Litter Zone Mat Review

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If you have a cat at home, you have to think about several factors not only for the comfort of your furry companion but for your surroundings too. Your cat might be very good with the litter tray but the problem is that you still have messy floors. Regular filthy mats are a waste of your money too. But Litter Zone Mat can work just perfectly for your home because this path breaking mat ensures that litter is trapped like the way it’s supposed to be and it keeps your cat’s paws clean too.


Litter Zone Mat
These smartly designed and created product ensures that debris is instantly locked in. Moreover it takes care of fur and litter that can be left lying around the house, which is something you just don’t want. In fact the technology used to create this product is so advanced that it’s the same clean room technology followed by NASA. And now you have the benefits of this revolutionary technology at home. This product is extremely versatile and can be used for your doggy door too. And if you have any other four legged companions in the house then this product can do the trick too.

Another advantage of this product is that is very easy and convenient to use. All you need to do is place Litter Zone Mat in front of your cat’s litter box. You can peel away the dirty sheet whenever you want to and simply put it away in the trash can. You can then replace it with a new sheet and make sure your indoor space is kept clean. You will be pleased to note that you get this product with a two year supply (30) of peel away sheets, making it an efficient and long lasting solution for your home needs.



What do I get?
You can get Litter Zone Mat with 15 peel away sheets for $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $7.99 at You can get another set of 15 peel away sheets by paying additional shipping and handling fees of $7.99.



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35 thoughts on “Litter Zone Mat Review

  1. The Litter Zone is a clever product. I have two cats and this has helped with litter tracking. My grandmother purchased one and she loves it. I use one sheet per week. I wish they made one for bird cages.

  2. I have four cats and this has made a big difference. It works well, I recommend this to any cat owner.

    • All these reviews are FAKE!!!!! They take the names from the bad reviews and then use them to make phony good reviews, like the customer changed their mind about the product. STUPID!!!

  3. Helps a lot! I had some doubt but it does work. The peel away sheets last me about two weeks each. I just bought another one.

  4. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! As you can see from my above posts, in the beginning, this company ripped me off! Once I started leaving bad reviews all over the internet, they contacted me and made it right (months later). Unknowingly, I ordered more products from this company, this time some cat mats. They ripped me off AGAIN!!!!!! They’re using different websites for their products, but my bank told me it’s the same exact merchant!!!! Steer clear from TV PET PRODUCTS. Oh, and I found out that they’ve made such a bad name for themselves, they’re now selling the litter zone under a different name and have set up a different website, but it’s the same fraudulent company!!!

  5. I had a problem but everything was resolved to my satisfaction. The litter zone does help a lot. I would not hesitate to recommend this to a cat owner.

  6. It’s a rip off!!!! I ordered a mat plus the refills several months ago and they charged my account, but I never received the mat. Steer clear. No phone number or address. No way to contact them. I’ve read other reviews where this is happening to other people as well. The company steals their money and never sends the product.

    • Welcome to the club. Finally received the Litter Zone Mat – very flimsy. They never did give a confirmation on my first order, so I figured they didn’t receive it. I tried again and now I am being billed for 3 of these things – over $90.00 I called them to no avail, e-mailed them. Here is a phone number if you want to try it 786-2207545, Florida. The company is Global Smart Products. They will tell you they just manufacture it, have nothing to do with the shipping and billing. They say they will have the company call and discuss it. Good luck. Still waiting!!!!!

    • UPDATE: A couple of months after I placed my order, I received an email from the company stating they had had some issues with their order forms. They immediately sent me the Litter Zone with some free refills because of their mistake. My cats have been using the Litter Zone for about three weeks now, and it definitely makes a difference in how much litter gets tracked on the floor. We have three cats who were tracking a lot of litter throughout the house. Now, we barely see a trace of it. I definitely recommend this product. It makes a significant difference in the amount of litter the cats track out of the box.

      • Thanks. Finally received my Litter Zone Mat order after a few weeks….there was a phone number on the paper with my shipment. However had to deal with the bank about getting my refund for the extra charge. Global smart said it was a pending charge but wasn’t pending at all in my bank. Was just taken out! Pending charges don’t last for weeks.

  7. I ordered Litter Zone Mat on Dec. 11 and still have not received the product- order #9265857. Could you please let me know the status of my order.

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