REVIEW

Magic Lights review by Suzanne Dowe reveals, “It claims to have a 40 feet range but hardly goes over a 10 feet distance too. Another cheap kaleidoscope light of mine went as far as 20 feet but Magic Lights failed to do so. The range they speak of must be of a remote and color changing feature and don’t its projection. It’s misleading information and I shall be returning it back.”

Mark Trevor mentions in his Magic Lights review, “The problem of returning these lights is you end up paying 20 to 30 $ shipping plus which may include a 20% restocking fee. For the quality and performance it provides, the money is not worth it. I received it in a dismal condition, the prong entering the outlet was bent and it looked used. Don’t waste your money on this highly disappointing product.”

Jason Hall states in his Magic Lights review, “Even though I bought it from Home Depot on a Black Friday sale, it came for a 30$ high cost. Magic Lights hardly works from a distance of 25 feet. I am unable to see any dazzling light promised by Magic Lights. Whatever little light flickers out of it only gets worse on a full moon night.”

Lorie Lambert complains in her review – “It’s a complete waste of money. The product picture is terrible and looks like a bad photoshopped image. The app looks cheap and novice too. Also you will find no lumen rating on Magic Lights box so knowing what we have just purchased is out of question.”

Adam Sanders mention in his Magic Lights review, “I bought it on a deal on amazon and did not go through the reviews. Turns out, Magic Lights is worthless.”

A Magic Lights user Meg Denver summarizes it as, “Magic Lights is hot mess of a product.” She further reviews it, “Going to amazon and looking for a better reviewed light is a better option. Magic Lights is a raw deal and you can’t go any worse than this.”

One user’s Magic Lights review reads, “I bought Magic Lights at a big box store for $60. It doesn’t spread over 40 feet distance and works only from 10 to 15 feet max. The lights look fuzzy and aren’t interesting. Don’t waste your money on Magic Lights and instead go for better reviewed products.”

One other user of Magic Lights states in his review, “It’s not that bad for shorter distances or kids room. I am not complaining because I got it for a lesser price at Home Depot.”

Eric Stone – a Magic Lights user asserts in his review, “Magic Lights comes with a lot of misleading information. Also there is no way it justifies its pricing.”

Joel Peterson reveals in his review, “Once you have bought Magic Lights, you are stuck as giving it back is also going to cost your money.”


What do I get?
You get 2 Magic Lights for $19.99 plus $8.99 S/h | Official website:

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