Magic Closure

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What is Magic Closure?
Magic Closer is a garage door closing system gadget that uses advanced technology to close the garage door automatically without your intervention.

The perfect way to ensure safety in your garage

Magic Closure is being promoted as a simple and easy solution that you definitely need in your garage to keep it safe. It’s a smart gadget that promises to close your garage door automatically whether you’re at home or not. Its makers claim that it can even detect an open garage and duly get in action to close it properly. It seems to be the perfect way to be protected from dangerous intruders, stray animals and even water or snow.


Simple and effective to use

You are guaranteed that Magic Closure is really simple and easy to use. It supposedly uses smart sensor technology to safeguard your garage. Simply pressing the touch sensor for a 5 or
15 minute delay ensures your garage door will shut any time it’s open for the set time.

Easy to install

Magic Closure can be installed easily within five minutes with only a simple screw driver. It requires no use or complicated wires or cables nor any complicated syncing or programming.

Compatible with all garage door opener products

If you use any standard door closing operation or safety sensors, you need not worry, as the makers of Magic Closure assure you that it is specifically designed to work with any of the existing garage door closer system in your garage. Magic Closure will remain as an independent back-up closing device that won’t interfere with any other system.


Variable time delays

Magic Closure offers you the facility of preset time delays which apparently can be easily selected for those times when you may be at home and working out of the garage. This delays feature can control how long the door remains open as you desire. You can even control the time of closure of your garage door Magic Closure also offers visible and audible alerts to let you know you when the door is closing.


What do I get

  • You get Magic Closer for only 39.98 plus $9.95 S+H
  • You also get
  • 8-IN-1 Screw Driver
  • Official website


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