Luma Candles

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What is Luma Candles

It is a candle that is made out of real wax with fresh vanilla scent but instead of a traditional way to light it up there is LED in it to provide candle like feel without the hazards of it. It also can change colors to accentuate the mood according to the occasion.

A Candle with a Twist:

Luma Candles promise to be a great choice for people who love the sensuality and beautiful aroma that regular candles present but shy away from using them due to hazards of a flame-based candle. The traditional method is especially dangerous around kids and no matter how good it is at setting the mood it’s just too dangerous. Luma Candles claims that it changes this perception altogether by amalgamating the benefits of a classic candle and the new age light providing LEDs. Basically, Luma Candles can be stated as a flameless candle that is made out of real wax.


Splendid Features:

Luma Candles assert that their focus is to provide an ambient experience at home with its unique combination of a scented real wax that is made from paraffin and an ultra powerful LED light that will illuminate any corner easily. Luma Candles states that the paraffin wax also comes with a fresh vanilla scent that is powerful enough to provide a sensual aroma in the environment. The advantage of using a Luma Candles to light up the environment majorly is the fact there is no flame making it safe to use and is always cool to touch. This avoids any type of mess created by dripping and spilling of hot liquid wax. the LED lights inside the Luma Candles are proclaimed to be unique not just because they provide 100,000 plus hours of candle light but also have settings that can be changed using a remote control. The remote control basically comes with all on and off basic settings along with a 4 or 8 hour timer setting. But the most important feature is that Luma Candles is stated to be packed with its 2 illuminating color options and patterns. Available in many vivid colors, Luma Candles is asserted to be perfect for a romantic dinner, relaxing bath, holidays, bedrooms and more.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive the set of 4 Luma Candles for just $19.99 +$17.98 P&H.
  • You also get 2 Jumbo Sized Candle
  • Official website:
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