Lockit Blockit Review

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You do everything possible to maintain the ambience in your house and you actually prefer to keep your windows open so that there’s fresh air coming into the house even at nights. But you know that’s not possible because you have to worry about the security of your home. What’s worse is having windows open means you are putting your young ones at risk. However that doesn’t mean you have to keep your windows closed at all times because you have a simple solution; Lockit Blockit, which is a security bar that lets you keep your windows open safely by adjusting itself.

How does Lockit Blockit Work

Now you can have your window open to an inch or a few inches for that matter, you stay firmly in control of these matters when you have this security bar at home. As soon as the window reaches this security bar, it will stop and stay locked in that position. Thus the windows are blocked from getting opened beyond a certain limit you set for them. No matter what criminals try, they won’t be able to get past your windows while you keep them open and have fresh air coming into your house.

You can use these bars on all the windows in the house and ensure that there’s ventilation and circulation of cool air around the house. Sleeping peacefully while you keep your windows open doesn’t have to be a luxury; in fact you can do it every night without a care in the world. What’s more, this security bar gives you an additional option for double lock and it comes quite handy when you are away travelling or during those cold winter months for that matter.

This security bar is so simple to install; you don’t need any tools whatsoever. Once you have peeled off the adhesive backing and placed in the corner of the window, you are ready to go. This security bar has been tested for your peace of mind and adjusts to 30 inches giving you complete control and freedom as far as keeping windows open is concerned and getting good restful sleep too.



What do I get?
2 Lock-it Block-it devices for $ + 21.99 P & H .Official website Llockitblockit.com



Lockit Blockit Video

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