Magic Gate REVIEW

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What is Magic Gate

It is a practically invisible mesh gate that can be used in your surroundings to keep your dog exactly where you want him to be, according to its claims. Magic Gate asserts that now you won’t have to worry about your dog running out of the house when you open the door because it will do the job of keeping him indoors at that point in time.

How does Magic Gate work?

There are many of us who have worried about our dogs running out on the streets when the door is opened or they get into spaces where they shouldn’t be and can make a nuisance of themselves. You want to keep them in check but without causing them any discomfort whatsoever and that’s where this mesh gate comes into the picture. However we haven’t got many Magic Gate reviews to let us know whether it lives up to the task.


Keeps all dogs in their place – Do you worry about your dog giving you the slip and running out on a busy street? You don’t want him to go up the stairs and get into any kind of trouble. Now you can stop your dogs from doing that by simply installing this mesh gate. We would be happy to get Magic Gate reviews to corroborate these claims though. The good thing about this gate is that it won’t hamper your style in any which way and you can simply lift it and walk through. Unfortunately we don’t have enough Magic Gate reviews to suggest that this claim is justified.

We are also looking forward to Magic Gate reviews because we want to know whether this gate can hold up to 100 pounds, which makes it ideal for practically all users with their specific requirements.

Magic Gate is easy to install – This mesh gate maintains that you won’t have any trouble installing it and can get the job done without any professional help. To begin with, you need to stick it and then roll it out. Finally you can hook the other end and you are ready to go. Does the installation get done in these three simple steps? Only Magic Gate reviews can tell us whether that’s actually the case. Magic Gate reviews can also be helpful in telling us whether it can create the perfect barrier and fit spaces up to 6 feet.


Magic Gate Features
This is a mesh gate, which doesn’t require any screws, nails for installation and is practically invisible. Thus you won’t have to worry about the damages it causes to your interior spaces. Does it really cause no damage to your surroundings? Please let us know in your Magic Gate reviews. The mesh gate is available in beige and back colours, which can work well with practically any kind of décor. It emphasizes that it’s easy on the eye and doesn’t take away from the look of your interiors. Whether Magic Gate is an eyesore only Magic Gate reviews will tell.


What do I get?
Get 2 Magic Gate Mesh Screens for just $14.99 + $13.98 S/h. Official website:

14 thoughts on “Magic Gate REVIEW

  1. I ordered 2 of the Magic Gates for my 2 small dogs a few weeks ago, and today they were delivered. I cannot believe that these are complete JUNK. I THOUGHT this was a retractable gate (similar to a window blind) that could be pulled out and retracted as needed. NOPE. Think of a piece of mesh, with car antennas inserted into a sleeve on 2 edges. It is adhered to the wall with plastic sticky hooks. I have tried 5 times now to roll it up as shown, and it looks like a mess every time. When it is set up to keep the dogs in, it hangs loosely at the top despite it being pulled as taut as possible.Complete waste of money and looks like trash.

    this product is nothing as advertised.
    the hooks are too small and ineffective to use.
    if it doesn’t fit you door – they want you to roll the excess fabric around a bar.
    Customer service will not refund your price. you are stuck with the product.

  3. I wish I had read theses reviews before I ordered 2 pet gates. It is a total scam. They sent me the wrong size and I cannot get in touch with them to get the correct size. They are just a piece of cheese cloth . I can’t believe I fell for it. DO NOT BUY THESE GATES!

  4. I also ordered some magic gates and never received anything. After placing my order, it stated that they’d be shipped and charged on my card when they became available. I never got them and looking back at the receipt they emailed me, it shows my order number, order details, total, and says “We’re sorry, but the items that you ordered today are currently out of stock and will not be shipped. Your credit card will not be charged.” What in the world?!?!?! I guess I’ll never get anything!

  5. I have attempted to order ONE magic gate, but the order only would process for 2 (BOGO) with double shipping charges. I did not push the “submit” button but still received an e-mail that my order was taken. The product was unavailable and not shipped, the customer service site did not exist. Also my screen also popped up offering $1.99 S&H.
    Since I have no product and Magic Gate has my information, I’d like to warn anyone not to order unless you talk to a person, not a recording. What a rip off.
    How can we contact these people?
    The 800 numbers are recordings only. Who can we report this to?

  6. OMG! I to have placed an order for this product about 3 weeks ago. When I called the number to find out the status of my order I was not able to speak to a live person. They gave me the website which I was unable to locate. Please I to need a number to call to speak to a live person.

  7. Weeks ago I called 1-800-959-4055(Magic Gate Company) and used my debit card to order the magic gate. One month has elapsed since the order was placed and I have not received the magic gate. When I tried to contact customer service via I discovered that the website does not exist. This is an obvious scam that needs to be investigated.

  8. Is there a customer service phone number for this company that I can actually speak to someone because I can not access their customer service website that they provide as This website does not exist. Can someone please help me with information on how to contact the company.

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