Magic Carpet Shoe Mat Info and Review

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What is Magic Carpet? – It is a boot and shoe mat that absorbs water from dripping-wet footwear and dries them up quickly.

Perfect way to keep mess at bay

Magic Carpet Shoe Mat promises that it’s the perfect shoe mat to keep your home squeaky clean all year through. Apparently it is made of highly absorbent fibers, doesn’t get soggy and prevents mess.

Incredibly absorbent

Magic Carpet Shoe Mat claims that it is a super absorbent boot and shoe mat that has an edge over others. It is able to soak up water four times its weight to keep your home free of mess and slipperiness. Magic Carpet Shoe Mat is apparently designed to dry out any footwear no matter how drippy it is. It keeps your floor and expensive carpets safe from water that enters with people coming in from outside.

Accommodates up to four pairs of footwear

You can keep up to four pairs of shoes on Magic Carpet, which means you don’t have to worry about mess even if the entire family comes in from bad weather or when it’s snowing heavily. Magic Carpet Shoe Mat is promoted as the perfect way to keep floors dry that every home needs.

Gripping underlay keeps it intact

It’s claimed that Magic Carpet Shoe Mat doesn’t slip at all even if it absorbs a lot of water. The reason given is that it has a strong, non-slip coating as underlay that prevent it from moving, which keeps you from slipping or sliding across hard floors or the house getting dirty.

Machine washable

Magic Carpet, you are assured by its makers, is machine washable, so cleaning it is easy and that you need not slog cleaning it manually. Try this super-absorbent boot and shoe drying mat as it just might be the perfect thing that’ll keep all the mess where it should be- outside your door.


What do I get? You get the Magic Carpet Shoe Mat for just £9.99. Official website:


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