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About Litehouse

Litehouse asserts to be a solar-powered and weatherproof LED lantern that’s an energy-efficient solution for indoor or outdoor living spaces.


How does Litehouse work?

The solar panel of Litehouse convinces to convert sunlight into energy during the day. This stored energy is then used when it gets dark. It alleges to switch on automatically with its built-in Day/Night sensor and switches off when it senses a light source and starts recharging.


Energy-efficient LED lantern
Litehouse guarantees to be an energy-efficient lantern that works as an accent light, centerpiece, and nightlight at home, in the patio or outdoor areas. It declares to feature three bright LEDs that provide warm white florescent light great for any environment. There are no Litehouse reviews to shed light on these claims. Litehouse states that on a full charge, it can give up to 8 hours of light. It is lightweight enough and has a convenient hook to carry it and hang anywhere. We will know more after analyzing Litehouse user reviews.


Weatherproof and lightweight
Leaving the lantern outside through the year in rain or winter does not affect it adversely, as Litehouse claims. It battery is efficient to work from 32-104°F temperatures. Send us your reviews if you’re impressed with Litehouse.

Litehouse REVIEW

Litehouse review appreciates it for being a good-looking lantern but in spite of being out in full sun for 12 hours a day, it holds light for just about 30 minutes.

Litehouse review complains that it needs frequent changing of batteries.

Litehouse review reveals that it has a very small bulb in cheap plastic casing and glows dimly.

Litehouse review discloses that it doesn’t give off enough light.

Litehouse review says that even when fully-charged, the LEDs don’t shine brightly or emit enough light as the previous set. The lights also have a timer or limits on lights and work only for about 6 hours after sunset. A lantern with ample light and all-night operation is preferable. This lantern works because it hangs, is attractive to look at. Its batteries change easily when required.

Litehouse review points out that though not very bright, it allows one to see where the fence is in dark.


What do I get?
Buy Litehouse just for only 19.99 + 3.99 P/H

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